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Turd dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. You have the eloquence of a turd.
2. A dog turd rather than a client.
3. Looks like it like it’s a turd on a stick.
4. No, that little turd shouldn’t fuck with me.
5. I’ll kill you for that, you fucking turd!.
6. He’s a little turd of a man with undeveloped morals.
7. I've got you bang to rights this time, you little turd.
8. Perhaps the turd victim should have done something similar.
9. Does this worthless turd realize how truly pathetic he is?
10. Lying Moslem turd, he said, as he spat in Masih’s face.
11. Undead turd things can do this because of how civilization is structured.
12. I understood the officer's rough treatment of the turd in the other room.
13. You couldn't find a day-old aphid turd in here if your life depended on it.
14. If you don’t want a dislocated shoulder, do as I say you little turd, he said.
15. A miniature dog turd sat in a lump near the stairs, Diondra stepping deftly around it.
16. FYI—one of the other new associates at Spane & Grubman is that turd Sylvio from tax.
17. I found a picture of Akito attempting to exorcise the cat, and I drew a turd on his head.
18. How dare you suggest that I could be related to this stinking red turd? Ubadah was outraged.
19. He the only thing ever gave a good Goddam ‗bout me, and that there turd rollin‘ cowboy killed him!‖.
20. He slugged down the dregs of his cold coffee, and then the other donkey turd came through the chain-link gate.
21. It’s right by a gas station and when we asked locals where to find it they all said, What? You mean the big turd?
22. Without the existence of undead foul turd thing secretly hiding inside our bodies and minds and souls and hearts and genitals….
23. And then… the new age of life; unspoiled, uncorrupted, unpoisoned by these stinking turd things will be born upon this living earth;.
24. I will stay until I deem it safe for me to go and then I shall bugger off and you can continue being the self-righteous turd that you are.
25. If you mean your family’s reputation, I told her, still thinking of the river, it’s already fresh as a turd, and he didn’t need any help with that.
26. This is one way these evil turd things eliminate the best, the most religious, the most moral, the most ethical honest, courageous souls who are a danger to them.
27. Thousands of books could be written about exactly how each heading and subheading is a part of the over-all war against all Life on this planet by undead shit turd filth.
28. The only reason this state of war is being won by undead turd shit scum is because they have managed to brainwash living humans and convinced them that they are in a state of peace: not war.
29. Nobody’s shedding any tears over them two shits everyone knows they were corpse robbers so you did right especially knowing what Smith did to Rosie as for Stanley he isn’t worth the steam off a turd the parasite deserved to die.
30. You listen to me you little fucking turd and the rest of you unblock your ears those Turks back there had very little time left and if you haven’t noticed we have no doctors up here and only one medic who is wounded himself so we have no medical cover.
31. The whole queue was listening now and the mention of Gallipoli had them all hooked and I could see the astonishment on some of their faces as well as on this jumped up Captains and he looked like someone had just fed him a turd as he turned to me again saying.
32. Grandfather had been right because Joe Billie had saved his mother when he killed his father at the hog trap or was that the turd head rancher who had killed his Stump? As the thought of the deaf dog flitted through his memory, Joe Billie‘s face softened for the briefest.
33. Greetings, Prince Mark, and congratulations on your great victory! Your fight with Zarkog was surely the greatest spectacle ever seen on this world! And to think you achieved victory by assuming the size of a rat, and hiding in a sphere the size of a unicorn turd! Absolutely brilliant!.
34. Kantor’s Bushmaster AR15 semi-automatic rifle - the California version of the military M16, modified to meet the strict gun requirements of states like California and Massachusetts to limit automatic repeat features and reduce the number of rounds per magazine - lay on Kantor’s carefully tung oiled Crate & Barrel maple kitchen table, looking as out of place as a dog turd on a Persian rug.

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