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She thanked me in a tweet.
When your tweet is favorited.
Take that Apple tweet, for example.
Do not tweet that, Yuki said.
Tweet at least 1 - 4 times per hour.
But they tweet in 1 of the 4 earthly.
This tweet is compelling and interesting.

You can create a #FF tweet in two ways:.
Lastly you could mention them in a tweet.
Here's a sample of a Follow Friday tweet:.
For example, consider the following tweet:.
Tweet to let me know you received this message.
When I see a tweet like that I‘ll probably.
When the Tweet is ready, tap Tweet to send it.
You can include any words that must be in a tweet.
Send me a tweet at @MiracleIncome or @KathrynEriksen.
Today it is 50% higher than the day he did the tweet.
You can ask people to tweet with it during the event.
I wish I could Facebook or tweet all this craziness.
Every tweet you send out should have a specific purpose.
Each tweet you send out should have a specific objective.
Why should they click your tweet? It needs to stand out.
They would tweet less and less, perhaps more desperately.
Then, with just a glance, you can see if the tweet is a.
They included a selfie with his mother and a victory tweet.
Tweet others links – If there product is good promote it.
Too many hashtags can be viewed as spam, and devalue a tweet.
Obama’s tweet was retweeted more than 810,000 times in 2012.
Would you retweet that tweet if you came across it on Twitter?
Check the time stamp of the last tweet to make sure it’s current.
In addition, it doesn't matter where #Windows8 appears in the tweet.
The last tweet gathering digital dust as time continued without them.
A hashtag is a keyword or topic prefixed with the symbol # in a tweet.
These allow you to add a photo to your Tweet and to add your location.
Theoretically, when you send out a tweet, everyone can see that tweet.
Think about what you want your followers to do when they get your tweet.
This tweet sums up this struggle between pro trader and the predictors:.
It can appear at the beginning of the tweet, in the middle, or at the end.
It is important to plan out what you’re going to tweet on a daily basis.
Regardless of what you’re aiming for, try to keep the tweet conversational.
Tweeting, chatting and long online conversations.
Tweeting incessantly about what a great opportunity they represent.
What are you waiting for? Start tweeting and join in the revolution.
Your audience should be able to relate to whatever you are tweeting about.
You can encourage attendees to use the hashtag when tweeting about the event.
It was dark now, and the only sounds were of birds tweeting and the river’s water flowing.
There’s really no point following an account unless the person behind it is actively tweeting.
People love to see companies tweeting about their customers, because they can identify with that.
I told her I was just tweeting, although in truth I had just found a new Lindsay Lohan nip-slip to.
Google will look at how many tweets and retweets a URL has, and the calibre or authority of the person tweeting the URL.
This is how you can also use lists to keep up with what certain people are tweeting about without having to actually follow them.
TIP Some subjects, such as my interest in cooking, can provide a great many Tweeters to follow, many of whom do a lot of Tweeting.
Rather than trying to openly sell, encourage your followers to visit your website by tweeting links to content they would find useful and meaningful.
Her spokesperson Derek O’Brien went a step further by tweeting, ‘The butcher of Gujarat who could not take care of his own wife, how will he take care of the nation.
To make matters worse, the incessant tweeting of birds first thing in the morning was not something he was used to, nor did he think he could ever grow accustomed to the racket.
What you could do is create a list, do a search for all of the people that have either been tweeting about or have had conversations about dog training, and group them into your list.
For example, assume that you are interested in a specific topic such as dog training, and only want to hear from a group of people that are tweeting and talking about nothing but dog training.
This makes it convenient for everyone taking part in the event to talk about it in a single place on twitter, and you can encourage people who have questions about the event to post them by using the hashtag and tweeting them.
Eventually it looked like calming down when they communicated the thought, via friends, that Twitter is not the best forum to be near when you are feeling emotional, and tweeting themselves that there would be no further comment.
If you want to be proactive about finding potential clients on Twitter instead of trying to attract them to come to you, the first place you should consider is the Twitter search engine to search for keywords to find the people having conversations or tweeting about your industry, field or business.
Birds were tweeting and chirping invisibly in the trees as she wandered along the lane towards the main road, it was that dead hour in the middle of the day when, in rural areas, any sensible person is inside enjoying a cup of something … it brought back memories of her childhood … she smiled at the thought … a dog barked somewhere in the distance … and a stick cracked as someone trod on it.
Equally, if you are simply telling everyone how wonderful your product or service is or how competitive your prices are, or broadcasting information without any feedback or interaction from your target audience, it will be difficult for you to convert your followers into customers because even though you may be tweeting relevant and useful information, they will not feel emotionally connected with your brand.
So I tweeted:.
Y, Y, Y! tweeted the 99%.
Washington Post tweeted about the.
They tweeted about this article (see below) in which.
Modi was also aware of what was being tweeted about him.
Modi had even tweeted asking his supporters not to use the slogan.
The event certainly had been good publicity for her so she tweeted:.
Typically a post will be tweeted with the title, so I like to create a.
This article was directly tweeted 128 times and shared on Facebook 1249.
Even as a socialite, I tweeted on social and national issues through tweeter.
I tweeted that there was a lack of liquidity in the market and to be careful.
He went to his computer and tweeted out on his 2nd favorite social network site:.
The article created a buzz on social media as it was tweeted 22 times and shared on.
One cannot help but conclude that blacks equals crime Tweeted another irate Londoner.
According to our sources, this article was tweeted about in total 705 times across the web.
Maybe the judges should have tweeted their differing views before announcing their decision.
Nikos Mihaloliakos Tweeted We intend to demonstrate outside Chania Crown Court during Ms.
Their twitter account posting the article could be part of the reason it was tweeted without.
Sagarika had just tweeted about how Modi should have acknowledged his wife Jasodhaben much earlier.
Retweet wonderful things that have been tweeted about your company by your customers who are on Twitter.
A few of the most telling Twitter stats include how many times the person has tweeted, and when the last tweet was posted.
You can start a conversation with your industry peers and thought leaders by commenting on something they have tweeted about.
Beyoncé had written me a card and posted a photo of it on Facebook, Selena Gomez had tweeted about me and Madonna had dedicated a song.
A retweet occurs when you send out a tweet and someone else picks up what you have tweeted, finds the content useful and then sends it out to their followers.
In general, if someone has tweeted a lot, that’s a good sign because it means that the person or company is active on Twitter and spends time keeping their account updated.
For example, if are an SEO consultant and you noticed a potential customer had tweeted a question on duplicate content, offer this: I noticed you had a question about duplicate content issues.
Your aim on Twitter is to build relationships and you can start by engaging in conversations with your industry peers and thought leaders in your niche by commenting on something they have tweeted about.
Heaven had tweeted it to the Occupy Congress as they were debating accepting the rules and privileges of being recognized as a viable third party by the liberals, conservatives, and their joint debate monopoly.
By the way, it was the first time I ever tweeted any information on the potential direction of the stock market! As it turned out, only seven days later, the US stock exchange indexes did exactly that: bottomed out on March 9.
Put yourself in the position of your target audience and ask yourself: if someone tweeted this to me, would I find this content helpful? As long as you’re being honest and objective, if the answer is yes, then it’s likely that others will too.
And earlier this week journalist Valerie Trierweiler, current partner of the new French President Francois Hollande, tweeted support for an election rival candidate after her husband indicated support for Segolene Royal, his former partner and father of his four children.
Don’t Sell With Your Tweets.
Your Tweets keep your followers.
Post Tweets and Build a Following.
What are the most effective tweets?
Twitter accounts with useless tweets.
What are the least effective tweets?
Lots and lots of these tweets have come my way.
Birds added to the melody with chirps and tweets.
Use links in tweets to drive clicks and retweets.
Use hashtags only on Tweets relevant to the topic.
However, in reality, most tweets will never be seen.
These neutral tweets seem to equalize the overal brand.
Here, you can ignore tweets that may contain a competitor.
The rest of your tweets should be retweets, @ mentions, etc.
It lets you find tweets from a specific country, area or city.
Focus on building great tweets with useful and relevant information.
Incorporate these into your tweets, but be careful not to overdo it.
You can post Tweets that are nothing to do with your business, for.
Because tweets are so short, people are more inclined to look at them.
Twitter was full of tweets with the simple words: the infection is here.
I are both fans of Sponsored Tweets and we are using it successfully to.
Tweets with SEO-ready keywords appear in the search engines results pages.
This means it is one of the words you want to use the most in your tweets.
If you are new to Twitter, around 5% of your tweets should be promotional.
Tweets like this are also very effective at creating two way conversations.
You are simply following (or monitoring) the tweets from users on the list.
These tweets certainly serve a purpose and help to personalize your account.
Massie could read even more, Chloe's feed was flooded with tweets about Cayden.
Several of them allow you to schedule tweets to be posted at a later date and.
This opens the Home page, which displays the Tweets of those you are following.
This article was shared directly from the page on social media with 102 tweets on.
But did any of them realize that he could see those tweets? They weren't very subtle.
Another 30% of your tweets should be designed to actively engage with your followers.
There are plenty of tools out there to automate your Tweets so that you don’t.
This will reveal a small selection of the most recent tweets from that Twitter account.
Please share your stories about Miracle Tokens by adding the following to your tweets:.
This means you have no more than a few seconds to use your tweets to make an impression.
On the other hand, looking for negative tweets finds tweets featuring a range of frowns.
Protestor, tweets twinkled across the scales, a constellation slowly coming to life.

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