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Twine dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. That twine around the heart!.
  2. He ran the twine through the.
  3. Buying the seals and twine had.
  4. Take me to where the neglected edges twine.
  5. Petr a parcel of clothes held together by twine.

  6. She hands me a box of booze wrapped up with twine.
  7. Hugh unwound the twine that held the package closed.
  8. I found some twine in one corner of his basement.
  9. I let my hand drop; I let my fingers twine around his.
  10. Comments: Fixed the dream catcher with a bit of twine.
  11. Life is like a ball of twine, it starts out itty bitty.
  12. Her dress was secured under her chin by a piece of twine.
  13. I gestured to the twine, the hacked hair, the dried blood.
  14. He says I should provide him with a wife to twine against.
  15. To prevent the strands from fraying, bind the rope with twine.

  16. He pulled the knife free and used it to cut a length of twine.
  17. Make this from parachute cords or from two thicknesses of twine.
  18. He seemed to sway slightly, as if his knees had turned to twine.
  19. You might say those serpents twine around the serpent directing.
  20. With that terrifying threat, Neith dissolved into a pile of twine.
  21. Twine also symbolizes what is holding your relationship together.
  22. It was wrapped in a brown paper bag and tied with a piece of twine.
  23. Bryony squealed again, and struggled to free her legs from the twine.
  24. The foliage offered the ideal anchor for the searching loop of twine.
  25. Bryony struggled, but found her legs were lashed together with twine.

  26. Instead, counting the knots, I dialed the numbers of blind Henry's twine.
  27. She loaded the arrow with her right hand and pulled the twine back taught.
  28. When the one in the air falls it will pull this rope attached to the twine.
  29. The twine the Anuunaki used to bind the weapon was twice as long as the blade.
  30. Boglehob seized Bryony, and bound her legs together with twine from his pocket.
  31. Not without you, gasped Zach, fumbling at the twine around Bryony’s legs.
  32. To see twine in your dream represents your connection and attachment to others.
  33. Zach gave up trying to untie Bryony’s legs, and let Edwin peck at the twine instead.
  34. Tie with butcher’s twine, then keep tying the roast with twine every 2 inches or so.
  35. Then his wild search for rope, twine, wire, and at last: downslung and drifting peace.
  36. Lash each of the canes to each of the stakes with twine, rattan or other vines or cable.
  37. Torvald helped his comrade to tie the bandage to his arm and shoulder with pieces of twine.
  38. Zach picked up the knife from the table and cut the twine binding Bryony’s trotters together.
  39. These, I saw when he stood up, he had strapped around his waist with yards and yards of twine.
  40. His cane lay in the middle of the floor, and by it a dark string, a black twine with knots in it.
  41. They used to twine the branches and flowers round his horns and decorate his body with garlands.
  42. The final step was to wrap the finished shell in Italian twine, in a kind of cat’s-cradle pattern.
  43. Trussed up with twine and with a scythe blade at her throat, Bryony was in no mood for vegetable puns.
  44. To make a seat: weave vines or twine back and forth or sew on a piece of canvas or plastic with thongs.
  45. The leaves, with enthora you can eat the stems too but lon stems are too skinny, it's like eating twine.
  46. She and Caris watched while Merthin finished what he was doing, tying a length of twine between two stakes.
  47. At the bottom of the board was a net made of fine twine, extended by means of a semicircular piece of wire.
  48. Sitting on the street, inches from Brice, was a man wearing nothing more than rags sewn together with twine.
  49. Then suddenly I was high in the heavens looking down at a sea of serpents reaching upwards, trying to twine.
  50. There's already a jacket over the backrest of my chair and the table is scattered with hooks, some twine and a knife.
  51. Her foot landed on a loose ball of twine and she stumbled slightly, landing with her sword hard against the outer wall.
  52. Instead of a net, fine twine criss-crossed between trees across their flight path will damage birds which fly into it.
  53. After trudging up the path, Tim marked the area I pointed to with the stakes and twine and asked me why I’d picked it.
  54. You should have then a ball of twine that you are sure is at least as long as the shadow cast by the tree upon the ground.
  55. This door was kept open by a prop, to which was tied a piece of twine leading back a hundred feet or more to the operator.
  56. She learned how to hold the bow, position her body, align her eye to the arrow and release her finger grip on the tight twine.
  57. And the twine will pull the chain on the light and then pull over my fortieth birthday gift so it looks like I’ve laid down.
  58. So long as the nets were good, they caught fish; and so long as they sold their fish, they were able to buy twine for new nets.
  59. He trembled visibly, swaying in space as though tethered on invisible twine, his colossal mass shuddering like a mountain in an earthquake.
  60. Ignoring my question, Uncle Hobart jumped down, tied the end of the bailer twine around the dog's neck and shoved it into the end of the pipe.
  61. I couldn’t steer, I was hanging onto Di’s neck wishing desperately that his mane had grown out long enough for me to twine my hands into it.
  62. Thus if we later measured the distance along the twine between the end he carried aloft and our mark it would reveal to us the height of the tree.
  63. A thick red carpet sucks at the soles of Werner’s brogues; electric bulbs burn in a chandelier above the table; roses twine across the wallpaper.
  64. It hung about her neck on a length of twine, whole magic-markered paragraphs of extenuation and woe, but the cough broke her off at Hey, Mister….
  65. Four long, narrow tree trunks sewed together with fraying twine did not constitute a boat in Ganesh’s mind, but no one could doubt its efficiency.
  66. When she lifts her dress and shows the audience her tiny, tight, teen-aged twat tied together with titanium twine is when she finally shocks everyone.
  67. Johnny yanked upon the thin twine attached to 'Dragon's' collar from the opposite side of the stage and waved a piece of meat for the terrier as a lure.
  68. With us the ropes are still to be seen, well—let us say the twine; and there there are hairs, but they hold so tightly that the giant-people cannot move.
  69. A slip ring made from bound creeper or smooth material (not rough twine which could catch against toggle) attached to a trip wire acts as a release mechanism.
  70. Thomas could see several clumsily prepared wooden crosses poking through this growth, their horizontal pieces lashed to the upright ones with a splintery twine.
  71. Ted handed me a long blanket wrapped parcel tied with twine and that had a twine strap on it for carrying I opened it knowing by the feel what it was as he said.
  72. The bookseller took his time wrapping the books in brown paper, whistling tunelessly between his teeth while he wound the package with twine and tied it off neatly.
  73. He had a cardboard box with twine strung side to side which he left on the lawn and maybe a couple of scraps of paper and a pencil inside the box, nothing for sale.
  74. These can be arranged in a long series, from those which simply twine round a support, to those which I have called leaf-climbers, and to those provided with tendrils.
  75. She was too old for Swaddling now—at seven Months—but Prue had bound her to her own ugly Body by an Assortment of Rags and Twine, so that only her Arms might move.
  76. Elmer opened the split end and forced the top cord into the gap, tying the opened end with hay twine and constricting the vascular cord to render the testicle bloodless.
  77. You can twine rope around picture frames, candleholders, and all manner of other things in order to incorporate the rope into the room without having it look out of place.
  78. Before day-dawn, Judge Thatcher and the handful of searchers with him were tracked out, in the cave, by the twine clews they had strung behind them, and informed of the great news.
  79. We were almost two miles off shore when we cut the engines and made ready to fish, testing the twine with gentle tugs and hanging the blinding light over the side to attract the squid.
  80. I drove three hours into Kansas, rolling up and down the Flint Hills, then hitting the flatlands, signs inviting me to visit the Greyhound Hall of Fame, the Museum of Telephony, the Largest Ball of Twine.
  81. To and fro I paced before this skeleton—brushed the vines aside—broke through the ribs—and with a ball of Arsacidean twine, wandered, eddied long amid its many winding, shaded colonnades and arbours.
  82. And sure as I stood there, Lancelot’s Hands play’d about my Thighs, his Fingers began to twine in my womanly Vegetation whilst his Tongue danced along my Scar, cooling its Rage and sweetening its Sourness.
  83. Wooden poles were carved into spears or wrapped in barbwire; the knives were sharpened and fastened with twine to the ends of sturdy branches hacked from trees in the woods; chunks of broken glass were duct-taped to shovels.
  84. Potter’s did a steady trade in hit-parade singles, sheet music, and guitar instruction manuals, along with strings, plectrums, harmonicas, and a few instruments that hung in the window among LP sleeves that were suspended with twine.
  85. Pulling bakery twine from the dispenser that hung from the ceiling of Shed 7, Carmine’s scarred and mangled hands became almost delicate, and though I never got the hang of the wrapping myself, I could have stood there all day watching him.
  86. In the meantime the price of fibers had declined more than 50%, and there was good reason to believe that the actual number of pounds of fiber, rope and twine contained in the company’s inventory was not very much smaller in 1932 than in 1929.
  87. Back in the fall, dozens of Kodachrome photographs had been clothespinned to lengths of twine on the wall opposite the window, but those were gone now; he could just barely make out the darker rectangles on the paint where the sun hadn’t bleached it.
  88. They simply trudged on foot alongside the tracks, wearing slouch hats and dusty black coats—their Sunday coats—carrying old suitcases bound up with twine or clutching bundles they had slung over their shoulders, and glancing up at Joe as he sped past.
  89. And indeed, all her efforts and struggles were managed with such disorder, that they served rather to entangle, and fold her the faster in the twine of his boisterous arms; so that she was tied to the stake, and obliged to fight the match out, if she died for it.
  90. Now, said Olsen further, there is of course always the possibility that one of my sons could climb the tree to its top taking with him a length of twine that he allows to dangle beneath him, and when he reached the top we could mark the twine at the level of the ground.
  91. And as the worried members of his family watched, he seized the cotton tail from one of the little kites, tied it to his belt behind, grabbed the twine ball, held one end in his teeth, gave the other end to his children, and up, up into the air he flew, away into the March wind!.
  92. I studied Uncle Hobart as he stuffed his supper into his mouth, breadcrumbs from the roughly cut cheese sandwich scattering down the front of his jumper; the collar of his faded frayed shirt showing a thin strip of white material from beneath; his grubby trousers tied up with a piece of bailer twine.
  93. And as the shocked, worried members of his family watched he seized the cotton tail from one of the little kites, tied it to his belt near his rump, grabbed the twine ball and held one end between his teeth, gave the other end to his children, and up, up into the air he flew, away into the March wind!.
  94. At one extremity the rope was unstranded, and the separate spread yarns were all braided and woven round the socket of the harpoon; the pole was then driven hard up into the socket; from the lower end the rope was traced half-way along the pole's length, and firmly secured so, with intertwistings of twine.
  95. He was wearing an embroidered shirt with small mirrors sewn into the fabric over a scoop-necked Mickey Mouse T-shirt, some beads and a wooden cross on a length of twine, along with the gold Sacred Heart and Saint Christopher on a chain that he had always worn, as if hedging his bets against more fashionable deities.
  96. But when one of the pensioners seized his hands in order to twine them round his neck, and, stooping, upraised the old man on his shoulders, when Joulaï took the rods and lifted his hands to strike, then the Bashkir gave a long, deep moan, and, throwing back his head, opened his mouth, wherein, instead of a tongue, was moving a short stump.
  97. This annual sacrifice united us; here among the holly and mistletoe and the cut spruce, the parlour game's ritually performed, the brandy-butter and the Carlsbad plums, the village choir in the pitch-pine minstrels' gallery, gold twine and sprigged wrapping- paper, she and I were accepted, whatever ugly rumours had been afloat in tile past year, as man and wife.
  98. And across the meadows and over the farms his children ran, letting out string to the daylit sky, bubbling and stumbling, and Brunilla stood back in the farmyard and waved and laughed to see what was happening; and her children marched to the far Kite Hill and stood, the four of them, holding the ball of twine in their eager, proud fingers, each tugging and directing and pulling.
  99. What Science ignores about living DNA is that this incredibly long chain of paired molecules are packed so close to other paired molecules of DNA that the bonds and the connections and inter-actions between these molecules are made up not just only of the molecules they are paired with linearly… but to all of the strands of molecules that are packed next to them, in a way that a ball of twine can never hope to emulate.
  100. And across the meadows and over the farms his children ran, letting out the string into the daylit sky, bubbling and stumbling, and Brunilla stood back upon the farmland where they lived and waved and laughed with release to know that from now on her family would be in joy, and the children marched to the far Kite Hill and stood there, the four of them, holding the ball of twine in their eager, proud fingers, each of them tugging and directing and pulling.
  1. Twining, ix, 86.
  2. Twining round a pole in the middle was a feather boa.
  3. General Twining then gave a questioning look to Ingrid.
  4. Up from the mystic play of shadows twining and twisting as if they.
  5. Hey! Stop it, Sherry said, twining her fingers through my hair.
  6. The magic words twisting and twining around her battered body, blending.
  7. The vineyards thickly overgrown with twining verdure lay in cool, deep shade.
  8. She snuggled up to my chest, twining her arms around my neck, throwing one of those.
  9. I imagined them trading spit and twining tongues, his thin lips swallowed up by the.
  10. Wild yam is a species of a twining tuberous vine that is found growing wild in North.
  11. It could still be heard, twining far off through the boughs, reverent only to a degree.
  12. Honeysuckle is an arching flower plant that has twining vines in the family Capreoliaceae.
  13. I sat down next to her, twining my legs around each other and then forcing them to untwine.
  14. I’m glad you’re coming with me tonight, he said, twining his fingers through hers.
  15. What kind of lifting capacity are we talking about here? Asked General Twining, of the Air Force.
  16. Twining his fingers into her short hair, he pulled her head back so that he could bury his face into hers.
  17. The eldest son was twining strings for his lapti (peasant’s shoes made of strips of bark from the linden-tree).
  18. He felt that the infuriated crowd was twining round him like a many-coloured snake, strangling him, crushing him.
  19. I looked over at the tall tree with it’s many twining branches going up and said: I wonder what’s at the top?
  20. Suddenly darting on each other, they closed, and came to the earth, twisted together like twining serpents, in pliant and subtle folds.
  21. Half an hour later, when Wilcox brought in the cocktail tray, he said: 'Lord Sebastian has just rung up to be fetched from South Twining.
  22. Every plant, even the smaller ones, curls and writhes to the green surface, twining itself round its stronger and taller brethren in the effort.
  23. While General Pate had a hard time not bursting out in laughter, General Twining of the Air Force covered his face with both hands and shook his head.
  24. Interrupted constantly by the twining paths within, of course, but those channels were not so wide that he could not leap across with a long-striding run.
  25. In these two latter classes the stems have generally, but not always, lost the power of twining, though they retain the power of revolving, which the tendrils likewise possess.
  26. The hawthorn is now in full leaf and showing signs of blossoming fairly soon, there are bluebells here and there and speedwell twining round the purple-leaved bugle which is heavy with buds.
  27. With respect to the sensitiveness of the foot-stalks of the leaves and flowers, and of tendrils, nearly the same remarks are applicable as in the case of the revolving movements of twining plants.
  28. Sancha showed an inclination to remain with him, but he jerked away her twining arms, blaspheming luridly, and accelerated her movements with a tremendous slap on the posterior that sent her scurrying across the plateau.
  29. When I made this prediction, I knew of only one imperfect case, namely, of the young flower-peduncles of a Maurandia which revolved slightly and irregularly, like the stems of twining plants, but without making any use of this habit.
  30. As twining is the simplest means of ascending a support, and forms the basis of our series, it may naturally be asked how did plants acquire this power in an incipient degree, afterwards to be improved and increased through natural selection.
  31. The power of twining depends, firstly, on the stems while young being extremely flexible (but this is a character common to many plants which are not climbers); and, secondly, on their continually bending to all points of the compass, one after the other in succession, in the same order.
  32. He gave them then a much admirable hymen minim by those delicate poets Master John Fletcher and Master Francis Beaumont that is in their Maid's Tragedy that was writ for a like twining of lovers: To bed, to bed was the burden of it to be played with accompanable concent upon the virginals.
  33. Andrea had not spoken without cause of the pretty rooms looking out upon the court of the Bell Tavern, which with its triple galleries like those of a theatre, with the jessamine and clematis twining round the light columns, forms one of the prettiest entrances to an inn that you can imagine.
  34. For instance, it is clearly a great advantage to a twining plant to become a leaf-climber; and it is probable that every twiner which possessed leaves with long foot-stalks would have been developed into a leaf-climber, if the foot-stalks had possessed in any slight degree the requisite sensitiveness to a touch.
  35. Though we are not aware of it, perhaps, we are not quite the people that we were before out of the mystery an awful hand was laid upon us all, and what we had thought the colossal power of wealth was in a twinkling shown to be no more than the strength of an infant's little finger, or the twining tendril of a plant.
  36. Nevertheless we can see that if the stems of these plants had been flexible, and if under the conditions to which they are exposed it had profited them to ascend to a height, then the habit of slightly and irregularly revolving might have been increased and utilised through natural selection, until they had become converted into well-developed twining species.
  37. Below, again, are seen young raspberry-shoots, twining themselves around the partially withered, leafless parent plant, and stretching their tendrils towards the sunlight, with green, needle-shaped blades of grass and young, dew-coated pods peering through last year’s leaves, and growing juicily green in the perennial shade, as though they care nothing for the bright sunshine which is playing on the leaves of the apple-trees above them.
  38. Perfect Ally said, twining her hands together in quiet appreciation,.
  1. With a rope of grass-blades twined.
  2. She twined her arms around his neck.
  3. The river slid and twined its great volume.
  4. It jerked again and the rope twined itself.
  5. Fiona stood, and twined her arm with Saul’s.
  6. Vines twined up to and across square roofbeams.
  7. And in a fading crown have twined the golden elanor.
  8. Her arms twined around his neck and drew him even closer.
  9. Sauntering sadly, gold no more, she twisted twined a hair.
  10. Sadly she twined in sauntering gold hair behind a curving ear.
  11. Several more he twined in the buckle of the dead man’s watch-band.
  12. Fitful as motley-tongues of flame, inseparably twined and merged in.
  13. She ran her fingers across the vines that twined around the banister.
  14. The green mist twisted and twined itself around her, covering her skin.
  15. Her hands twined into my hair and eventually we both had to come up for air.
  16. Jeremiah twined his fingers in hers and for the first time Cinder noticed the.
  17. Then again, Theoton had praised the style when she’d twined her hair into a.
  18. He twined himself up to her, as she half knelt by the settle, and converted her.
  19. The three of us are now twined together in the manner of vines bound together as one.
  20. It was the devil that had twined his legs about the plough-head and was holding it fast.
  21. He twined himself up to her, as she half knelt by the settle, and converted her shoulder into a support.
  22. Her tiny feet were shod in white satin slippers, with white ribbons that twined to the top of her ankle.
  23. And the hair twined and blew and became a ladder upon which the guests might ascend, laughing, into the House.
  24. Also smells—warm, rich, and varied smells—that twined and twisted and wreathed themselves at last into one.
  25. Long, cold fingers slid down his bare forearm, twined with his in a gesture that had dark need churning in his gut.
  26. It was an amazing sight for him to see their bodies twined together and Chris took every available advantage of it.
  27. He walked from the hut slowly and easily, the rain washing over the twined shoes of grass and thick tire rubber he wore.
  28. I"m sure there were odors from the trees and vines that twined themselves around these gnarled limbs, but I didn"t notice.
  29. The snakes twined around his neck and arms, hissing and flicking their tongues, dripping with the blood from his sister’s eyes.
  30. Her fingers twined into his, so warm and alive, and she drew them to her chest, to the heart that lay there, to the center of her being.
  31. Arms twined, circling slowly, they sang, and somewhere in the cold distance of morning the town clock finished out its chimes and quieted.
  32. One other spot, high on the old man’s right arm held a different mark than any other shaman as well: a brand in the shape of a serpent twined around a column.
  33. Their gloaming hair was twined with flowers; green and white gems glinted on their collars and their belts; and their faces and their songs were filled with mirth.
  34. Javert leaned both elbows on the parapet, his chin resting in both hands, and, while his nails were mechanically twined in the abundance of his whiskers, he meditated.
  35. I’ve heard that’s the only way to get one of the great meat-eating dinosaurs as a mount, a girl with a yellow smock and flowers twined in her brown hair said.
  36. Madame Defarge being sensitive to cold, was wrapped in fur, and had a quantity of bright shawl twined about her head, though not to the concealment of her large earrings.
  37. Pearl immediately twined it around her neck and waist, with such happy skill, that, once seen there, it became a part of her, and it was difficult to imagine her without it.
  38. It had apparently been converted to electricity since its original installation, and Colling circled, examining the wires that twined down the ornate gilt chain attaching it to the ceiling.
  39. Four great golden serpents twined their tails about this altar and reared their wedge-shaped heads in the air, facing the four quarters of the compass like the enchanted guardians of a fabled treasure.
  40. Long graceful ropes of ivy and grapevine and smilax were hung everywhere, in looping festoons on the walls, draped above the windows, twined in scallops all over the brightly colored cheesecloth booths.
  41. As her thoughts continued to drift, she turned her attention to the island, noting the gnarled remnants of tree stumps, gray and salt-coated, their roots twisting like frayed yarn on a loosely twined ball.
  42. He crushed her struggles easily, drinking the nectar of her lips with all the unrestrained passion that was his, until the arms that strained against him melted and twined convulsively about his massive neck.
  43. Within these bars lay a figure, which, as he approached, he saw was either a man, or the exact likeness of a man, twined and bound about with the tendrils of a thick vine which seemed to grow through the solid stone of the floor.
  44. And as their laugh came through the silence of the night, they twined their arms and pointed to her, and said in those so sweet tingling tones that Jonathan said were of the intolerable sweetness of the water glasses, Come, sister.
  45. My staff was a simple black color, but it culminated in a large roundly faceted crystal that shot out rays of ultraviolet colored light, which twined down the staff and inlaid itself into the black background in an ever-changing pattern of intensity.
  46. Noirtier at one of the open windows, where the old man had been placed that he might enjoy the last rays of the sun which yet yielded some heat, and was now shining upon the dying flowers and red leaves of the creeper which twined around the balcony.
  47. They were such resplendent uniforms, brave with shining buttons and dazzling with twined gold braid on cuffs and collars, the red and yellow and blue stripes on the trousers, for the different branches of the service, setting off the gray to perfection.
  48. Their hair, that in its golden brightness vied with the beams of the sun itself, fell loose upon their shoulders and was crowned with garlands twined with green laurel and red everlasting; and their years to all appearance were not under fifteen nor above eighteen.
  49. Also smells—warm, rich, and varied smells—that twined and twisted and wreathed themselves at last into one complete, voluptuous, perfect smell that seemed like the very soul of Nature taking form and appearing to her children, a true Goddess, a mother of solace and comfort.
  50. As Kathy showed Joel around her house, Neo and the rest of her menagerie of pets (minus the rabbit, who for some unfathomable reason had taken an instant liking to Nick, to that man’s obvious consternation) followed behind or bounded ahead or twined around their feet as they toured the house.
  51. With a supreme effort, she had lifted her child above her head, and the poor little creature's arms were still twined around its mother's neck! The postures of the four seamen seemed ghastly to me, twisted from convulsive movements, as if making a last effort to break loose from the ropes that bound them to their ship.
  52. He wore the blue bag in the manner of my great-coat, and was strutting along the pavement towards me on the opposite side of the street, attended by a company of delighted young friends to whom he from time to time exclaimed, with a wave of his hand, "Don't know yah!" Words cannot state the amount of aggravation and injury wreaked upon me by Trabb's boy, when passing abreast of me, he pulled up his shirt-collar, twined his side-hair, stuck an arm akimbo, and smirked extravagantly by, wriggling his elbows and body, and drawling to his attendants, "Don't know yah, don't know yah, 'pon my soul don't know yah!" The disgrace attendant on his immediately afterwards taking to crowing and pursuing me across the bridge with crows, as from an exceedingly dejected fowl who had known me when I was a blacksmith, culminated the disgrace with which I left the town, and was, so to speak, ejected by it into the open country.
  53. Lilac and star and bird twined with the chant of my soul,.
  54. On the piazza walk three matrons stately and friendly with twined arms, The crew of the fish-smack pack repeated layers of halibut in the hold, The Missourian crosses the plains toting his wares and his cattle,.
  1. Amy, Thor says as Fenrir twines around his feet.
  2. The River flows upon its base, and instantly twines to the right.
  3. She repeated the process with several more twines until one particular formation enthralled her.
  4. The word then enters the woman’s ear together with her sexual organ and twines into her womb to fertilize the sperm seed and create the embryo.
  5. As soon as the lower part of a stem strikes against any object and is stopped, the upper part still goes on bending and revolving, and thus necessarily twines round and up the support.

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