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Twinge dans une phrase (en anglais)

A twinge hit his stomach.
I feel a twinge of regret.
Sespian felt a guilty twinge.
Even Razumihin felt a twinge.
He felt another twinge of pain.
At first I felt a twinge of shame.
But I felt a twinge of fear, too.

A twinge of guilt washed over Mitch.
Jess felt a strange twinge in his side.
A twinge of concern pulled at his mind.
A nervous twinge ran through Amaranthe.
But he still suffered a twinge of unease.
A twinge of old fear wound through his gut.
He felt a twinge of shame for his nervous.
I felt a twinge of guilt, and stupidity, too.
A twinge of trepidation stirred in her belly.
A brief twinge of anger shot through Shelagh.
That twinge of autumn again in my beloved heat.
Again a twinge caught the thought in mid-stride.
Here it comes again: that same old silly twinge.
Angela felt a twinge of remorse with those words.
It still gives me a twinge, every now and then.
Andre nodded assent with a twinge of apprehension.
June nodded, a twinge of panic stirring in her groin.
Devon feels a twinge of guilt and tries to ignore it.
She spoke with confidence and felt only a twinge of re-.
She’d felt a twinge after she’d given it to Chelsea.
He felt a sudden twinge of guilt and tried to dismiss it.
A twinge of jealousy shot through me, but I suppressed it.
His heart fluttered, a twinge of pain in the old left arm.
The mention of Jack had brought with it a twinge of fear.
And felt a twinge of jealousy before walking out the door.
Instead a twinge of queasiness in my innards, not severe.
Somewhere within, Helda suddenly felt a twinge of jealousy.
A twinge of guilt at her bitchy thought tightened her belly.
No loose ends? Wickland said with a twinge of contempt.
Suppressing those powers gave me a gloomy twinge in the gut.
He chuckled, and I felt the twinge of annoyance grow stronger.
Hey it ain't too bad today – just a twinge but it's nothing.
Her outstretched arm started to twinge under the sword’s weight.
Generals: radiating pains4 at all directions, wandering, stitching, twinging, tearing, burning pains all over, all the time changing place, little twinges, Ow he will say!.
His nature twinged at this, a burning flush made him hot all over.
Her ankle twinged a warning,.
Twinges of guilt struck hard.
Soon this awareness caused twinges of remorse.
But the twinges of fear in his gut were no less sharp, no less real.
Then I could go back to a normal life without twinges of anxiety or fear.
Harry was back to normal apart from some twinges in his ribs and he looked.
All day, fear of what might be about to happen had caused me nervous inner twinges.
She cuddled up to him even as her body continued with twinges of that amazing orgasm.
No it’s not, said Madeline, although she was already feeling the first twinges of regret.
I parked on the road in front, expecting twinges of fear but feeling as though I was simply going back to work.
Now that the exhilaration of truant delights had died away, his conscience was beginning to give him salutary twinges.
As she watched Sicarius waiting, dark eyes cold, face a mask, Amaranthe felt new twinges of uncertainty about engineering the match.
One hand on my back, her other hand traced my chest over my breast and missing breast, and I felt sharp, wonderful twinges in my nerves and kissed her and kissed her.
Generals: radiating pains4 at all directions, wandering, stitching, twinging, tearing, burning pains all over, all the time changing place, little twinges, Ow he will say!.
Sancho, deserting Dapple, hung on to the duchess and entered the castle, but feeling some twinges of conscience at having left the ass alone, he approached a respectable duenna who had come out with the rest to receive the duchess, and in a low voice he said to her, "Senora Gonzalez, or however your grace may be called-".
Her thigh was between my legs then and I gasped and my hips rocked of their own accord and my pussy rubbed little circles on her thighs, and she was rolling then on top of me, and my hips moved in little circles against her as my passion spread out from my crotch and sent more sharp, wonderful little twinges running up and down my legs and up my stomach and torso.
When the twinges would get really bad,.
The twinges that sting like needles his legs and neck, the murderous buckshot and the bullets,.

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