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Tyke dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Tyke is proposed to supersede him.
  2. Tyke, but I should not have known, if Mr.
  3. Tyke is in great distress about him, said Mrs.
  4. Tyke," he said, "I should like to speak of another man—Mr.
  5. Tyke, in fact—and that no other spiritual aid should be called in.

  6. Tyke is spoken of as an apostolic man, said Dorothea, meditatively.
  7. Tyke, except that they could not bear him, and suspected him of cant.
  8. But this little tyke didn’t have to worry about the vagaries of first.
  9. Tyke said they should have no more coals if they came to hear you preach.
  10. And well he may be: they say the Bulstrodes have half kept the Tyke family.
  11. Tyke, and even then I should require to know the cases in which he was applied.
  12. Walter Tyke became chaplain to the Infirmary, and Lydgate continued to work with Mr.
  13. She knew the names of the fifty three largest cities in the world when she was just a tyke.
  14. Tyke: such sermons would be of no use at Lowick—I mean, about imputed righteousness and the prophecies in the Apocalypse.
  15. On the other hand, there was Tyke, a man entirely given to his clerical office, who was simply curate at a chapel of ease in St.

  16. Moreover, Lydgate did not like the consciousness that in voting for Tyke he should be voting on the side obviously convenient for himself.
  17. Tyke, a zealous able man, who, officiating at a chapel of ease, had not a cure of souls too extensive to leave him ample time for the new duty.
  18. The conversation seemed to imply that the issue was problematical, and that a majority for Tyke was not so certain as had been generally supposed.
  19. Ambrosius finished his fish and chips and stopped to buy a bottle of small beer from a grotty looking tyke of a street vendor who eyed his full pockets covetously.
  20. Whilst these thoughts were agitating his mind, Dick Wantley suddenly shouted out that he was going to go for the dirty tyke who had offered to work under price last winter.
  21. The banker was always presupposing that he could count in general on Lydgate as a coadjutor, but made no special recurrence to the coming decision between Tyke and Farebrother.
  22. Tyke, who, I understand, is an unexceptionable man, apostolic and eloquent and everything of that kind—and I am the last man to withhold my vote—under the circumstances, you know.
  23. He was really uncertain whether Tyke were not the more suitable candidate, and yet his consciousness told him that if he had been quite free from indirect bias he should have voted for Mr.
  24. Tyke should be appointed as salaried chaplain to the hospital was an exciting topic to the Middlemarchers; and Lydgate heard it discussed in a way that threw much light on the power exercised in the town by Mr.
  25. He could not help hearing within him the distinct declaration that Bulstrode was prime minister, and that the Tyke affair was a question of office or no office; and he could not help an equally pronounced dislike to giving.

  26. It would really have been a matter of total indifference to him—that is to say, he would have taken the more convenient side, and given his vote for the appointment of Tyke without any hesitation—if he had not cared personally for Mr.
  27. Thus it happened that on this occasion Bulstrode became identified with Lydgate, and Lydgate with Tyke; and owing to this variety of interchangeable names for the chaplaincy question, diverse minds were enabled to form the same judgment concerning it.

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