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Umbrage dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. Of course, he couldn’t see her umbrage.
2. In umbrage I sat up, What’s that supposed to mean?
3. It Shelagh took umbrage, well then they knew where they stood.
4. He wasn’t sure whether to be offended or laugh, but she said it in a way that made it impossible to take umbrage.
5. Yet they were indignant to the point of outrage that a man would take umbrage over deprivation of basic liberties.
6. Philander was too much relieved at the happy outcome to their adventure to take umbrage at the professor's cruel fling.
7. DD took umbrage at Michael's thoughtless remarks (or actions) and her love for Michael instantly transformed into a blazing hatred.

8. A heckler took umbrage at some perceived slur and began shouting loudly at the councillor, at the same time advancing in the stage in a threatening manner.
9. I asked if the port had been named Paulpa, but it seemed the villagers took great umbrage at having their home appropriated and they had to be forcibly evicted.
10. This and the C plus prominently displayed at the essay’s top was sufficient cause to create great umbrage in this young man who pled his case vehemently to no avail.
11. And here I beg leave to say that, according to the most explicit declarations of the British Minister, you would not give the smallest umbrage by pursuing that course.
12. Vampa took this wild road, which, enclosed between two ridges, and shadowed by the tufted umbrage of the pines, seemed, but for the difficulties of its descent, that path to Avernus of which Virgil speaks.
13. They can destroy a friendship that has taken years to develop into closeness, respect, intimacy and love by slyly making you say one thing, that is out of character, by making you take umbrage at one negative thing your friend or loved one said or did.
14. Some of the more hot-headed Marine and Navy pilots however managed to take umbrage of the fact that the P-38Ns of the Witches flew back in formation with them for the return trip, imagining that the female pilots were making a show of ‘escorting’ them home.
15. No! nothing in nature could be of a beautifuller cut; then, the dark umbrage of the downy spring moss that over-arched it, bestowed, on the luxury of the landscape, a touching warmth, a tender finishing, beyond the expression of words, or even the paint of thought.

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