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Unassailable dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. They are well protected and almost unassailable.
  2. Findings are absolute, accurate, and unassailable.
  3. Haldeman was the unassailable pipeline from the president.
  4. The spiritual leader of Tibet has enjoyed this unassailable.
  5. None of her team believed they had gained some unassailable advantage.

  6. They will assemble everything under one unassailable roof, a temple to the human endeavor.
  7. And the unassailable fact that underlay all her indecisiveness was this: She loved Perry.
  8. Lucky for Ashley that he had an unassailable reputation for courage, about Ashley, indignant, fiery.
  9. While Jean Valjean was building up for Cosette a normal situation in society and an unassailable status, M.
  10. Despite attempts to implicate Churchill in the affair the British prime minister's position is unassailable.
  11. In the more competitive elections of 2014 where the Congress was no longer unassailable, new formulas were needed.
  12. Barnes were either less good or more intelligent! But the combination of non-intelligence with goodness is unassailable.
  13. The plateau had one side which sloped gently enough for the MMARV’s to operate while the other three sides were unassailable steep sandy cliffs.
  14. How at such an apparently unassailable surface, they contrive to gouge out such symmetrical mouthfuls, remains a part of the universal problem of all things.
  15. The Sadducees occupied an unassailable post when they declared that Moses and the Prophets knew nothing of the Immortality of the Soul as a basis of hope in futurity.

  16. If this never comes to pass, it matters not as you will still have in your possession that which you have already attained: a degree of inner peace that is unassailable and yours alone.
  17. At the pinnacle of The Ciudadela, The Fortaleza was an imposing and unassailable structure, with walls of one meter and a half thickness of the purest ashlars that were found in the region.
  18. Your position as it’s leader is unassailable, particularly since your insistence on the informality of your position assures everyone that you’ve no interest in gaining power for it’s own sake.
  19. Sanctity --- Usually devoted to a service or use, worthy of veneration and entitled to reverence and respect, in this reflection the term will focus on something unassailable, inviolable --- highly valued and important.
  20. Certainly the case of the Sadducees as against the oral law was formidably strong: and they occupied an unassailable position in declaring that the imperishableness of the soul was not to be found in the Law of Moses, or the Psalms, or the Prophets.
  21. Certainly, when a family is united, with a firm relationship based on love and respect among its members, and the deep emotional ties which the husband and wife commit to during the marriage ceremony, the structure of society will be firmly established and unassailable.
  22. During the rollings and squirmings of the next few minutes, Tarzan's hold was loosened a dozen times until finally an accidental circumstance of those swift and everchanging evolutions gave him a new hold with his right hand, which he realized was absolutely unassailable.
  23. The body is safe--far away, unassailable; and the spirit lets itself go out to meet a fellow spirit with the frankness it can never show when the body goes too, that grievous hinderer of the communion of saints, that officious blunderer who can spoil the serenest intercourse by a single blush.
  24. It must be confessed that there were grounds for the doubt felt by Charles Van Studdiford’s two companions as to the possibility of his being in love with a young girl, of gentle birth and highest breeding, as unassailable by the coarser methods as the women Charles had hitherto known would have been by the finer.
  25. The evidence of his cleverness was of the higher intuitive order, lying in his lady-patients' immovable conviction, and was unassailable by any objection except that their intuitions were opposed by others equally strong; each lady who saw medical truth in Wrench and "the strengthening treatment" regarding Toller and "the loweringsystem" as medical perdition.

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