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Underage dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Fixing the overage or underage with a.
  2. Beer with my mates in the pub, only just underage.
  3. It looked like the remnants of an underage drinking party.
  4. It must be illegal for an underage child to sell her virginity.
  5. Dad, Yosh said with a stern glare, That girl is way underage.
  6. Then she realises that strictly speaking they are underage themselves.
  7. Diane who’d taken care of me for seven of my eleven years as an underage orphan.
  8. He might not be underage, which would really get her in trouble…if he were, I mean.
  9. Then Chiron reminded him that wine was against his restrictions and most of us were underage.
  10. Both Matthew and Ivan were a year underage to be served in a pub but they being so near got away with it.
  11. Devon preferred the parties where everyone was underage, wearing torn clothing and drinking out of a keg.
  12. Unlike "forcible rape," statutory rape can involve underage participants who willingly engage in sexual relations.
  13. Wonder what he's doing here? Wouldn't have thought he'd be hanging round with the underage Neds on a Saturday night.
  14. There were claims that Koresh was abusing children, marrying himself illegally to underage brides as young as twelve.
  15. He knew they weren’t underage, and didn’t care how they got their thrills, but he was too old to change prejudices.
  16. I can turn some of you over to the state, understand me? Without me, you three underage ingrates are wards of the state.
  17. The Alley was a seedy passageway that connected the Georgia Bar to the Roadhouse, two Athens dives that catered to underage townies.
  18. It was a trait that got worse along with having to deal with underage youths trying to buy alcohol and becoming abusive when refused.
  19. The Demon took a sharp left and managed to slide past the bouncer outside of a club who was arguing with some obviously underage chick.
  20. In many ways, teens were still children, which was why the police couldn’t interrogate underage kids without permission from their parents.
  21. Let’s create a vaccine that will keep the girls disease-free and allow them to have all the unprotected underage sex their little bodies can stand.
  22. Creep, as a few of the less savory rags were calling him) had traded surgical procedures for sex with more than one of Joshua Bergman’s unfortunately underage protégées.
  23. I was just thinking about the scientists you put in jail for not predicting an earthquake and the fact that your former prime minister spent most of his time screwing underage hookers.
  24. Helen also knew that Ken would be uncomfortable with the idea of accompanying his son because of the inconvenience of age, for although the landlord sometimes turned a blind eye to underage drinking, he always kept Sunday evening as a child free haven for the exhausted parents of the parish.
  25. I was freezing and couldn’t bear to have them on anymore, but knew from personal experience that a lot of men, even those looking for a hookup, were uncomfortable with the idea that a cop might pull up alongside them and see a naked guy (who could very easily be underage, as he was only nineteen and could be mistaken as being younger to some) sitting in their vehicle.

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