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Uneasy dans une phrase (en anglais)

You need not be uneasy.
He began to feel uneasy.
She began to feel uneasy.
I had an uneasy feeling.
I started to feel uneasy.
My silence made her uneasy.
Katie gave an uneasy laugh.

I felt uneasy there, for.
Emma was afraid and uneasy.
His first steps were uneasy.
The others were uneasy too.
He is uneasy in the open air.
There's no need to be uneasy.
I was both uneasy and pleased.
Suddenly she felt very uneasy.
She need not have been uneasy.
The audience, too, was uneasy.
But alas! he was again uneasy.
Amy stood, feeling quite uneasy.
He was still uneasy about the.
He’d felt uneasy that morning.
An uneasy chill washed over Mike.
Harper, beginning to look uneasy.
Suddenly he had an uneasy thought.
Both were obviously uneasy with.
This fact alone, made him uneasy.
Cherish felt uneasy for she did.
Uneasy with the new found phrase.
The man walked with an uneasy gait.
That thought made her feel uneasy.
Something made me instantly uneasy.
But he seemed uneasy within himself.
For the first time, Rod felt uneasy.
Not from my father, don't be uneasy.
Phil felt uneasy about the albatross.
Summers felt uneasy about that plan.
In her heart, she really felt uneasy.
There’s no need to be uneasy.
The rabbits were uneasy and confused.
He shifted his weight, looking uneasy.

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