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Uneasy dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. You need not be uneasy.
2. He began to feel uneasy.
3. I had an uneasy feeling.
4. She began to feel uneasy.
5. I started to feel uneasy.
6. Katie gave an uneasy laugh.
7. Emma was afraid and uneasy.

8. My silence made her uneasy.
9. I felt uneasy there, for.
10. The others were uneasy too.
11. His first steps were uneasy.
12. There's no need to be uneasy.
13. He is uneasy in the open air.
14. The audience, too, was uneasy.
15. She need not have been uneasy.
16. Suddenly she felt very uneasy.
17. But alas! he was again uneasy.
18. I was both uneasy and pleased.
19. Amy stood, feeling quite uneasy.
20. He was still uneasy about the.
21. An uneasy chill washed over Mike.
22. He’d felt uneasy that morning.
23. Suddenly he had an uneasy thought.
24. Both were obviously uneasy with.
25. Cherish felt uneasy for she did.
26. Uneasy with the new found phrase.
27. Harper, beginning to look uneasy.
28. This fact alone, made him uneasy.
29. That thought made her feel uneasy.
30. The man walked with an uneasy gait.
31. But he seemed uneasy within himself.
32. Something made me instantly uneasy.
33. Summers felt uneasy about that plan.
34. The rabbits were uneasy and confused.
35. Phil felt uneasy about the albatross.
36. In her heart, she really felt uneasy.
37. Not from my father, don't be uneasy.
38. For the first time, Rod felt uneasy.
39. There’s no need to be uneasy.
40. His visitor appeared slightly uneasy.
41. I heard myself let out an uneasy sigh.
42. He felt immensely uneasy about what.
43. Don't be uneasy, he'll do the murder.
44. She had an indescribably uneasy look.
45. He shifted his weight, looking uneasy.
46. He began to grow uneasy, and fought.
47. The earth beneath her feet was uneasy.
48. There was an uneasy silence after that.
49. The bond between them is an uneasy one.
50. He was of an uneasy and envious temper.
51. Hawke hesitates again, clearly uneasy.
52. Suddenly she felt uneasy standing there.
53. Chuck and Aaron feel a bit uneasy there.
54. Really, he said in an uneasy tone.
55. But Blomkvist felt more and more uneasy.
56. Madeline laughed with uneasy surprise.
57. Although a little uneasy about letting.
58. She was a little uneasy in his presence.
59. I had got so uneasy I couldn't set still.
60. Bargains—the very word made him uneasy.
61. Something very uneasy suffocated the air.
62. She had experienced uneasy emotions too.
63. I felt uneasy with it being in the house.
64. Yet, Detective David Maguire felt uneasy.
65. I felt uneasy while traveling by city bus.
66. At the same time, I can see he is uneasy.
67. And that made him seem constantly uneasy.
68. Falk looked away out over the uneasy water.
69. When Nizam heard of this, he became uneasy.
70. Dan grunted, somewhat uneasy at the comment.
71. Pierre seemed at first confused and uneasy.
72. It was awesome but I felt uneasy and kept.
73. Don't be uneasy, I still remember that you.
74. He had felt uneasy ever since Halfshaft and.
75. An uneasy silence settled between the two men.
76. Once more Napoleon became restless and uneasy.
77. The burly man grew uneasy with the constant.
78. I now saw that the Doctor was becoming uneasy.
79. Father, Henry said dryly, feeling uneasy.
80. He was uneasy for the integrity of his honour.
81. His smile stayed on his face, but grew uneasy.
82. Two of them were very uneasy about the whole.
83. In his flat they would seem uneasy, suffering.
84. His subjects watched on in uneasy anticipation.
85. I do not understand it, and it makes me uneasy.
86. Still uneasy in his mind, he thought to himself:.
87. She felt uneasy sitting in the back seat of the.
88. Still, Rex always had an uneasy feeling about him.
89. Biting the eraser of his pencil as though uneasy.
90. Don't be uneasy, nothing will happen this time.
91. An uneasy truce was forced upon all by necessity.
92. An uneasy feeling began in the pit of her stomach.
93. It was too loud that finally turned Abanir uneasy.
94. Still uneasy, my companions were eager to move out.
95. Nostromo's prolonged silence made the doctor uneasy.
96. This dialogue made us all uneasy, and me very uneasy.
97. Raskolnikov noticed all this, and he too was uneasy.
98. He was feeling uneasy at the impiety of this refusal.
99. Later, he became too wild and uneasy for the circus.
100. Their fear left them, though they still felt uneasy.

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