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Unfortunate dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. It was most unfortunate, sir.
2. Yes, that is unfortunate, Bob.
3. We have only been unfortunate.
4. I woke up the unfortunate Cody.
5. It was just unfortunate that.
6. It is very unfortunate for him.
7. Bring in the unfortunate cook.

8. So anything unfortunate in the.
9. Yes, that was most unfortunate.
10. It was most unfortunate, but he.
11. And the unfortunate nature of it.
12. It was an unfortunate coincidence.
13. It was unfortunate, but necessary.
14. It was rather unfortunate that Mr.
15. This unfortunate man had lost his.
16. His! That's what is so unfortunate.
17. The misguided and unfortunate Pagan.
18. It is unfortunate, because Islamic.
19. This had been an unfortunate detour.
20. I winced at the unfortunate metaphor.
21. This is very unfortunate because for.
22. It was a series of unfortunate events.
23. It's just an unfortunate circumstance.
24. It was unfortunate that I was unable.
25. This unfortunate soul will not be dead.
26. It’s only unfortunate that this 107.
27. It’s unfortunate that he found you.
28. Conderley thought the remark unfortunate.
29. That makes for an unfortunate acronym.
30. I have had some unfortunate news Fern.
31. Harry’s had an unfortunate accident.
32. They were in an unfortunate predicament.
33. First, he’d worked as an unfortunate.
34. Gradually that unfortunate day arrives:.
35. It was an unfortunate move for the black.
36. Unfortunate use of terms I thought.
37. This is an unfortunate reversal of fortune.
38. Yes, he agreed, most unfortunate.
39. The poor unfortunate had starved to death.
40. This was also the unfortunate place from.
41. How unfortunate that all of her friends did.
42. His unfortunate passing was an undeniable.
43. He brought it down hard on the unfortunate.
44. It is unfortunate that you are confined.
45. With this as an unfortunate foundation, she.
46. Case solved, but one unfortunate side effect.
47. So eat from it, and feed the unfortunate poor.
48. It is an unfortunate situation, to be sure.
49. This is especially unfortunate because if we.
50. That was a very unfortunate incident for them.
51. Instead, she believed that he was unfortunate.
52. One of the unfortunate consequences of so much.
53. It is unfortunate that candidates retain from.
54. It concerns the unfortunate man McPherson, who.
55. So what's brought about this unfortunate state?
56. Most unfortunate, Thomas said with a frown.
57. That is how I re-entered this unfortunate story.
58. She is very unfortunate! added Anna Pávlovna.
59. All these unfortunate prisoners are his children.
60. It's way more than some unfortunate circumstance.
61. We ran round, and there lay the unfortunate rider.
62. Ushers surrounded the unfortunate man as Bill had.
63. Unfortunate it is; majority of the humans of the.
64. It really was unfortunate I was not a little older.
65. First, they laid hands upon the unfortunate, they.
66. It is most unfortunate that the poor man was shot.
67. This is unfortunate because the heart holds as much.
68. It was an unfortunate evasion, as it caused the end.
69. That is unfortunate, but do not be so hard on them.
70. Relieved, she was so unfortunate as to laugh merrily.
71. It is really unfortunate you left because of that.
72. First of all, we saw the body of this unfortunate man.
73. He probably joined in that group of unfortunate souls.
74. This is very unfortunate but is the ultimate of truth.
75. When he sees the unfortunate jacket, he is speechless.
76. The unfortunate truth is that on this level of exis-.
77. The story of this unfortunate girl is worth narrating.
78. Day 4 was a very unfortunate day in terms of discipline.
79. And, at the most unfortunate time, we finally remember.
80. It is unfortunate therefore that all children seem to.
81. In our line of work, it’s an unfortunate necessity.
82. The four unfortunate members of Epsilon succumb to the.
83. Carolyn was concerned for the unfortunate fellow, but.
85. It is unfortunate thаt thе undеrlуіng cause fоr.
86. Digby had seen the unfortunate injury, but urged Godel.
87. Marius gazed at this unfortunate creature with profound.
88. Its unfortunate you had to see that, and we apologize.
89. Situations such as this are of a most unfortunate nature.
90. Have pity at least on the unfortunate Elena Ivanovna!.
91. Crowley and the Unfortunate Jelly-Filled Donut Incident.
92. That’s the unfortunate part of our role as Tempests.
93. Well, now, let us turn to this unfortunate German master.
94. It's unfortunate, but we can do what we can to find her.
95. His love tokens to one unfortunate were a chain and lute.
96. SECOND WATCH: Another! Are you of the unfortunate class?
97. With my unfortunate luck, the high-beam was fixated upon.
98. He is an unfortunate man, and is drinking the cup—now!.
99. Please help me save these unfortunate souls, Great One.
100. I’m investigating the unfortunate events of last night.

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