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Unfounded dans une phrase (en anglais)

Sometimes that faith was unfounded.
The anxiety was, however, unfounded.
An unfounded presumption, it turned out.
He couldn’t let word of the unfounded.
King on this subject was entirely unfounded.
Stilwell’s hopes proved unfounded, however.
It was totally unfounded, but probably eminent.

Quick connections may be inaccurate or unfounded.
The Losers' unfounded expectation of equality, i.
I give only the unfounded when it is that they would take.
And believe it or not, that idea is not unfounded either.
As far as I can tell, your parents’ fears are unfounded.
Turns out, their fears were unfounded, as nobody really cared.
You know yourself that all you suspected is quite unfounded.
Any suggestions to the contrary are unfounded, malicious accusations.
He could not voice his concerns as they were unfounded for the moment.
People still complain about them, with all kinds of unfounded concerns.
He’d scorned her, dismissed her theories as being stupid and unfounded.
While we certainly oppose unfounded prejudice and bias we recognise that.
Just to make the paranoia complete, these fears weren’t entirely unfounded:.
In summation, although the fear of a German invasion was real, it was unfounded.
He did not offer anything that could be interpreted as imaginary or unfounded.
It could be based on lies, unfounded rumors, gossip, insane jealousy, prejudice.
Such a doctrine, sir, is as unfounded, as it is degrading to the American character.
The allegations of disunity between the Allied commanders were not entirely unfounded.
My worries about the McAllisters taking over the whole dance appeared to be unfounded.
Shoot, I can't even kill a box of cereal anymore, so her fears were definitely unfounded.
Zolla’s level of concern had been raised to a state of anxiety, even if this was unfounded.
I’m thinking this is probably unfounded panic on my part and she’s going to be blistering mad.
Even though Colling continued to argue, Elizabeth also continued to respond that his fears were unfounded.
Not only do you guys contradict yourselves, but she also believes that your beliefs are totally unfounded.
General William Wilkes at your service, and I feel I should have a chance to explain my unfounded actions.
Because someone has been spreading unfounded malicious rumours that we are pimps, replied Roger angrily.
When one considers what happened years later in Vietnam, perhaps this hopeful speculation was not entirely unfounded.
Your Honor, Pratt continued, this witness’s testimony is unfounded, but I need a day to provide proof of that.
She will see soon that her fears are unfounded, and her life won’t be as different as it was before, Trox said.
There are reports of the whirring of the turbines having caused some people to become zombies, but there’re unfounded.
There were one hundred and twenty thousand of us when we rode south on our quest of unfounded vengeance against the East.
All the stories about Solomon (pth) which suggest that he achieved what he achieved by use of magic are untrue and unfounded.
He assured me that my worry about leaving Hailey was normal but unfounded and that vacations are what keep people healthy and sane.

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