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Unperturbed dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Victor was unperturbed.
  2. The camels were unperturbed.
  3. But Moses endured unperturbed.
  4. Unperturbed, Lewis looked at the next.
  5. Only the twins were normal and unperturbed.

  6. He seemed unperturbed by Manfred’s outburst.
  7. The Pilgrim was unperturbed by such a statement.
  8. Ingrid, unperturbed, stared straight back at him.
  9. Unperturbed, he grasped the visor, and raised it.
  10. Nash, who appeared unperturbed at the loss of his.
  11. In the end something had to give continued Liz unperturbed.
  12. One Who Tells of Things Past was unperturbed at the interruption.
  13. That is if you’re still interested? continued Marc unperturbed.
  14. The chauffeur was unperturbed, a man of patience who knew his way around.
  15. He then studied the faces of Max and Tim, they also appeared unperturbed.

  16. Dingle was unperturbed and had continued planting marigolds without a care.
  17. To be unperturbed when not appreciated by others is gentlemanly, is it not?
  18. Unperturbed as usual, he slowly but confidently made his way closer to the figure.
  19. I presumed it was you, the mysterious figure of Kifter said, unperturbed by.
  20. Fred approached them seemingly unperturbed but holding on to his torch very tightly.
  21. It consumed the wood steadily and unperturbed, without a care for the world at large.
  22. But Karan was unperturbed by all this and his eyes were only searching for his Tarana.
  23. Kris seemed to be finding the pace as difficult as Manfred, but Aglaral was unperturbed.
  24. Would you just shut up already! Came the unperturbed voice of the man that held me captive.
  25. He watched Carter reach in his pocket unperturbed by the price so he added, Each, to his price.

  26. The sphere hung there, four black holes where the shuttles had been, otherwise unperturbed and aloof.
  27. The study door was opened and Bosworth, looking as impassive and unperturbed as ever, entered the room.
  28. You can take your revenge on Marc and Roger by telling everyone what they did continued the reporter unperturbed.
  29. Unperturbed, Ricci cuts across the highway median and peels out, slinging sand and gravel, speeds back in the other direction.
  30. Philo turned and looked at the pillar of light, gave a derisive rough kind of snort, and continued his vigilant watch, unperturbed.
  31. The pharmacists don’t have medical degrees, they are just shopkeepers, who sell their stock unperturbed by any knowledge or expertise.
  32. He walked in with his yard-long strides, looking stiffly straight in front of him, and sat down in his place with a most unperturbed air.
  33. But we’ve made it, and with most of the equipment we started with, Youssaf continued, pleased and unperturbed by Moshe’s searching eyes.
  34. He had cried in anguish, pain, and fear, but his grandfather had laughed out with all his heart and had said to him, quite unperturbed by his discomfort:.
  35. As you hurry away from the noise before it damages your eardrums, you notice the clientele inside this cyclone of noise sipping and enjoying their tea unperturbed.
  36. Though Hitler and his high command remained unperturbed by the growing weight of intelligence reports that an Allied landing was imminent; Kesselring was more alert.
  37. Hilderich was so excited with each new little discovery that he seemed unperturbed by the fact that like all living things, they needed food and water, and they had found naught.
  38. Everything is a lot to tell, Hunter, you’ve already accused me of gloating, why should I indulge you? Sophie sat, quite unperturbed, casually continuing with her breakfast.
  39. It remained a mystery to Molo how the Pilgrim could remain unperturbed by the roughness of the terrain, the adverse conditions, and the unforgiving miles he had walked to get here in the first place.
  40. I was fascinated at how enthusiastically he was trying to sell a non-existent business and how nonchalant and unperturbed he was about asking for a sizeable sum of money or, for that matter, any money at all.
  41. With the help of these yoga blood pressure exercises, the complete nervous system and sensory system of the body gets unperturbed along with reduced pulse rate and results in stabilization of blood pressure.
  42. Cadwallader in her phaeton, without witnessing any interview that could excite suspicion, or any scene from which she did not return with the same unperturbed keenness of eye and the same high natural color.
  43. While Lea, busy, very busy, unperturbed by the semi-circle of spectators behind her, hurriedly painting this street circus, trying to seize, not the day but the moment, the second, the essence of a life that was so out of the ordinary.
  44. The three took lunch at the most fashionable restaurant in London town, and Flower and Candy brushed excited shoulders with the rich and famous, unperturbed by the exposé that most of them were shorter in life than they were on the telly.
  45. But Virginsky was quite unperturbed, as the major was "incapable of betraying them"; for in spite of his stupidity he had all his life been fond of dropping in wherever extreme Radicals met; he did not sympathise with their ideas himself, but was very fond of listening to them.
  46. Could Bloodtooth be stalking them at this very moment? Sam knew his quarry‘s prowess but could anyone waylay Samson and JY given Sam‘s new sensory gift? The feeling persisted causing Sam to silently signal the unperturbed pit bull to his side and search the deepening shadows, his senses raw as sandpapered skin.

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