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Unspoiled dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. You're sweet and unspoiled.
  2. An unspoiled baby is good: not evil.
  3. You smell so good, fresh, unspoiled.
  4. Only half of the statue was unspoiled like this though.
  5. As you know unspoiled land is a luxury in Hong Kong.
  6. She continued to be an untouched unspoiled wonder to me.
  7. Her words were flawless, consummate, unspoiled by emotion.
  8. At the turn of the 20th century, unspoiled land was still avail-.
  9. There’s nothing as charming as an unspoiled girl, I agreed.
  10. This yields a large volume of unspoiled tomatoes in the short term.
  11. And in an unspoiled child the urge to relieve suffering is natural.
  12. We were designed to be exposed to the pure, unspoiled beauty of Nature.
  13. They were forced to do it out of the unspoiled vastness of the land they lived-on.
  14. As I held my unspoiled copy of O’Connor’s short stories, Albert emerged from his tent.
  15. There is no such thing as an unspoiled wilderness or an unspoiled animal who behaves naturally.
  16. It is the unspoiled flavor we are looking for and that we have found in a garden in Malmköping.
  17. Thank you for saying yes, I can see why you love the plateau so much, it’s so wild and unspoiled.
  18. I apologize in that both are quite old, but my scans show that it is still nutritious and unspoiled.
  19. My, what a pretty bunch of girls we have here and unspoiled yet at that! You’ll bring a good price.
  20. The verdant unspoiled parkland protects a host of mammals, reptiles and birds, though few larger animals.
  21. Then I searched my system for information about the Qur’an, and it said it was the unspoiled words of Allah.
  22. They were smack in the middle of the Appalachian Mountains with thousands of miles of unspoiled trails at their disposal.
  23. There are instances of millionaires' sons unspoiled by wealth, who, being rich, still perform great services to the community.
  24. It was the energy of the English to admire the beauty of unspoiled Nature, while at the same time thinking of ways to despoil it.
  25. And then… the new age of life; unspoiled, uncorrupted, unpoisoned by these stinking turd things will be born upon this living earth;.
  26. It is a national park and except for a small resort at the northern tip there are no buildings on the island and it is completely unspoiled.
  27. I think that the reason that grandchildren are great is because they come to you with their open arms and open hearts, unspoiled and innocent.
  28. It’s like stepping back in time, totally unspoiled and really beautiful, says Swann who plans to spend about four months each winter in Chile.
  29. I would have preferred to have left the buffalo roam the plains of America unspoiled and made friends with them instead of butchering them and killing them.
  30. I could be rich! Attica has the best wine, the reddest soil, the most unspoiled of villages and Mother of Zeus, the women? Ha, they say they come from Hades.
  31. In fact, you can help to hurt him by treating his feelings more important than yours: he experiences a loss of unspoiled self if he accepts your feelings as lower than his.
  32. Let them find one acre of unspoiled trees that escaped some previous rape-lumbering? And they are in there like flies to kill and cut and run the dead logs to the mills….
  33. One hikes through luscious rainforest, over high mountains, through swamps, past waterfalls with inviting pools and along unspoiled sandy beaches (watch out for the crocodiles).
  34. Except for the gulls and pelicans she had been completely secluded on this nearly private beach and imagined herself the owner of the island on which she found this unspoiled, 120.
  35. They’d had only the little garnered from the unspoiled gardening and the gleanings sifted from the dust where the stand of golden grain had waved so luxuriantly such a short time before.
  36. What is this myth based upon? It is based upon the exact same idea and goal as the Mountain main and the fur trappers of earlier times: towhit: destruction of unspoiled Nature; mass death; mass butchery.
  37. Children playing in a Conservation Authority property near this remote and rustic village in eastern Lennox County, reportedly discovered a human foot near the shoreline of the as-yet unspoiled Shashawanaga River.
  38. A wide open park, enclosed against injury, yet with its natural beauty unspoiled, with stately forest trees, many of them bearing fruit, watered by clear streams, on whose banks roved large herds of antelopes or sheep.
  39. The point I am making is this: the American Indian did not give a flying fuck about the land they lived on: they used land as hunting territory: unoccupied miles of unspoiled Nature: as callously and brutally as possible.
  40. If the North American native tribes had banded together at any time in the first centuries of European invasion and colonization of their continent… they could have easily ousted them, and kept America unspoiled by more modern civilizations much longer.
  41. The moon shone brightly in a clear night sky filled with twinkling celestial objects at one o’clock the next morning; however, the bright lights from the tourist metropolis seemed to taint the otherwise unspoiled beauty of the heavens as well as the majestic sea.
  42. In this charming locality, sightseers can experience hikes through trails of still intact and unspoiled natural beauty in the coastal forest, or do mountain biking through the famous Inside Passage and see the biggest collection of original totems of the nineteenth century.
  43. However, sightseers interested in history and attracted by historic cities of great culture, will be delighted with a pleasurable walk through the Old San Juan, for, in spite of a century of independence from Spain, still exhibits with relish its unspoiled original colonial inheritance.
  44. Always mature for her age, she had gained a certain aplomb in both carriage and conversation, which made her seem more of a woman of the world than she was, but her old petulance now and then showed itself, her strong will still held its own, and her native frankness was unspoiled by foreign polish.
  45. Because its straightness is unspoiled by ugly bends or deflections in its fantastically fast, direct, powerful growth; it has been targeted by the undead as one most crucial life-energies on Earth which must be destroyed, polluted, poisoned as much as possible and used for evil purposes instead of for good.
  46. The trail marker said that one of the trails was only three miles long and looped back to the parking lot and I was pretty darn sure that I could walk three miles in an hour easily, so I decided that it would be great to be able to get right into the wilderness and see the unspoiled colors glowing all around me.
  47. I needed neither but by then he was in full flow, 'Sophia is unspoiled because the village was cut off from the whole world until about thirty years ago when a dirt road was made wider, connecting the north to the south of the island and this explains why time seems to have stopped for Sophia and all its traditions.
  48. He found it most difficult to go to his office, but there he rested his elbows on the desk and laid his head in his hands, tears falling from his eyes… tears of purity… tears of unspoiled honour, tears of chastity and pride: he had been falsely accused and the hardest thing for an honest and pure man to bear is to have his honesty and purity defamed… to be accused wrongfully!.

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