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Untoward dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. Should anything untoward happen during.
2. She could hardly have made a more untoward choice.
3. At first, he could see in his mind nothing untoward.
4. The scribe appeared to have noticed nothing untoward.
5. To Annie’s relief, nothing seemed untoward in the house.
6. The untoward events at the library had certainly got around.
7. We really, really don’t need anything … untoward happening to you!.
8. Only settling when certain nothing untoward was happening, through the breaking.
9. As far as I could recall, we hadn’t done anything untoward throughout the evening.
10. The couples are always within eyesight of chaperones, so nothing untoward can happen.
11. In security analysis the prime stress is laid upon protection against untoward events.
12. Satisfied that he had found nothing untoward he gave the order for them to march ahead.
13. Any untoward behaviour could result in severe punishment, or even being sold as a slave.
14. If anything unusual or untoward happens, just push the buzzer and contact me by intercom.
15. The Man helped Robbie to his feet and dusted him down, as though nothing untoward had happened.
16. Nonetheless, Tommy would stay with him until wheels-up just in case he made any untoward moves.
17. At the same time, Ammon could not allow the hive to suspect that something untoward was happening.
18. Parents think that they should inform their children of all the untoward events that come with life.
19. So the odds are damned good that he could get out of the way in time if anything untoward came at him.
20. We discussed Bob’s itinerary while in Tokyo and concluded there was nothing untoward or unusual about it.
21. And with many other words did he testify and exhort, saying, Save yourselves from this untoward generation.
22. Although he could see and hear nothing untoward, there was an implicit feeling that something was not right.
23. He hadn’t noticed anything untoward about Manna since his talk with Halon, not that he expected to either.
24. Above them, the cliff was still in the shadows of night and for long moments he couldn’t see anything untoward.
25. If we have the bomb squad sent in there and the alarms cut off and there’s nothing untoward, we’ll look stupid.
26. The challenge is typically when you start your presentation late because of an untoward delay earlier in the event.
27. Her efforts in this line, however, were brought to an abrupt close by an untoward accident, which quenched her ardor.
28. Captain, it would be my honor to be Captain Darwin’s escort for the evening and ensure that nothing untoward happens.
29. Then, as though nothing untoward had happened, he went back to sitting with his friends and continued to enjoy himself….
30. In the other sections he could hear the hue and cry of beasts and unknown creatures as if beckoning him to his untoward end.
31. She sat back down in her chair, smoothed her skirt over her lap and gave my sister a polite smile as if nothing was untoward.
32. Stay inside, I won’t…What could I say? I won’t make any untoward moves against you? It was like he was protecting his virtue.
33. He is quite willing—nay, anxious—that she shall go wrong, but he prefers that she shall be driven to it by untoward circumstances.
34. I was also supposed to bug the flat, but eventually, because of a total lack of evidence of anything untoward, I took the decision not to.
35. I almost told him he'd mistaken her and she wasn't suggesting he'd do anything untoward, but I couldn't be sure if that assessment was correct.
36. That someone would be Lord Ralph Tregannon, but what kind of attack did he expect? In Simon’s recent travels, nothing untoward had reached him.
37. Thanks to her and Phil, the call really went off very well, except for a slight sense of strain in the atmosphere and two rather untoward incidents.
38. The attack will take place at 11am so we will start moving up to the start line now and then we will be in plenty of time should anything untoward happen.
39. When he opened the door and turned off the alarm he shivered, as if expecting to find a scene of devastation, but after a search of the premises he found no trace of anything untoward.
40. It has before been hinted, perhaps, that every little untoward circumstance that befell him, and which indirectly sprang from his luckless mishap, almost invariably irritated or exasperated Ahab.
41. A crew had been sent out to the professor’s house with a search warrant and even though they had yet to report anything untoward, it was always possible something incriminating would be discovered.
42. And then come in and make you say or do one single untoward action, or feel one single feeling that is not you, that does not come from you: but comes from their poisoning your soul and body secretly.
43. He wasn’t too proud to run for it if anything untoward turned up, either, although he had to admit that skulking his way through what were supposed to be Mother Church’s own waters … irritated him.
44. I reflected that even in those untoward times there must have been latent in Biddy what was now developing, for, in my first uneasiness and discontent I had turned to her for help, as a matter of course.
45. But they are gaining, and should no untoward event occur, I hope that before this summer is ended they will be as large as ever before—as large, that is, as we can possibly sustain without an increase of means.
46. She would then have said to us, the state of things is changed; at the time of giving the instructions, I was depressed from a combination of untoward events; I am now flushed with new hopes of elevation and of triumph.
47. She was well placed to come down on the wind if anything untoward happened, and Captain Bryxtyn’s Saint Kylmahn, one of Tide’s sister ships, was somewhere astern of the transports, watching the small convoy’s back.
48. A Blood Child only walked in the dark, and Dolly Jean said furthermore that we were to go by the front gate, very strictly, and knock on the front door, and not to do an untoward thing that would give a Blood Child legitimate cause to hurt us.
49. The initial autopsy report had found nothing untoward; there were no signs of a struggle, no cuts or bruises apart from a small bruise on Laura’s face but on further examination they had found needle marks on both Smith’s sister and Alfie Pike.
50. In fact, in the dream, he could easily have forced himself on her, and her dream-self had been more than willing! But he had done nothing untoward, only roused her lust to heights she had never imagined possible, and with her full participation!.
51. She knew that it was all sentiment, all baseless impressibility, which had caused her to read the scene as her own condemnation; nevertheless she could not get over it; she could not contravene in her own defenceless person all those untoward omens.
52. My grand mother sobbed at this point but quickly cleans her eyes, drew me closer to her side and said to me, We have consulted and appeased all shrines and deities in our land, and we have their assurances that nothing untoward would happen to you.
53. While, taken as a whole, they may work out somewhat better in terms of overall return than the first-quality issues, they expose the owner to too many individual risks of untoward developments, ranging from disquieting price declines to actual default.
54. I don’t know how long it took me to scrub the floor clean of all traces of blood, or how many were the buckets of scarlet water I emptied, before I was satisfied that no trace remained, to the most assiduous eye, that anything untoward had ever happened there.
55. When I began this intermittent journal, all those years ago, it was with the intention of explaining to any future interested party, the tragic circumstances surrounding Anthea’s origins and the reason for her muteness, should anything untoward have happened to me.
56. It is also quite possible that the presence of this excessive bond issue might prevent the stock from selling at 12 times its earnings, because conservative stock buyers would avoid Company C as subject to too great hazard of financial difficulties in the event of untoward developments.
57. And while I am upon this subject I take occasion to remark, that in all our attempts to negotiate with the British Government there seems to have been some untoward circumstance, some unfortunate condition, either accidentally or intentionally, attached to the question at issue, which has defeated the negotiation.
58. In something less than an hour-and-a-half he had skirted the south of the King's Hintock estates and ascended to the untoward solitude of Cross-in-Hand, the unholy stone whereon Tess had been compelled by Alec d'Urberville, in his whim of reformation, to swear the strange oath that she would never wilfully tempt him again.
59. We cannot help thinking, too, that the average individual who opens a brokerage account with the idea of making conservative common-stock investments is likely to find himself beset by untoward influences in the direction of speculation and speculative losses; these temptations should be much less for the mutual-fund buyer.
60. In spite of the untoward surroundings, however, Tess bravely made a little cross of two laths and a piece of string, and having bound it with flowers, she stuck it up at the head of the grave one evening when she could enter the churchyard without being seen, putting at the foot also a bunch of the same flowers in a little jar of water to keep them alive.
61. Bear in mind, too, that under these untoward circumstances he has to cut many feet deep in the flesh; and in that subterraneous manner, without so much as getting one single peep into the ever-contracting gash thus made, he must skilfully steer clear of all adjacent, interdicted parts, and exactly divide the spine at a critical point hard by its insertion into the skull.
62. She had found a seat, where in excessive trembling she was enduring all these fearful thoughts, while the other three, no longer under any restraint, were giving vent to their feelings of vexation, lamenting over such an unlooked-for premature arrival as a most untoward event, and without mercy wishing poor Sir Thomas had been twice as long on his passage, or were still in Antigua.
63. Sir Thomas and Lady Bertram received her very kindly; and Sir Thomas, seeing how much she needed encouragement, tried to be all that was conciliating: but he had to work against a most untoward gravity of deportment; and Lady Bertram, without taking half so much trouble, or speaking one word where he spoke ten, by the mere aid of a good-humoured smile, became immediately the less awful character of the two.
64. He is now upon me: I had placed myself with a jerk under him, as commodious and open as possible to his attempts, which were untoward enough, for his machine, meeting with no inlet, bore and battered stiffly against me in random pushes, now above, now below, now beside his point; till, burning with impatience from its irritating touches, I guided gently, with my hand, this furious fescue to where my young novice was now to be taught his first lesson of pleasure.
65. The fact is, then, Senor Don Quixote, that though you see me seated in this chair, here in the middle of the kingdom of Aragon, and in the attire of a despised outcast duenna, I am from the Asturias of Oviedo, and of a family with which many of the best of the province are connected by blood; but my untoward fate and the improvidence of my parents, who, I know not how, were unseasonably reduced to poverty, brought me to the court of Madrid, where as a provision and to avoid greater misfortunes, my parents placed me as seamstress in the service of a lady of quality, and I would have you know that for hemming and sewing I have never been surpassed by any all my life.
66. Yates's family and connexions were sufficiently known to him to render his introduction as the "particular friend," another of the hundred particular friends of his son, exceedingly unwelcome; and it needed all the felicity of being again at home, and all the forbearance it could supply, to save Sir Thomas from anger on finding himself thus bewildered in his own house, making part of a ridiculous exhibition in the midst of theatrical nonsense, and forced in so untoward a moment to admit the acquaintance of a young man whom he felt sure of disapproving, and whose easy indifference and volubility in the course of the first five minutes seemed to mark him the most at home of the two.
67. But as this posture was certainly not the easiest, and our imaginations, wound up to the height, could suffer no delay, he first, with the utmost eagerness and effort, just lip-lodged that broad acorn-fashioned head of his instrument; and still befriended by the fury with which he had made that impression, he soon stuffed in the rest; when now, with a pursuit of thrusts, fiercely urged, he absolutely overpowered and absorbed all sense of pain and uneasiness, whether from my wounds behind, my most untoward posture, or the oversize of his stretcher, in an infinitely predominant delight; when now all my whole spirits of life and sensation rushing, impetuously to the cock-pit, where the prize of pleasure was hotly in dispute and clustering to a point there, I soon received the dear relief of nature from these over-violent strains.
68. Murray settled down on the back seat and studied the registration numbers of the vehicles as they came and went from the car park, it was just before noon when a Nissan Patrol with the registration Murray was looking for came rolling down the ramp and parked two bays away from the lift door, Mr Hawk stepped from the car and gave a casual glance around the car park, at least it would have looked like a casual glance to an onlooker but Murray knew better, Mr Hawk had scanned the whole car park looking for a threat, he had counted and evaluated every car in the car park, finding nothing untoward he then walked to the lift door and disappeared from Murray’s view, Murray stayed were he was without moving and sure enough two minutes later Mr Hawk stuck his head around the lift door and studied the car park again, checking that nothing had changed, he was behaving exactly as a professional should, as Murray would behave if the roles were reversed, although Mr Hawk would never recognise the fact he had placed himself at a slight mental disadvantage, Mr Hawk’s first impression of Mr Jay had been less than flattering, in fact he thought Mr Jay was a bit of a dork, a clever dork but never the less a dork, not a professional like himself just someone who played around with safe’s and lock’s, this was exactly the impression Murray had set out to promote, even though Murray had outsmarted him, Mr Hawk’s subconscious had still not discarded this first impression that Mr Jay was a gifted amateur, the prison sentence for receiving a measly amount of jewellery reinforced this opinion, this gave Murray a huge advantage.

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