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Untroubled dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Tim was untroubled by the glare.
  2. It has not been an untroubled history.
  3. Narrow mindedness is to be untroubled.
  4. But her mind was oddly clear, untroubled.
  5. Your emotions or feelings are untroubled as well.

  6. The medics, by contrast, are crisp and untroubled.
  7. That joy always brought him light untroubled sleep.
  8. Unlike at night, this slumber seemed untroubled by demons.
  9. Perhaps the lack of sleep was effecting this untroubled perception.
  10. Small tortoises and thousands of fish were untroubled by their visitors.
  11. Within seconds, consciousness faded and he slept untroubled for nine hours.
  12. Probing his mind, it felt strange, but Hanor was untroubled by the intrusion.
  13. After all, you just about lost yer head in a country you claimed was untroubled.
  14. Love the animals: God has given them the rudiments of thought and joy untroubled.
  15. Untroubled when animals were killed at home prior to cooking, but this felt like a.

  16. Then you can go back to look at one thing untroubled by the shouts of the multitude.
  17. In this way, I could carry on living a life untroubled by religion [anyone’s!] before.
  18. He slept well that night, untroubled by the bad dreams which had been haunting him lately.
  19. His assembly was very transparent and untroubled and was adorned with his elevated speech.
  20. She, it is certain, would do it very accurately, untroubled by the deceptions of any Muse.
  21. However, he recovered quickly, and pretended to be untroubled and even a bit amused by her.
  22. Hardly were these things seen and done when a calm came, and the sea lay even and untroubled.
  23. And so Alyosha, untroubled by doubts, clothed his dreams too in the same form as all the rest.
  24. He stood with folded arms as placidly as if upon his own deck; his lips smiled and his eyes were untroubled.
  25. They both decided to turn in when the music stopped, after a long, untroubled conversation on the dark observation deck.

  26. But that night she could bear it because she felt untroubled and calm, as she had few times in her life: free of all blame.
  27. Shame is predisposed to proper notions of right and wrong whereas the shameless are untroubled by the dictates of Conscience.
  28. And annoying and perplexing as her untroubled conscience was it was yet not so annoying and perplexing as her wild joy in Italy.
  29. All that Billy Whitlow wants is a quiet life, that same untroubled groove of a life that is now being shredded right in font of his eyes.
  30. After he had prepared food, water and a place for his horse to rest, our officer, Mohammad Amin said, ‘Now I can go to sleep happy and untroubled.
  31. And I partook of the infinite calm in which she lay: my mind was never in a holier frame than while I gazed on that untroubled image of Divine rest.
  32. Not daring to move, blink or even swallow in case it proved their deceit, they held their faces still and, they hoped, appeared calm and untroubled.
  33. It occurred to him that Nicolette could stand within the devil’s pyre, and if fancy struck her, she would be untroubled and ask of him what she would.
  34. He would like to hunt and even though animals and birds were seldom seen, he knew they were there, just timidly hiding and living their own untroubled existence.
  35. No wonder Emil had fled! As the realisation of what I'd escaped percolated, something in my spirit that had been large and untroubled, turned to dust and vanished.
  36. All waited with sinking hearts; though that is, perhaps, too much to say, for the ladies were only in a state of hysterical impatience and their hearts were untroubled.
  37. These two pairs of satyrs serve to express the transition from the untroubled ease of Dionysos and his immediate attendants, to the violence and confusion of the struggle.
  38. All things, however, were in their places; all was quiet; and he lay asleep, his white hair picturesque on the untroubled pillow, and his hands lying quiet on the coverlet.
  39. These stories have an inevitable pattern untroubled by the question, If none return, how is it known what is there? Oh, it’s there all right, but if you find it you will never be found.
  40. The portrait he draws in the preface to the novels, with the aquiline features, chestnut hair, smooth untroubled forehead, and bright cheerful eyes, is the very portrait of a sanguine man.
  41. But by forcing the pace of its propeller, the Nautilus carried them off, dragged them under, or brought them back to the upper level of the waters, untroubled by their enormous weight or their powerful grip.
  42. I looked with a feeling akin to awe at the famous character who, in common with many others of his type, had migrated uptown from the proverbial haunts of the gunmen on the East Side in search of pastures new and untroubled.
  43. The current possessors were expectedly not at home, and they lay easily in the protection of the house and grounds, without fear of discovery, the open picnic basket that sat beside them a sign of their untroubled trespass.
  44. In the face of the open gulf, the sun, clear, unclouded, unaltered, plunged into the waters in a grave and untroubled mystery of self-immolation consummated far from all mortal eyes, with an infinite majesty of silence and peace.
  45. Slavery was better than sharks, wasn't it? And then they had escaped and when his sailors had investigated their big chest - how had they appeared in the middle of an untroubled ocean sitting on a big chest, anyway? - and it had bitt.
  46. In quiet and untroubled times it seems to every administrator that it is only by his efforts that the whole population under his rule is kept going, and in this consciousness of being indispensable every administrator finds the chief reward of his labor and efforts.
  47. How gladly would I write them? How gladly would I see you in untroubled waters, forging straight ahead toward a full and fruitful life? But I am a foolish, ineffectual woman, and write you waspish letters when I might, if I had more insight, have found out what those words are that would set you tingling with the joy of life.
  48. Only in this way can one explain the amazing contradictions with which our life is full, and of which a striking example was presented to me by the expedition I met on the 9th of September; good, peaceful men, known to me personally, going with untroubled tranquillity to perpetrate the most beastly, senseless, and vile of crimes.
  49. This conviction that the existing order is the necessary and therefore immutable order, which it is a sacred duty for every man to support, enables good men, of high principles in private life, to take part with conscience more or less untroubled in crimes such as that perpetrated in Orel, and that which the men in the Toula train were going to perpetrate.
  50. There was a time when men who set out with the object of murder and violence, to make an example, did not return till they had carried out their object, and then, untroubled by doubts or scruples, having calmly flogged men to death, they returned home and caressed their children, laughed, amused themselves, and enjoyed the peaceful pleasures of family life.
  51. Then Quiteria, overcome with modesty and shame, holding in her right hand the hand of Basilio, said, No force would bend my will; as freely, therefore, as it is possible for me to do so, I give thee the hand of a lawful wife, and take thine if thou givest it to me of thine own free will, untroubled and unaffected by the calamity thy hasty act has brought upon thee.
  52. This was the creature, neither child nor woman, that drove me through the dusk that summer evening, untroubled by love, taken aback by the power of her own beauty, hesitating on the cool edge of life one who had suddenly found herself armed, unawares; the heroine of a fairy story turning over in her hands the magic ring; she had only to stroke it with her fingertips and whisper the charmed word, for the earth to open.
  53. While she was with him he overpowered her into a torpor, into a shutting of her eyes and her thoughts, into just giving herself up, after the shocks and agonies of the week, to the blessedness of a soothed and caressed semi-consciousness; and it was only when his first letters began to come, such simple, adoring letters, taking the situation just as it was, just as life and death between them had offered it, untroubled by questioning, undimmed by doubt, with no looking backward but with a touching, thankful acceptance of the present, that she gradually settled down into that placidity which was at once the relief and the astonishment of her aunt.

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