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Upset dans une phrase (en anglais)

Ma was upset.
He was upset.
be upset or not.
i was so upset.
I was not upset.
He seemed upset.
I was very upset.

They were upset.
He is very upset.
He was too upset.
She was too upset.
that she was upset.
I was upset again.
Are you upset?.
She’s very upset.
They were so upset.
Ming is very upset.
I was pretty upset.
Everyone was upset.
upset her in anyway.
"I- I upset her?".
I’ve upset you.
the ex gets al upset.
this would upset you.
He was still upset.
Ian was pretty upset.
be upset for too long.
She is majorly upset.
upsetting to you.
It’s too upsetting.
An odd internal upsetting.
and upsetting the status quo.
This was most upsetting news.
You're only upsetting the boy.
She was intent on upsetting him.
He could tell it was upsetting me.
Yes, that ban's upsetting everyone.
He leaped up, almost upsetting the.
MARY3: That must have been upsetting.
He hates upsetting me with this stuff.
It was very upsetting for us to even.
I can imagine that would be upsetting.
communication was obvious and upsetting.
was upsetting for me, we both went into.
was really upsetting seeing him lying in a.
a word and upsetting her, now would you?.
upsetting the balance of gravity waves from.
The only upsetting thing in her life was Oak.
dad argued all the time and it was upsetting,.
I hardly recognised them, it was so upsetting.
with accents that are upsetting to refined ears.
back a lot of bad and very upsetting memories I.
Anne stood hurriedly, almost upsetting her lunch.
He certainly wasn’t worried about upsetting me.
‘You look as though this has been upsetting you.
It upsets him, she says.
another room if his presence upsets you.
Her confirmation upsets Cass’ hungry heart.
This upsets the balance between oxygen and CO2.
She knows what will happen if she upsets things.
Thus it is anger over anger that upsets the mind.
" He spoke softly, "I know that it only upsets you.
"Is it Baxter that upsets you?" he asked at length.
declared act of war by a president, still upsets me.
When another driver does something that upsets you,.
This upsets the person who thought that they had a.
Most often it’s a result of something that upsets.
had unwanted pregnancies, abortions, upsets and tears; it.
You know women—a nothing upsets them, especially my wife.
and prophesies of their faith, which upsets some of its leaders.
After one of her upsets, he asked me, How is your mate?.
George would have let you in, but the only thing that upsets.
reject it because it upsets too many of their own cherished beliefs.
defeats the purpose of lifestyle changes and upsets the balance created.
carbohydrates and dangerous fats upsets the natural balance of the bodies.
There’s only one thing that upsets me: He said her name with such care….
We have rules, he says, and it’s clear something about this upsets him again.
Seeing me cry upsets him a lot, even if it was irrational which in this case it was.
it really upsets me when I have to waste time on something like a corrupt start-up file.
And out of nowhere, here comes this young upstate senator from Illinois who upsets the.
However, negative moments, negative emotional upsets were engraved in my memory in detail.
purpose of lifestyle changes and upsets the balance created by having a pattern the rest of the week.
The next cart it upsets is that of literal interpretations of books like the Exodus, various parts of.
If anyone upsets her in any way they will suffer consequences and believe me they will not be lenient.
Most now believe these little Hominids were a separate genesis that upsets the ―Out of Africa‖ theory.