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Upshot dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. The positive upshot of this is that.
  2. And, in this upshot, purposes mistook.
  3. The upshot of this report was that the.
  4. The upshot was that Ralph’s income, in.
  5. The upshot is, they are ready to move on.

  6. In the upshot, it didn’t last as long as he might have.
  7. There I found Conseil, who wanted to know the upshot of my.
  8. The upshot of it all was that only I was a fool, no one else.
  9. So the upshot of all this, Bram concluded, Was that the Boards.
  10. The upshot was that membership to the Southern Star increased threefold.
  11. The upshot of SOX is that it detracts mightily from the attractiveness of U.
  12. The upshot of the situation was that Bonnie was removed from the nursery to the.
  13. The upshot was that dissection was banned in principle and tolerated in practice.
  14. What would be the upshot? What is it to lead to? I need not state the consequences.
  15. The upshot of it was that he made me a proiX)sition that I should introduce him to M.

  16. The upshot was that about half-past nine I made up my mind to go to Queen Anne's Gate.
  17. Possible dissimulation notwithstanding, the upshot of the ordeal is that the manoeuvre.
  18. Meanwhile, what was the upshot of the new murders in DC? And what did they mean for me?
  19. The positive upshot of this is that the metanoia will attempt to kill the part of the mind.
  20. But the real upshot of the business was that the number of riddles to be solved was augmented.
  21. The upshot is that you now have £2000 working for you, but you are risking only £1000 of it.
  22. The upshot of this suggestion was that The Handyman arranged to bring Quick and Teef to visit.
  23. The upshot of it is that I am the cynosure of all eyes, and though hidden to sight, I am eminent.
  24. The upshot was that the Grandmother turned him out of the room with her stick (it was a real stick, too!).
  25. Well the upshot is, since the time of that mishap he has, deliberately, never ventured anywhere near the cove.

  26. The upshot is, even when we bring home something that is not for them, but rather for us, the cats still claim ownership.
  27. The upshot of which, was, to smash this witness like a crockery vessel, and shiver his part of the case to useless lumber.
  28. This told me that the island’s soil was indeed fertile, but the upshot of this discovery was that I now had the means to hide my new house.
  29. The upshot of this is that personal honor requires men to fight, and the interests of nations require them to ruin and exterminate each other.
  30. The upshot was that the cost of replicating an option through the dynamic hedging process became much more expensive than anyone had anticipated.
  31. Rabbi Marks says: 'The upshot is that the Jewish doctors labored rather to adorn the future of the good than to blacken the destiny of the wicked.
  32. We can see from the previous research that the upshot of such magical science is to separate the wife from her husband as a means to spread adultery.
  33. We have seen, however, that the general paid a visit to Lizabetha Prokofievna and caused trouble there, the final upshot being that he frightened Mrs.
  34. The practical upshot of all this is that if you stick a Babel fish in your ear you caninstantly understand anything said to you in any form of language.
  35. Papa was most interested to hear you were coming so near us, and sends you many messages whose upshot is that you are to be a good boy and do him credit.
  36. And the upshot of my ill-founded thinking? My heart was racing just as fast in the bathroom as it would have been if I had been outside watching the race.
  37. The upshot is, the king has postponed a decision by ruling that the monks of Kingsbridge cannot hold an election while they are in exile at St-John-in-the-Forest.
  38. The upshot of it all was that Major Bill Clayton was to be given almost carte blanche to do as he thought best, and the maximum possible co-operation to help him do it.
  39. Sancho followed on Dapple, together with all the members of the pastoral gathering, eager to see what would be the upshot of his vainglorious and extraordinary proposal.
  40. Anyway, the upshot is that she now has a baby – well, he’s a toddler really - and the relationship has fallen apart leaving the girl completely up the creek with no paddle.
  41. Only later, as my host quietly digested the upshot of a satisfying fellatio, did I wonder if I'd been subjected to the ‘Casting couch’ – or in this case casting mattress.
  42. The upshot of his father’s words was that he and others of the younger men took turns patrolling, hunting for game and the telltale signs of any disturbance of the ground nearby.
  43. The upshot of your last letter is, I gather, that for some strange reason, some extremity of perverseness, you would have me walk in silk attire, and do it in halls made of marble.
  44. The upshot of the venture was the discovery that a solid gold five and one-half ton Buddha was encased within a think layer of clay centuries before in order to protect it from enemies.
  45. The upshot of that test, an extensive clinical interview, and an array of other studies indicated that Rob was suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, sometimes called colitis, or simply I.
  46. The ladies were not so well satisfied, though even they were pleased with his eloquence, especially as they had no apprehensions as to the upshot of the trial and had full trust in Fetyukovitch.
  47. The upshot was, that the barbarians who did not shave their facial hair every day; shaved the shorn Romans easily of their wealth, burned their towns, and let them slave and rebuild their villas back again.
  48. The upshot was, that we found a worthy young merchant or shipping-broker, not long established in business, who wanted intelligent help, and who wanted capital, and who in due course of time and receipt would want a partner.
  49. That you have received a superior education is entirely owing to your former master, Versilov, and what's the upshot of it ? By proclaiming your illegitimacy, which is a calumny in itself, you first and foremost gave away your.
  50. The upshot of this is that now, every time i do an outside paint job in Montréal, i am not visited by a squadron of wasps; instead, a single wasp comes by momentarily to see what I’m doing because I don’t like military gangs.
  51. Stories began appearing in print that could not have been obtained any other way it was said, and the upshot was that a private investigator was arrested, convicted and jailed for conspiring to intercept communications as well as actually intercepting voicemail messages.
  52. Sancho, who thought his master was in danger of being thrown, jumped off Dapple, and ran in all haste to help him; but by the time he reached him he was already on the ground, and beside him was Rocinante, who had come down with his master, the usual end and upshot of Rocinante's vivacity and high spirits.
  53. Mars: Transiting Mars conjoined its natal place on 3/2/1879, bringing a FORCEFUL event: intense involvements with other people (though not necessarily conflictive) in which he had to take a position, stand up for himself, be willing to fully commit himself; the upshot of which brought him ADVANCEMENT: impelling him forward, motivating him with a sense of progress, accomplishment, and hope for the future.
  54. The usual upshot of this sort of thing is a vast explosion but, since universes are fairly resilient things, this particular universe had saved itself by instantaneously unravelling its spacetime continuum back to a point where the surplus atoms could safely be accommodated and then rapidly rewinding back to that circle of firelight which for want of a better term its inhabitants were wont to call The Present.
  55. But considering that it would not become him, nor be right, to begin any new emprise until he had established Micomicona in her kingdom, he was constrained to hold his peace and wait quietly to see what would be the upshot of the proceedings of those same travellers; one of whom found the youth they were seeking lying asleep by the side of a muleteer, without a thought of anyone coming in search of him, much less finding him.
  56. I was grieved for my brother, and very much distressed to think of what had happened to blithe Dicky, as I was wont to call my nephew when he was a laddie, and I would fain have gratified the spirit of revenge in myself; but I brought to mind his roving and wanton pranks, and I counselled his father first to abide the upshot of the wound, representing to him, in the best manner I could, that it was but the quarrel of the young men, and that maybe his son was as muckle in fault as Swinton.
  57. And so the thing has gone on, only that to the sword they have added lying, intrigue, deceit, fanaticism, superstition, swindling;—they have played fast and loose with the most sacred and sincere feelings of men;—they have exchanged everything—everything for money, for base earthly power! And is this not the teaching of Anti-Christ? How could the upshot of all this be other than Atheism? Atheism is the child of Roman Catholicism—it proceeded from these Romans themselves, though perhaps they would not believe it.
  58. Of all that were there Sancho was the only one who was at once in his senses and in his own proper character, and he, though he was within very little of sharing his master's infirmity, did not fail to perceive who all these disguised figures were; but he did not dare to open his lips until he saw what came of this assault and capture of his master; nor did the latter utter a word, waiting to the upshot of his mishap; which was that bringing in the cage, they shut him up in it and nailed the bars so firmly that they could not be easily burst open.
  59. He personally, being of a sceptical bias, believed and didn't make the smallest bones about saying so either that man or men in the plural were always hanging around on the waiting list about a lady, even supposing she was the best wife in the world and they got on fairly well together for the sake of argument, when, neglecting her duties, she chose to be tired of wedded life and was on for a little flutter in polite debauchery to press their attentions on her with improper intent, the upshot being that her affections centred on another, the cause of many liaisons between still attractive married women getting on for fair and forty and younger men, no doubt as several famous cases of feminine infatuation proved up to the hilt.

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