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Vaporous dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. But the blue vaporous end of day.
  2. A vaporous cloud hung in the still dank air.
  3. The amber mist and the vaporous forms dissipated as I was once more.
  4. Swift and sudden, scores of the vaporous entities dived from all directions.
  5. In case dark vaporous figures started oozing out of the walls or something, I supposed.

  6. Finally, his mother, vaporous and muted, stood silent upon the precipice of his memories.
  7. That Charlie’s blown his one shot at belonging on some vaporous nonsense about the sanctity of life.
  8. As if underwater the nurse strained to follow the vaporous figure as it glided to the cabin, paused to open the door and vanished.
  9. The wait in the dark hall amidst vaporous reek of smoldering cow pies may have only been a few minutes, but it seemed an eternity.
  10. But not, however, before she dropped a penny in a perfume machine and pumped great vaporous founts of verbena upon her sparrow chest.
  11. The vaporous form materializing in the center of the clearing as the resonant tunka-tunka diluted itself in the resident hammock stridulation.
  12. However, when steam condenses back into water the space it then occupies is about one seventeen hundredths of the space it occupied as vaporous steam.
  13. Though the moon had been up only an hour its austere presence seemed to mock the vaporous clouds that flitted fretfully across its globular, glowing face.
  14. Long moment I contemplated the improbable coloration of the animal and its vaporous movements in increases swaying and lowered on the irregular branches of the tree.
  15. Unlike the internet fashion, which at least derived from some confused perception of what really was going on, some fashions seem based on nothing but vaporous unrealistic hope.

  16. A guy trying to protect you when you really didn’t want to be protected wasn’t exactly on a par with some vaporous apparition reaching toward you and saying that it wanted you.
  17. Being transported into a solid rather than vaporous medium would result not in a sonic boom but an explosion similar to a meteor strike, with obvious deleterious effects upon those transported.
  18. Venus Verdi Violet Vanessa villain vector valor vitamin vestige vortex vault vine virus vial vermin vellum venom veil, suddenly parting as easily as a vaporous curtain signaling the beginning of a dream.
  19. But already the words were hung between planets and if, by some cosmic radiation, they could have been illuminated, caught fire in vaporous wonder there, her love would have lit a dozen worlds and startled the night side of Earth into a premature dawn, she thought.
  20. He could not but wish that Dorothea should think him not less happy than the world would expect her successful suitor to be; and in relation to his authorship he leaned on her young trust and veneration, he liked to draw forth her fresh interest in listening, as a means of encouragement to himself: in talking to her he presented all his performance and intention with the reflected confidence of the pedagogue, and rid himself for the time of that chilling ideal audience which crowded his laborious uncreative hours with the vaporous pressure of Tartarean shades.

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vaporous vapourish cobwebby diaphanous filmy gauzy gossamer sheer transparent

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