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Variability dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. The variability of where the.
  2. Asa, on the variability of oaks.
  3. Variability of mongrels and hybrids.
  4. This variability in response may be.
  5. Lowness, of structure connected with variability.

  6. Hilaire, Isidore, on variability of repeated parts.
  7. Delta ranked second in terms of weight variability (0.
  8. The variability is as much a function of the type of.
  9. Consist of numerous small causes of random variability.
  10. A greater variability of earnings is the product of more.
  11. Also variability may be interesting but it can be confusing.
  12. Hence, we cannot estimate any intra-group variability measure.
  13. However, volatility can be thought of as an average variability.
  14. Walsh, who has grouped them under his law of equable variability.
  15. In keeping with his views, they have the property of variability.

  16. There is some variability when it comes to luck, Tammas said.
  17. Another indicator reflecting the underlying asset price variability.
  18. One of the utility indicators combines profit with its variability (Figure 6.
  19. Such high variability gave the strategy a disappointing Sharpe ratio of just.
  20. The same theme of variability applies to the financial leverage ratio, which is.
  21. Hence, its application to evaluate variability of portfolio returns is impossible.
  22. Besides, it is impossible to show the degree of profit variability in this figure.
  23. Historical volatility reflects the past variability of the underlying asset price.
  24. Capital structure analysis adjusts for both the amount and variability of sales by.
  25. It works together with business risk through the variability of operating income;.

  26. This greater variability in mongrels than in hybrids does not seem at all surprising.
  27. While higher operating leverage ultimately increases the variability of EPS, just as.
  28. All return variability values were grouped by the levels of S&P 500 historical volatility.
  29. State the source(s) you relied on for your initial estimates of incidence and variability.
  30. Besides, it is noticeable that the variability of the call-to-put ratio (shown in Figure 1.
  31. Twenty-five observations is not a big sample and the variability in the results is quite high.
  32. Intel earnings, given their greater variability, should probably be discounted at a higher rate.
  33. Finger and hand size had some variability depending on season, temperature, and health conditions.
  34. Implied volatility expresses market expectations for future variability of underlying asset price.
  35. There is a strong inverse relationship between return variability and the number of underlying assets.
  36. In the latter case the organisation seems to become plastic, and we have much fluctuating variability.
  37. The price variability of bonds in general is treated in Chapter 8, The Investor and Market Fluctuations.
  38. The variability, however, in the successive generations of mongrels is, perhaps, greater than in hybrids.
  39. In general, we can state that the higher the number of underlying assets, the lower the profit variability.
  40. The indicator reflecting the extent of the underlying asset price variability at the specific time interval.
  41. Unpublished subperiod analysis suggests some time variation although this might reflect sampling variability.
  42. Thus, in our study it would be appropriate to use nonnormalized standard deviation as the measure of variability.
  43. There is no evident peak in k values, and variability does not increase as rapidly as it did in previous examples.
  44. This problem may be solved by expressing return variability through standard deviation not normalized by the mean.
  45. Application of the Sharpe ratio can help because it reflects not only the profit average, but also its variability.
  46. High FrIV(B) values indicate that options are overvalued relative to the underlying asset price variability potential.
  47. The underlying asset price variability will be expressed as the absolute value of the logarithm of daily price changes.
  48. To illustrate the individual features of criteria and demonstrate the variability of the results, the data in Figure 6.
  49. The best way to use volatility information is to treat it as an index - a number that measures variability in the market.
  50. A great amount of variability, under which term individual differences are always included, will evidently be favourable.
  51. But as long as selection is rapidly going on, much variability in the parts undergoing modification may always be expected.
  52. In the first case the variability of the difference is negligible, whereas in the second case it is considerable (Figure 5.
  53. In addition to averages, we can estimate profit variability within each line (that is, for each n-th place in the ordering).
  54. It can hardly be denied that a factor of such volume and variability as home-consumed wheat would have a substantial influence.
  55. This may seem counterintuitive because we tend to expect greater variability over long periods of time than over short periods.
  56. The ratio of the average to the variability allows the creation of a new criterion containing important additional information.
  57. Implied volatility IV expresses the price variability of the same underlying asset that is expected by the market in the future.
  58. Note that the standard deviation value (which is the measure of profit variability) decreases as the number of layers increases.
  59. And if there has been any variability under nature, it would be an unaccountable fact if natural selection had not come into play.
  60. We proposed the way to master this problem and described the methods allowing mitigation of the effect of indicators’ variability.
  61. This provides two additional utility functions: average profit and the ratio of average profit to its variability (the Sharpe ratio).
  62. This means that as the time period until options expiration increases, the variability of delta-neutrality boundaries also increases.
  63. Because the generally accepted measure of variability is the standard deviation, we recommend using it as a normalization coefficient.
  64. A number of criteria can be constructed on the basis of different characteristics expressing variability of the underlying asset price.
  65. During these latter periods there will probably be more variability in the forms of life; during periods of subsidence, more extinction.
  66. Putting aside price trends, we express its variability by application of the exponential function to analyze the absolute price changes.
  67. Historical volatility HV of an underlying asset characterizes the variability of its price during the period preceding the current moment.
  68. The determination coefficient that reflects the variability of data around the regression line was accepted as the effectiveness indicator.
  69. The first method, based on the average profit and its variability, is applicable to financial instruments possessing linear payoff functions.
  70. In this case, the increased risk from the fixed fractional approach is a good thing; nearly all of the extra variability is potential upside.
  71. Another method of creating nonforecasting universal criteria is to combine average values of forecasting criteria with variability indicators.
  72. This is indicative of the high profit variability within combinations occupying the first several positions in the ordering by criteria values.
  73. Low criterion values indicate that the underlying asset price variability is underestimated (not fully reflected in the current option prices).
  74. Indeed, there have been species which became extinct through their own miscalculations, but they were species with a small range of variability.
  75. It is the ratio with the option expensiveness indicator in the numerator and the underlying asset price variability indicator in the denominator.
  76. Empirically, a higher inflation level is associated with greater inflation variability and uncertainty as well as with slower productivity growth.
  77. There is a direct relationship between the volatility level and the return variability of portfolios created on the basis of different indicators.
  78. First, the analysis is complicated by the time-to-time variability of all effectiveness indicators regardless of the option strategies and criteria.
  79. When compared with similar sightings all would be remarkable in their variability, but each viewer would believe that only his was the most accurate.
  80. Because, the simplest processes with the least causation or input variability are more likely to propagate independently than processes of increasing.
  81. It means that due to the increase in the number of layers, portfolio diversification goes up, and consequently its variability (and the risk) goes down.
  82. The slight variability of hybrids in the first generation, in contrast with that in the succeeding generations, is a curious fact and deserves attention.
  83. In the earlier editions of this work I underrated, as it now seems probable, the frequency and importance of modifications due to spontaneous variability.
  84. The variability is expressed as a standard error (standard deviation divided by the square root of the number of elements in a sample, 100 in this case).
  85. The Sharpe ratio is an extremely important indicator containing information not only on the profitability of combinations but on their variability as well.
  86. The increase in the threshold value also entails an increase in variability of the coefficients of criterion effectiveness (expressed by standard deviation).
  87. And although you were perfect in most of the cognitive domains today, you showed a lot of variability in two of the tasks that were related to recent memory.
  88. In such cases, trends (or any other patterns) observable in the dynamics of standard deviation may in fact reflect trends of the mean, not of the variability.
  89. However, the balanced scorecard technique is fraught with uncertainties resulting from the variability in how indicators, metrics, and objectives are assigned.
  90. On the other hand, if at the moment of portfolio construction the volatility was high, the variability of returns realized at the expiration date was also high.
  91. A trader must therefore systematically trade the signals many, many times (say >100) to cancel out the variability and achieve the indicated mean returns reliably.
  92. This method allows evaluating the {criterion × profit} relationship taking into account not only the averages of these indicators but of their variability as well.
  93. Because of the intermittency and variability of the wind, conventional power plants must be kept running at full capacity to meet the actual demand for electricity.
  94. Project managers avoid unnecessary changes in priority by relying on buffers to absorb most of the normal, expected variability in the execution of tasks and projects.
  95. Heilbrunn's innovation was to focus on the variability of a single stock as it traded within its historic ranges, identifying its highs and lows as compared with itself.
  96. Bars depicting the variability of outcomes are situated in both the negative and the positive areas for portfolios created far from their expiration dates (see Figure 3.
  97. Optimizing the number of underlying assets in the following sections, we rely on the indicator that takes into account not only the average profit but its variability as well.
  98. The variability in equity curves, even for examples having relatively high profit factors and percent winning trades, indicates the wisdom of diversification in your portfolio.
  99. Variability is governed by many complex laws, by correlated growth, compensation, the increased use and disuse of parts, and the definite action of the surrounding conditions.
  100. The process of modification must be slow, and will generally affect only a few species at the same time; for the variability of each species is independent of that of all others.

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