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Vend dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. His permission to vend was denied and his accounts were declared payable.
  2. Experience has already proved to them, that their colonies in the West Indies can be maintained without us, and Spain and Portugal and their colonies having become open to them, to vend their manufactures, and with what can be smuggled into the continent and into our country, in spite of all the laws that can be made against it, will furnish them market enough; and our navigation being all laid up, and out of the way, their ships will obtain great freights from Spain and Portugal to the colonies, and from the colonies back to the mother country; and in consequence of our retiring into a state of dignified retirement, as it has been called, they will have nearly the whole trade of the world in their own hands.

  1. They wanted to raid the vending.
  2. There's a vending machine out front.
  3. A buck, maybe, for the vending machines.
  4. All the vending machines were smashed and.
  5. Some companies selling the vending machines.
  6. From the Coke or Pepsi vending machines in most.
  7. The Internet has a wealth of information about vending and.
  8. My brother, Patrick, offered me various vending machine foods.
  9. Rick turned to the vending machine standing next to the entrance.
  10. Any vending company will put in the machines whatever you ask them to.
  11. I’m not suggesting that you absolutely cannot make money with vending.
  12. I’m starving, Harold said, turning to me as if I was a vending.
  13. Often, it’s hard for the person new to vending to capture key locations.
  14. Since running a vending machine business appears to be a relatively handsfree.
  15. The hassles of handling it (such as vending machines) make paper money undesirable.
  16. What ultimately happens is that they sell you a very low-quality vending machine for a.
  17. They may also explain that you need to purchases all of your supplies for the vending.
  18. I went over to the vending machines out of nerves and got a couple of bars of chocolate.
  19. Plus, profits on the items in your vending machine can be relatively high, especially if.
  20. If you’re serious about the vending business, my suggestion is to dip your toe into this.
  21. Meanwhile, the bulls talked about vending machines and the boost that would give sales momentum.
  22. Claire Lyons was gazing out the display window of BCBG at the vending machine across from the store.
  23. It cost the soft drink industry $100 million a year for thefts committed involving vending machines.
  24. They think food comes from a vending machine or a replicator, not from the Earth, not without a price.
  25. Vending machines have different states and react differently depending on the amount of money that we insert.
  26. I got coffee out of the vending machine in the breezeway, climbed the back stairs, and settled in for the duration.
  27. Sia strolls confidently through the maze of cubicles, pointing out the restrooms, copy room, and vending machines as they go.
  28. Maria had cleared out the castroom floor, and half the changelings were passed out while the other half chomped on vending machine food.
  29. Needing something first, she looked around briefly and, seeing an employee cafeteria to one side, entered it and went to a vending machine.
  30. Once again (we saw this in the Chain of Responsibility pattern), a snack vending machine is an example of the State pattern in everyday life.
  31. Uniformed police officers are drinking stale coffee from a vending machine as they too watch the latest episode of real life casualty unfold.
  32. In 1989, in the land of the rising sun, you can only conclude that investing outside of Japan is the dumbest idea since sushi vending machines.
  33. Many schools no longer allow soda machines to be used during school hours and some vending machines are having more healthy foods put in them.
  34. Nor, having planted himself in the still-warm chair, will Carmine get up even once to visit the vending machines that hum in an alcove off the waiting room.
  35. I slide over to sit on one of the ugly orange benches so I can stare at a vending machine as I contemplate my next move, but then I catch movement behind it.
  36. I kept heading towards the DJ booth, vending machines, and restroom area where I thought I had last seen the short skirted, neon green socked, sexy seductress.
  37. Ten minutes later, I was drinking coffee from a vending machine, wondering if I dared call John Sampson while waiting for the record of my children’s activities to load.
  38. Kids skated on the linoleum hallway on socked feet, asked for quarters for the vending machines, fooled around with wheelchairs while Becky sat in shock, denial, disbelief.
  39. She stared at the vending machine full of cookies, snack crackers, gum and chips, and debated as to whether or not the strong smell of antiseptics would allow her consume one of them.
  40. For snacks throughout the day, instead of grabbing something from the vending machine, I’ll have an apple with almond butter or a handful of raw almonds that have been soaking in water.
  41. After sunrise, they had a swim in the pool doing a few cartwheels, followed by a quick breakfast consisting of juice and a chocolate bar, both drawn from a vending machine on the tenth floor.
  42. His works and designs included the first known wind powered device, a wind driven organ; and a crude early version of a vending machine that would dispense holy water when a coin was deposited.
  43. Keeping that idea in the back of her mind, Claudette started going around the vending stalls dispersed around the central courtyard of the small fort, which sheltered maybe 120 people at the most.
  44. Court adjourned for the lunch recess, during which time the Angel contingent grouped around vending machines and morosely ate cheese crackers and chocolate-chip cookies with very little conversation.
  45. The little lavatory kiosk is locked for the night, but the vending machine out front’s still lit, just waiting for someone with a disregard for property and a bad case of the munchies to come along and smash the glass.
  46. In Maryland, it is illegal to sell condoms from vending machines, with one exception: prophylactics may be dispensed from a vending machine only in places where alcoholic beverages are sold for consumption on the premises.
  47. Finally emerging in the wide open spaces of the Forum Romanum, Nancy stopped besides the corner of a building and scanned the market area, which was quite crowded with shoppers and passersby walking through the sea of small shops and vending stalls.
  48. A young adult who is running on empty will not only suffer with less ability to focus and concentrate in school, but he or she is also more likely to indulge in cafeteria and vending machine temptations later, such as french fries and chocolate bars.
  49. His crew of local workers had just completed twelve wood, rope, plastic and foam play modules set in the middle of a large sand box, itself situated in the center of the 200 meter-wide new market place, a square, paved expanse surrounded on its four sides by long, low and shallow wooden buildings housing over sixty vending stalls, boutiques and shops, plus four warehouses.
  1. More than a year since I received a quantity of a white earthy substance, which was said to be obtained by the evaporation of certain mineral waters at Harrodsburg, Kentucky, and there vended at a considerable price, under the name of Epsom salts.

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