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Victimize dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Demanding demons work hard to victimize the mind.
  2. With the advent of the Internet, the scammers have the global village to victimize.
  3. If you are able to achieve that, then you won’t be attracting thieves to victimize you.
  4. And to victimize someone innocent that way (your child) by forcing them to be born into a life of poverty is not only irresponsible and selfish but it’s also incredibly cruel to do to any child when it's preventable by more responsible choices towards common sense prosperity.
  5. Sometimes Victor finds me the next morning with bloody hands, or a thin spot in my hair that I’ll have to comb over, and he asks me, Why can’t you just stop? He asks me why I would victimize myself intentionally, and he looks at me as if he thinks I could actually explain.

  1. You cannot be more powerful without in some way victimizing others.
  2. It is a shared dislike of the other, who is held responsible for hindering us, victimizing us, attacking us.
  3. Moncharmin's last phrase so dearly expressed the suspicion in which he now held his partner that it was bound to cause a stormy explanation, at the end of which it was agreed that Richard should yield to all Moncharmin's wishes, with the object of helping him to discover the miscreant who was victimizing them.
  1. In the past, he victimized at least.
  2. Most of the people are victimized by it.
  3. But, how was she victimized? My mother wondered.
  4. Another thing, we’ve both been sexually victimized.
  5. Millionaires, were to be victimized by SRFD syndrome.
  6. But they were all victimized and persecuted by reli-.
  7. However, the image of the victimized cat never left my.
  8. The"ABC's" help us to stop being victimized by our own.
  9. Women and children were the most victimized of all the.
  10. I was victimized by that little cougar! She snatched my.
  11. Rather than feeling victimized, each mate gains greater.
  12. I truly feel, that if he hadn't been victimized as a child.
  13. He victimized her so long it is a wonder she is still sane.
  14. How many of ‘us’ are there who haven’t been victimized by.
  16. Have you been victimized by not being a recognized class of victim?
  17. But I know only how tough it was to be victimized by these diseases.
  18. Americans have been victimized by terrorism long before September 11.
  19. In the meantime, please don’t forget the other victimized orang-utans.
  20. Be especially cautious in areas where you may be more easily victimized.
  21. And as far as setting yourself up to be victimized, that's just not true.
  22. Today's employee manuals give instructions on how not to be victimized by.
  23. Instead of victimized kids, the building held a platoon of New Order soldiers.
  24. These people are victimized by floods, droughts, natural calamities and civil wars.
  25. Even more interesting to me, there were no IDs of the rapist from any of the victimized women.
  26. There is disgust, anger and hatred because she cannot confront the person who has victimized her.
  27. I need to check out past cases in which a white plaintiff was victimized by a black police officer.
  28. Davis was in her fifties, with twenty years’ experience as a champion of abused and victimized women.
  29. I believe he was victimized by the cops who interrogated him and that he should never have gone to jail at all.
  30. In fact, Jason came to the conclusion that the Russian people had been truly victimized, literally for centuries.
  31. Respecting with dignity the lowly, the lonely, the poor, the hungry, the sad, the abused, and the victimized etc.
  32. We just nodded and acted tearful and exhausted (which wasn’t hard), and played victimized kids for the cameras.
  33. It looked like she would be be celebrating here, with the crayfish and frogs and other assorted victimized beasts.
  34. They ceased laughing, but expressed sympathy for the victimized Bulgarian people and disdain for their oppressive rulers.
  35. But the pain of being victimized sexually by your father and not knowing until later in life because of a childhood accident.
  36. To dream that you are being tortured indicates that you are feeling victimized or helpless in some relationship or situation.
  37. Her emotion of guilt connected with her understanding of being victimized, allowing her guilt to recede as the true hurt came forth.
  38. That is an infamous distinction belonging to the children of those these scumbags victimized or to children who were themselves victims.
  39. When one has been victimized, especially for what they believe or for being an individual, then simply persevering in being themselves, i.
  40. Because their parents have been victimized all their lives, and every day they come home to unload their frustrations upon the only available handy victims.
  41. Remember that when you help others, you should be aware of your own issues so you don't fall into the trap of trying to rescue them and then feeling victimized yourself.
  42. Why, his parents stunted his growth to begin with, and with my denying him the wifely hype, he went wayward in the end and then, how the vicissitudes of life victimized him.
  43. They further believe children are victimized because they usually have a spotless record and because they aren't using their credit and as such; the crime can go undetected for years.
  44. The other option, the higher one, is to learn to live consciously, developing skills of awareness and insight that release a person from having to feel victimized or controlled by life's challenges ever again.
  45. If the parent is more aggressive toward the child, the child is more likely to be in relationships where they’re being victimized or perpetrating violence against their partner a few years or even a decade later.
  46. Thinking at first that it was a voice from Heaven, he believed himself damned; and then, when the voice began to ask for money, he saw that he was being victimized by a shrewd blackmailer to whom Debienne himself had fallen a prey.
  47. We never got the chance to fucking play! The ~Generation can only hypothetically cry, victimized before conception by not having the possibility of being conceived, pre-aborted by the elimination of egg, seed, and womb, air, sea, and soil.
  48. Alice was trying to be supportive, but it was clear she was furious, furious at the poor hospital service, furious at all that had happened to her mother, and even furious at her mother for being in a position where she was always being victimized.
  49. Thinking he was pleasing her, and was giving her a great New Year’s Eve surprise, he told her that he had hired a lawyer for her, whom Mel himself would pay, to see that Jean was not victimized in any way by the school and that her attacker got what he deserved.
  50. A principal problem for analysts who choose not to rely on documents they have intensely scrutinized, especially audited financial statements, is that many analysts involved in passive investing have been defrauded or otherwise victimized, by promoters selling stories with no hard-nosed backup.
  51. Lydgate pausing and looking at her began to feel that half-maddening sense of helplessness which comes over passionate people when their passion is met by an innocent-looking silence whose meek victimized air seems to put them in the wrong, and at last infects even the justest indignation with a doubt of its justice.
  52. Thus, when one does not get what one feels they have title to, a right to have a better life than one's parents, a right to material excess, energy extravagance, and consumer ignorance, then one can feel victimized, victimized by one's own sense of entitlement, when entitlements, so perceived, are not met nor granted.
  53. Mitchell then felt a sense of sinister enjoyment by the act of psychological torture; ironically bringing light to his own vulnerable incapacity to fight back his previous abuse, now all seeming to mount into a man satiating his need to even the score on everyone who's victimized him; with Slicky now bearing the brunt.
  54. All of these corrupt, unchecked, interlocked and mangled factions of law enforcement and bureaucracy has led the hyper oppressed and victimized civilians and visitors of Kroonum to retaliate in violent backlashes in the form of Civilian Organized Militia’s For The Restoration of Peace, Order and Civility to the Kroonum System.
  55. They do not sample the lower income populations, the less educated, the millions of latch-key children, the less well-off children, the children with parents who do not know how to raise them, the parents who are ignorant, the children who are more neglected, more vulnerable to sexual abuse, the children more inclined to be victimized from it.
  56. Because they victimized themselves, abased themselves in public, debased themselves in public, cringed, acted the coward, acted the fool; their host countries tolerated them enough to let them live inside their culture… by acting out this form of public self-degradation and humiliation, they were acting out the necessary signs of cultural submission so they could practice their own cultural superiority in private without being massacred and killed.
  1. The still greater crime that victimizes patients and their families is that they have to pay doctors outrageous sums of money for services they could easily perform themselves.

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