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Viewpoint dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Only from this high viewpoint.
  2. That's a difference of viewpoint.
  3. Causes for This Changed Viewpoint.
  4. Whenever they reach a higher viewpoint.
  5. That is an ancient viewpoint on Earth.

  6. No major changes in the viewpoint of the.
  7. There are two corollaries to this viewpoint.
  8. Change your viewpoint, and they become two.
  9. This viewpoint fails to observe the obvious.
  10. It seemed pretty obvious from our viewpoint.
  11. No? But then you lack the impersonal viewpoint.
  12. Briz thumped the table to emphasise his viewpoint.
  13. That is an interesting viewpoint, Mister Mersant.
  14. That’s why they write from such a lofty viewpoint.
  15. One viewpoint is that God exists the other and more.

  16. No person can force a change of viewpoint on another.
  17. German military opinion later confirmed this viewpoint.
  18. With eyes narrowed, Jose seemed to consider his viewpoint.
  19. I must respectfully disagree with his parochial viewpoint.
  20. I nodded in understanding, as if I had a similar viewpoint.
  21. The other viewpoint I have heard is that he snapped when his.
  22. This consistency of viewpoint is hardly apparent in Figure 16.
  23. There are other theories too, but I prefer a simpler viewpoint.
  24. An atheistic viewpoint is far better and more pure to hold than.
  25. He changed channels and saw the same story from another viewpoint.

  26. When they had a good viewpoint of the valley they resided in, they.
  27. And what is the current viewpoint of the majority of people in this.
  28. Earnings per share is an interesting test of Wall Street's viewpoint.
  29. Fiction, an event that marked you, a sexual fantasy, a viewpoint you.
  30. This is the essence of a constructivist viewpoint, which suggests that.
  31. Malek turned to face Harry, who saw that from this viewpoint the astral.
  32. And according to the state of cortex, our viewpoint on the icon changes.
  33. Her words, from my expert viewpoint, were quite respectable if repetitive.
  34. Those who believe in the Preterist viewpoint state that there is no Rapture.
  35. From the viewpoint of our limited “I”, though, they are “different”.
  36. The Sophianalytical viewpoint, instead, recognizes all these things and it.
  37. This can only come about by the rise of the whole race to a higher viewpoint.
  38. Matthew's weakness was his shortsighted and materialistic viewpoint of life.
  39. His position’s a lot like ours, actually, at least from a timing viewpoint.
  40. From the human viewpoint Peter was a much more effective preacher than Jesus.
  41. The search for a new cosmological viewpoint is essential when creating a new.
  42. He was seeing reality from his own viewpoint and taking that of her as granted.
  43. I simply want to point out that Jed's viewpoint is biased by the route he took.
  44. Shut that damn thing off! Freeman snarled and stormed to a higher viewpoint.
  45. Depending on your viewpoint, this can be modeled in the same way that a mountain.
  46. There is a cynical viewpoint that claims that the truly happy households are those.
  47. From a statistical viewpoint, the strangest results come from the smallest samples.
  48. To avoid this danger the investor must cling determinedly to a conservative viewpoint.
  49. As a former lawyer these days I understand his long haired viewpoint and agree with it.
  50. Similar to rivers and fountains of water, just a slightly different viewpoint and usage.
  51. Thereby, it is our viewpoint that changes, while the constellations remain in the same.
  52. Moreover your thought-form will be mostly shaped according to your viewpoint of the cosmos.
  53. I’m happy with the resulting profits but the method and the viewpoint is more important.
  54. It is a necessary viewpoint of unity instead of separation, thus correcting that viewpoint.
  55. It somehow got registered in his mind that generalizations were very lopsided viewpoint of.
  56. In order to obtain a relatively objective viewpoint, you must get outside of the system.
  57. Many of Professor Spanners' colleagues have spoken out against this rather extreme viewpoint.
  58. This is a non-dual viewpoint opposite the materialistic viewpoint of objects and separation.
  59. This is the only level spot of any size, but it’s well situated to provide a nice viewpoint.
  60. This particular viewpoint believes that the prophecies in the book of Revelation have already.
  61. I will contemplate the facts of social, political, and industrial life only from this high viewpoint.
  62. We should suggest the following principle as a desirable modification of the traditional viewpoint:.
  63. The question of „When does life begin? can now be answered from the viewpoint of the Creator of All.
  64. Then one day, Sohrab and I took a taxicab to the Damane-Koh Viewpoint – or the hem of the mountain.
  65. From a Christian viewpoint, we are all bitten by the serpent (sin) and are dying in our sinful living.
  66. His comments were all slanted toward moving what I prided as my objectivity to a more liberal viewpoint.
  67. From a purely professional viewpoint that is wrong and a home goal for it created sympathy to the victim.
  68. From my viewpoint, she was presumptuous, attention-seeking, domineering, opinionated, and a bit arrogant.
  69. They stepped out of the car to a viewpoint and Clarity grabbed admired the trail of lights on Acapulco Bay.
  70. From the viewpoint of past indications, therefore, the two companies must be placed in different categories.
  71. This means something must be sacrificed to gain a new viewpoint, be it mentally, emotionally or spiritually.
  72. To hear or write a song in your dream indicates that you are looking at things from a spiritual viewpoint.
  73. From his final-shot viewpoint, up among the roof girders, Rory could see the Tanker from above in full detail.
  74. You may have risen to a higher level of consciousness and are looking at the world from an elevated viewpoint.
  75. As I said before, us Afrikaners are somewhat direct in our ways and quite willing to live up to that viewpoint.
  76. However, this is a unique viewpoint of the following events and these scenes will not appear in the second book.
  77. And this can only come about by the rise of such individuals here and there as are ready for the higher viewpoint.
  78. From the British viewpoint, they were completely exasperated, realising that Eisenhower had made a colossal blunder.
  79. The story that gets airtime is accepted as the only one worth watching, as the most important version and viewpoint.
  80. It comes from the attitude and viewpoint of the stock-buying public and their advisers—chiefly us security analysts.
  81. From a procedural viewpoint I know from experience that all hell broke loose when a policeman was involved in a shooting.
  82. The entire game of golf only makes sense from the viewpoint of an ancient reptile bird hundreds of millions of years ago.
  83. The Park and Tilford figures analyzed from this viewpoint supply the suggestive results as shown in the table on page 438.
  84. This viewpoint unfortunately clouds the understanding of what is meant by right and wrong and between truth and falsehood.
  85. As the flying viewpoint approached, they cheered mightily, and the dragon roared and blew a great ball of flame straight up.
  86. Due to the height of my viewpoint, that looked down on the serene little big-sized village immediately below me, I could also.
  87. After all, he'd immediately set Bayliss to do exactly that job, from the Systems Programming group's viewpoint, on his return.
  88. Out-framing is an NLP word that means taking a situation and seeing it from a different viewpoint by looking at a bigger picture.
  89. After you have decided with the above questions, there are some suggestions you may want to use to evaluate your dealing viewpoint.
  90. To further support and consolidate the viewpoint of the Creator’s infinite compassion is may be evident in the following evidence.
  91. Any pyramidalized structure that organizes any kind of mass viewing has one flaw: it can only show you one thing from one viewpoint.
  92. Our primary conception of the bond as a commitment with limited return leads us to another important viewpoint toward bond investment.
  93. Fortunately in any viewpoint, a male SAP reservist, one of our divers in fact, drove past and got involved with a few well aimed kicks.
  94. We are thus led to the conclusion that the viewpoint of analysis and the viewpoint of investment are largely identical in their scope.
  95. It took some time for me to recognise the building, even though I'd seen it from exactly this viewpoint only yesterday on the television.
  96. He had been told by his father when he started high school that it was best to confine one’s political viewpoint to family discussions.
  97. From that viewpoint I had the satisfaction of seeing the pursuit streaming up the hill at the top of the glen on a hopelessly false scent.
  98. From the viewpoint of the missile the moon engulfed, yet the approaching surface slowed to apparently static as if held back by some force.
  99. It was from the viewpoint of this woman, up on a tower over a night-time jungle of swamp and bayou with lanterns and boardwalks all thru it.
  100. From this viewpoint, it was considered more favourable to go through the Straits in daylight aided by the protective cover of the Luftwaffe.

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