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Violent dans une phrase (en anglais)

He had a violent temper.
We have a violent society.
To carry out a violent act.
Herman is a violent person.
The man gave a violent start.
All the best ways are violent.
Her pains became more violent.

Aright Which The Violent Have.
Aquila, during a violent storm.
Violent people could be jailed.
Do not behave in a violent way.
A violent shudder seized Harris.
With a violent heave Sam rose up.
Even the violent and arbitrary.
He was violent this afternoon.
She watched too much violent TV.
You can murder the violent man.
Not just porn, but violent porn.
His natural behaviour is violent.
Ted must be a pretty violent guy.
Their deaths were very violent.
Her eyes were crazed, and violent.
Paul had been a violent psychopath.
They watched my violent reactions.
It was a violent, impossible world.
But I never knew him to be violent.
It’s so violent on the joints.
It caused a violent conflict in him.
He is ever physically violent to you.
That was why it had been so violent.
The violent storm had finally passed.
He could only remember the violent.
He’s killing them in violent ways.
A study of violent marriages in the U.
Strong bright colors, violent stokes.
The real Major was in a violent rage.
The rhythm turned to one more violent.
She wanted the weather to be violent.
A violent emotion was possessing him.
Hate violent and offensive behavior.

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crimson red violent fierce tearing vehement wild

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