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Virulent dans une phrase (en anglais)

Never did he relent, always he was virulent.
It was consumption of the most virulent kind.
They hated them with a special virulent hatred….
I don’t know how long it can remain virulent in a cadaver.
grandmother, who is a virulent old woman at the best of times,.
becoming more virulent, more invasive, and with every infection.
virulent statements against the practice of Dorje Shugden, began.

be so focused on one’s acorn that something virulent has a chance to.
The situation is as bad as the most virulent critics of the Mounties feared.
combination of all the repellents, till it became the most virulent mixture.
The Sheik Omar Brigade was one of the most virulent anti-West haters on the.
Well, not that good, the biopsy will tell us how virulent the mass is, its.
those sects, or independent thereof – some were virulent in their hatred of the other.
they are so virulent in their expressionof hatred of Spain that Menéndez y Pelayo refused.
evening, thinking about how unusually virulent her husband had acted that day and how much.
Science, if these views are accepted, furnishes an underpinning for the most virulent nihilism.
livestock and plants for several weeks will minimize the chance of introducing a virulent strain.
I also managed to avoid getting addicted to any of the virulent chemicals in common use up there.
And in some cases, their anger and hatred is so virulent, they manage to have a physical presence.
Besides, he would say, the virulent opposi-tion of President Simón Bolívar was no laughing matter.
The virulent stuff grows in serpentine-shaped colonies like this, he sketched freely on the paper.
The whole subject raises all sorts of questions—and no shortage of virulent opinion as to the answers.
It was purple, mostly, though its skin was mottled with raised blue spots that looked like outgrowths of a virulent mold.
Hatred is only an excessively virulent form of the ordinary kind of monocultural racism that afflicts all cultures and all people.
camaraderie with such as terrorist bomber and virulent leftist Bill Ayers, or of the true nature of Obama’s work as a radical community organizer.
Mori-Ori confirmed Boran and smiled at the figure of a mid twenty-year-old male, who had previously died of a virulent form of flu virus and whose molar teeth had provided the cells.
They became a wave of righteous fanatics whose personal religiosity, the culture of personal religion… was more powerfully evil, more virulent, than the older cultures of civilized evil.
Bartley, who recently described the work of Friedrich von Hayek in the Opinion section of The Wall Street Journal, Fascism and communism are the more virulent cousins of socialism.
In the case of a total separation from Great Britain, which, unless prevented by a union of this kind, seems very likely to take place, those factions would be ten times more virulent than ever.

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virulent acerbic acid acrid bitter blistering caustic sulfurous sulphurous vitriolic deadly venomous