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Wallpaper dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. It left a brown stain on the wallpaper.
  2. He left a dirty smear on the wallpaper.
  3. What about wallpaper on your computer?
  4. They hung wallpaper and painted, purchased.
  5. Since when does the wallpaper revolt you?

  6. The wallpaper above showed several rectangular.
  7. Each had a large picture of a Boeing 777 as wallpaper.
  8. Peter saw the wallpaper peeling off here and there, not.
  9. The walls were covered in black wallpaper with pictures of.
  10. Greta turned away, staring at the wallpaper as if trying to.
  11. Volatility plays a role in how fast it all gets to wallpaper.
  12. I heard tell this picture is the owners’ computer wallpaper now :).
  13. Dirty lodging-house wallpaper she was behind the chastity of Florinda.
  14. At least looking at the canyon was different from looking at wallpaper.
  15. He focused his eyes on the wallpaper with its textured bumps and swirls.

  17. The wallpaper was pealing off and the paint was chipped in several areas.
  18. The people of Leningrad were reduced to eating paste from their wallpaper.
  19. The window drapes were made of brocade and matched the wallpaper perfectly.
  20. She could hang wallpaper as good as if not better that a qualified decorator.
  21. The fog explained the stains on the white and pink floral wallpaper, though.
  22. On the wallpaper in front of him, roses appear to drift, rotate, swap places.
  23. The faded and peeling floral wallpaper hinted of happier days in the dwelling.
  24. It had deep tones with modestly graphic wallpaper and sculptural console lamps.
  25. There are no pictures on the walls behind him and the wallpaper is peeling off.

  26. The walls were covered in drab yellow wallpaper dotted with small white flowers.
  27. They had professionals apply white with pink damasks wallpaper on the back wall.
  28. The wallpaper came off in neat strips; I've had more problems with Post-it notes.
  29. The rooms were covered in floral patterned wallpaper that made Ruth feel nauseous.
  30. The wallpaper stopped at the exact edge where the wall and the white ceiling joined.
  31. He glanced over his shoulder at the tea running down the wallpaper and then back at Doc.
  32. Passing the dark red striped wallpaper on the walls, he knocked on the door and entered.
  33. She pulls an illusion over herself, coloring her skin and dress to resemble the wallpaper.
  34. Snapping awake, I blinked my eyes and the patterns on the bedroom wallpaper came into focus.
  35. He pulled his shirt away from his skin but his shirt stuck to the wound like wet wallpaper.
  36. It was a book of moods, of dank rooms with cryptic wallpaper, of pale odors, of decaying dreams.
  37. Then he climbed on the stool and, with his nose to the wallpaper, seemed to be looking for something.
  38. Upstairs was just as bad, three bedrooms all with clashing flowery carpets and more hideous wallpaper.
  39. Ascending the stairs, she noticed the wood paneling was missing, and in its place cheery wallpaper hung.
  40. The cover had delicate Swiss Roses embroidered on an ivory background, perfectly matching the wallpaper.
  41. Having Adam there every day to help with steaming off wallpaper or sanding the floors could have been awkward.
  42. His muscles tensed, and he looked disgustedly at my strawberry wallpaper as though it was to blame for something.
  43. Expensive oil paintings of the seashore from a few miles up the coast adorn the lavishly purple patterned wallpaper.
  44. His hand went right through it, scattering torn wallpaper, pieces of gypsum board, and splinters of wood to all sides.
  45. Beneath this wallpaper is another layer and yet another-times-three to the old wallpaper covered over when I was nine.
  46. We found her fingernail marks on the wallpaper each morning, in strange little silhouettes, half beauty, half nightmare.
  47. The wallpaper covered it—see where it's torn away? Maybe once they had the hole properly blocked, but whatever—no more.
  48. He didn’t drop me because the knife went through his head, into the wall with the yucky wallpaper, and pinned us to the wall.
  49. Felicity had entered the dining room, taking in the wallpaper, lights and candles; all of the things that I paid no attention to.
  50. I sat down at the computer, and its built-in monitor lit up, displaying a desktop with EDA logo wallpaper and a few program icons.
  51. As Owen had to go to the office to see the wallpaper spoken of by Hunter, he accompanied Newman when the latter went to get his wages.
  52. Once, the room had been a plush private sitting room for the publican and his friends, with a quality wallpaper and good quality carpet.
  53. The cat, caught squarely in the blast, slammed against the wall, leaving a long smear of blood on the wallpaper as it slid to the floor.
  54. Runs and drips from previous finishes loomed large, and wherever paint approached wallpaper or carpet it was rough and contaminated with debris.
  55. I hired a decorator from Sedona and told her that I wanted to keep something of an antique feel but with less fussy furniture…and no wallpaper.
  56. A thick red carpet sucks at the soles of Werner’s brogues; electric bulbs burn in a chandelier above the table; roses twine across the wallpaper.
  57. Suzy has kept busy by washing the entire bungalow from top to bottom, much of the wallpaper has been ruined and will have to be replaced or painted.
  58. The scene before her instantly changed, brightly colored floral wallpaper covered the dark paneling of the hall and even wrapped around the staircase.
  59. He spills a quantity of soggy wallpaper on the floor as his grip on the bags slips; together, Liz and I rush over to take some of his burden from him.
  60. The rest of the women present at the ball could have been turned to pretty flowers adorning the wallpaper for all I cared, but her, she was amazing!.
  61. But what if no one dies? Can there be a happily ever after? Petra lay back against her pillows, suddenly tired of research, tired even of the wallpaper.
  62. Over the next two weeks they proceeded to strip the wallpaper in all the rooms, remove all the skirting boards and clear the house of all the furniture.
  63. The corridors were lined with pale wallpaper, sporting an incongruous flower design that wound its way gracefully up the stairs with them as they walked.
  64. Following him into a dimly lit hallway that was covered in red flocked wallpaper, I whispered in Uncle Hobart's ear, God, this place reminds me of a brothel.
  65. And a little later, Doc, weary, feet over his head, walked along the wallpaper carrying a quart of beer that would have spilled if it had not been an illusion.
  66. The wallpaper is hanging off in one corner, though closer inspection merely shows this to be old age, and not anything more sinister like rising damp or dry rot.
  67. The décor in the living room is pretty dire and tatty too, but once the wallpaper is removed, I’ll be able to paint the walls and then it won’t look too bad.
  68. I lay in the dark under a pale and smothering camberwick bedspread, pushing at blisters of paint brushed over lyres and garlands on the texture of the wallpaper.
  69. There’s no denying the wallpaper has to come off … but that shouldn’t be too difficult to do and a coat of paint on the walls will soon brighten the place up.
  70. It was written on a scrap of wallpaper, and worded in the usual manner of such notes - as if the writer had studied how to avoid all suspicion of being unduly civil:.
  71. You can also use system policies to secure the cosmetic elements of the interface, preventing users from wasting time adjusting the screen colors and desktop wallpaper.
  72. That night she and her father wind up the twisting staircase and go to bed side by side on the same lumpy bed in the same sixth-floor bedroom with the fraying silk wallpaper.
  73. The wallpaper was old and discoloured; a few almanacs and unframed prints were fixed to the walls, and on the mantelshelf were some cracked and worthless vases and ornaments.
  74. Looking in that direction, she saw Faye Underwood standing beside a cluster of Louis XV armchairs whose coverings precisely matched the wallpaper complementing the light paneling.
  75. The sitting area was well furnished with sturdy furniture upholstered in a dark burgundy fabric that matched the forest green striped wallpaper and the light brown carpeting quite well.
  76. He corners her by the back door and, neatly forcing her to yield up the handful of wallpaper she is holding, dexterously pushes it down the back of her t-shirt as she squirms and squeals.
  77. The elaborate wallpaper was scrolled in small scale floral patterns; finely detailed vines and birds were set against a background of red, blue and green, overprinted with shades of cream and tan.
  78. Naturally they couldn’t use Bernie’s wallpaper so they had this special paint on the wall, and had everything else covered so that any overspray wouldn’t damage the stairs or anything else.
  79. The elaborate wallpaper was scrolled in small scale floral patterns with finely detailed vines and birds set against a background of red, blue, and green, overprinted with shades of cream and tan.
  80. The green room turned out to be just that with green painted brick walls and iron bars separating it from the next green room in a corridor of six of the same steel curtains and concrete wallpaper.
  81. And the children searched the vast heaps of parchments and brocades and bolts of wallpaper and marble ash trays and vests and roller skates and great fat overstuffed chairs and end tables and crystal chandeliers.
  82. On those occasions when the music filtered through the vapours that she drew around herself, she sunk her long, splintered fingernails into the woodchip wallpaper, ripping huge tears in the outer fabric of her bedroom walls.
  83. She had a confused impression of bare walls with torn wallpaper, room, compounded of the smoking fire, tobacco fumes, leather, damp woolen uniforms rows of blue overcoats and slouch hats hung on nails, a roaring fire, a long table.
  84. And in our Great Ignorance, we wish to be those who have the power to ignore such things as hunger, homelessness, illness and those who suffer from these eye, body, and soul sores, which tear through the wallpaper palates of our iEyes.
  85. But the wallpaper was faded and scuffed, and the moldings were cruelly terminated by crude partitions, and the elegant parlor doors had five-lever locks butchered into them, and spy holes, and brass numbers screwed on not exactly level.
  86. They went inside, through a hot vestibule with bikes and baby carriages and drifts of Thai menus and locksmiths’ cards, into a downstairs hallway that bore traces of family living from a hundred years before, with crown moldings and wallpaper.
  87. Change your wallpaper – the registry gets updated, change your browser homepage – the registry reflects the change, install a new program – it writes its settings to the registry, uninstall it later on – the registry gets modified again.
  88. Philpot was armed with a hammer and carried a pair of steps, while Harlow bore a large piece of wallpaper which the two of them proceeded to tack on the wall, much to the amusement of the others, who read the announcement opposite written in charcoal.
  89. At first, all I could make out was a fuzzy image of the red velour wallpaper and the red leather bar, and then a second or two later the glow sort of assembled itself into four or five white, pasty faces in cheap black suits staring at us like aliens.
  90. Between the hive and the subdirectories, the user profile configures most of a user’s workstation environment—including cosmetic elements, such as screen colors and wallpaper, and operational elements, such as desktop icons and Start menu shortcuts.
  91. There were many living plants with dark green foliage strategically arranged to break the monotony of the white paneling and pastel wallpaper, for she could detect their distinct scents filtering through the air and giving the room a fresh, lively smell.
  92. That night at Cohen House he lay in the soft bed with its fresh sheets and woollen blankets and stared at the Edwardian ladies painted on the table lamp shade, the neat floral wallpaper, the old fashioned water jug and china washbowl on the dresser, time stood still.
  93. Contrasting vividly with this ruin was the neat dresser, stained in the fashion, pale green, and with a number of copper and tin vessels below it, the wallpaper imitating blue and white tiles, and a couple of coloured supplements fluttering from the walls above the kitchen range.
  94. This wallpaper will make a mess when we strip it and there is nothing like trying to get soggy bits of wallpaper out of a carpet! Jack was frightful when it came to preparation … brilliant at decorating, but I was always the one who had to think ahead and make contingency plans.
  95. He was splendid in state robes and orders, and there was a charger, and an obviously expensive looped-up curtain, and much smoke as of nations furiously raging together in the background, and outside this magnificence meandered the unmeaning rosebuds of Priscilla's cheap wallpaper.
  96. Alas he recovered and by 11:00pm, we were forced to hide behind the wallpaper, calling for him to leave the growing pile of ‘medicines’ outside the door lest, tired, bruised and under the weather as we were, the temptation to gather them all up and administer one giant intrusive enema to our host proved too great.
  97. Of course there was ormolu and inlaid wood everywhere, and a blazing new wallpaper of wine and beige stripes, and the garlands of flowers in the carpet seemed to be having convulsions, and the Impressionist paintings on the wall in their thick encrusted frames were like windows into a far far better, sun-filled universe, but it was a good room.
  98. Their operations extended all over the town: at all hours of the day they were to be seen either going or returning from `jobs', carrying ladders, planks, pots of paint, pails of whitewash, earthenware, chimney pots, drainpipes, lengths of guttering, closet pans, grates, bundles of wallpaper, buckets of paste, sacks of cement, and loads of bricks and mortar.
  99. In one of the upper rooms which had evidently been used as a nursery or playroom for the children of the renowned chef, the wallpaper for about two feet above the skirting was blackened with grease and ornamented with childish drawings made with burnt sticks and blacklead pencils, the door being covered with similar artistic efforts, to say nothing of some rude attempts at carving, evidently executed with an axe or a hammer.
  100. He was wearing a pair of cloth slippers, and walked softly, not wishing that Crass should hear him leaving his work, so it happened that without any intention of spying on Slyme, Harlow reached the door of the room in which the former was working without being heard and, entering suddenly, surprised Slyme - who was standing near the fireplace - in the act of breaking a whole roll of wallpaper across his knee as one might break a stick.
  1. He had done the painting and the wallpapering.
  1. Aaron has wallpapered the interior of his locker with pictures of.
  2. Instead of the usual wallpapered effect, that was very prevalent, elsewhere.
  3. The room emitted a grand presence; it had been wallpapered with gold inlaid foil.
  4. Father (or God, as Mother often called him) had raised its mountains of wallpapered plaster long ago.
  5. Thank heavens she’s not a conspiracy nut, or that entire penthouse might have been wallpapered in aluminum foil.
  6. Now, now Dolly Grey, in lilac and black there is no lack of comfort there, as with wallpapered walls and an invitation to share a seat, in a Liquorice Room with Exquisite-heat.
  7. The lights in the magnificent lead crystal chandelier were dimmed and casted a soft, soothing glow in the room, which was paneled in a dark wood up to the chair rail, then wallpapered in an ornate paisley design up to the wide crown molding.
  1. At one o'clock Owen was at the yard, where he saw Misery, who instructed him to go to the front shop and paint some numbers on the racks where the wallpapers were stored.
  2. Men will be given employment making bricks, woodwork, paints, glass, wallpapers and all kinds of building materials and others will be set to work building - on State land - beautiful houses, which will be let to those employed in the service of the State.

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