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Wander dans une phrase (en anglais)

I let my mind wander.
He let his thoughts wander.
Their hands began to wander.
My mind had begun to wander.
Here one could wander unseen.
And then he tried to wander.
O Light to us that wander here.

The inspector let his eyes wander.
Let’s wander back to the lobby.
She’d let her mind wander again.
He was too old to wander any more.
Her eyes wander when she trails off.
Do not wander around the terminal.
Tom let his thoughts wander dreamily.
He let his thoughts wander back to.
Travelers can wander at leisure the.
Pamela's thoughts about Israel wander.
Alone we wander in search of the truth.
Without me they would wander aimlessly.
Chapman tended to wander as he lectured.
Figures wander, lurk, peer from warrens.
To return to the old house is to wander.
Graveyard, causing his thoughts to wander.
It was then that her mind began to wander.
But indeed, sir, I wander from the point.
I saw Cole's eye wander off below my chin.
You wander: your head becomes confused.
He is more inclined than usual to wander.
Sometimes they’d wander into firefights.
I wonder as I wander this earth we’re on.
The Nautilus continued to wander at random.
He could not afford to let his mind wander.
I decided to wander about the village a bit.
Too risky to let them wander around alone.
Don't you wander here searching and moaning.
I don’t have to wander around exploring it.
I wander the crowded park and search for Corey.
Clive tended to wander a little near his seat.
You can wander through the universe incognito;.
He slowed his breathing and let his mind wander.
I've been wandering join it.
Hens were wandering the yard.
Wandering along the banks of.
I believe I am not wandering.
And herds of oxen wandering low;.
Today we are not wandering around.
My father was a wandering Aramean.
Doug was just wandering up near us.
Christ, how his mind was wandering.
His mind seemed to be wandering in.
One day, nosing and wandering about.
Not many people out wandering around.
After a year of fruitless wandering.
Now he was wandering in its shallows.
She's wandering along Jackson Square.
I saw Jacobi wandering in from outside.
The good man was wandering in his mind.
Was wont his wandering master to attend.
I never heard of them wandering around.
Like a wandering nomad he travelled on.
Pity the laden one; this wandering woe.
Wandering around at night gets so old.
Simon’s attention was wandering again.
Oh, yes, wandering, that's what I say.
His hands began wandering over her curves.
Only you can set his wandering straight.
Wandering to the blackened window on the.
Used to correct God's wandering creatures.
The wasted days and nights keep wandering.
Wandering around the place, she was tired.
In our old wandering days it meant action.
When it will only take your mind a wandering.
Carefree Wandering in the Innermost and Mys-.
Manda stood watching her, wandering what to do.
There he was, dressed in a tuxedo, wandering.
She found me one night, wandering the streets.
Chance was wandering off down some other road.
He groped; I arrested his wandering hand, and.
Lie down and shut your eyes: you're wandering.
Clara was still wandering about disconsolately.
He wandered out of the.
He stood and wandered off.
I waved back and wandered.
I simply wandered off away.
He wandered miles and miles.
Her mind wandered to Brianna.
He wandered from the bedroom.
As he spoke my mind wandered.
She wandered around the tables.
Darcy smiled and wandered over.
I shouldn't have wandered off.
Troy wandered into the kitchen.
He wandered through the palace.
His mind wandered as he tried.
She wandered into the bathroom.
She wandered from room to room.
Genesis wandered back and forth.
He got up and wandered to the.
Nathan wandered over to the bar.
Oswald had wandered out as well.
Together we have wandered o'er.
Paul wandered out to the pit-top.
Her eyes wandered into the copse.
He wandered into the living room.
As Joseph and Melanie wandered.
As he did so, his mind wandered.
I wandered across the hall and.
And the homeless nomad wandered.
They wandered around in silence.
She wandered over to the Graysons.
She wandered over to a group of.
Gina wandered over to have a look.
They wandered on again in silence.
His thoughts wandered then to James.
Ben had wandered off some distance.
He wandered aimlessly through the.
Andrew cautiously wandered the road.
He wandered aimlessly, smiling at.
She wandered among the horses for.
Tyrus wandered over and took a look.
John wanders in, dressed now.
My mind wanders back to last night.
My mind wanders on to the Prague trip.
Idly my mind wanders back to the point.
Now while our darling wanders she thinks of.
Sometimes the mind wanders into a dark, dark.
And what of the heart when it wanders on?
Bolt wanders into the photo shop with Al Snafu.
It is amusing how the mind wanders off on its.
As your mind wanders, begin to feel the sensations.
For hours Mary wanders when back in the real world.
His spirit wanders, and so he remains in the coma.
That wanders through the waste air's pathless blue.
Fellow who wanders around a golf course counting the tees.
Ken wanders up to the end of the bar where Alex is sitting.
Kate wanders back into the living room, grinning from ear to ear.
Nowadays our once proud race wanders through Antarloka reduced to.
It will wait until Sarge wanders outside, I whispered to Jack.
A cloud in the upside hills of wonderland wanders outside of the sky.
There is nothing more tragic than a great individual who wanders alone.
Scott wanders into the kitchen, opens the fridge and takes a beer out.
He’s about to say something else, but his gaze wanders across the room.
The man who wanders out of the way of understanding shall remain in the.
Ill pull the fuse in case a rat wanders through and electrocutes himself.
He wanders over, casually, full of cheer at the news he has just been told.
In Oedipus at Colonus, the blind Oedipus wanders the land, accompanied by and.
She wanders about in the night, and then lays hands on such food as she takes.
He wanders around on the grass and breathes deep in the cool early morning fog.
Her legs go numb with cold and her mind wanders, but she tries to simply observe.
My mind wanders as I think of the possibilities… no – I must not go there now.
She's filled with hatred and evil, she wanders the forest in the daylight and at night.
Guillermo the Rich, she that wanders about the wolds here in the dress of a shepherdess.
It is for that reason, and for her pain, that she begins to cry as she wanders the streets.
Allah’s flocks wanders in the desert moving blindly in a world deprived of God’s presence.
You must have some questions, he says as he wanders into the kitchen area, releasing my hand.
At times this mind which wanders in the external world starts introspection and analysis of its.
Her gaze quickly drops and wanders over the royal family beside him, and then it comes back to Loki.
She says her soul or spirit wanders the universe and travels to spirit worlds and different dimensions.
A minute later Brett wanders back in to the room and the hooker tells him to lay down on the bed so he does.
Yonder, said I, in the forest wanders the dreadful bear, fierce and menacing, and yet innocent in it.

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