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Waste dans une phrase (en anglais)

The Waste Land : T.
Bit of a waste, eh?
A big waste of time.
It's a waste of time.
Where I turn to waste.
It didn't go to waste.
Such a waste of good.

It’s a waste of time.
Just a waste of time.
I had no time to waste.
With no time to waste.
It will be a waste of.
What a waste of my time.
One more waste of time.
He’s a waste of semen.
That would be a waste.
Tragic and such a waste.
It was such a waste too.
Envy is a waste of time.
You must never waste it.
Why let it go to waste?
You don't want to waste.
You have no time to waste.
We have no time to waste.
To him it seemed a waste.
Waste of time I should.
Are all the words a waste.
The mindless waste of it.
We can not waste any time.
What a waste of time!.
Now, that was a real waste.
There was no time to waste.
I didn’t waste any time.
There’s no time to waste.
It won’t go to waste.
Conan did not waste words.
This is a waste of time.
I won’t waste your time.
And for wasting my time.
Weak wasting hand on mine.
Now stop wasting my time.
You are wasting your time.
He's not wasting his time.
He’s not wasting any time.
I wasn’t wasting my time.
Stop wasting your time with.
Wasting ammo at this range.
If he ended up wasting even.
This way instead of wasting.
Wasting asset, option as, 26.
I knew I was wasting my life.
Without wasting even a single.
Hovering was wasting all the.
I think I’m wasting my time.
There was no sense wasting time.
Let's go, we're wasting time.
We're wasting time here, Brice.
She told me to stop wasting time.
Instead of wasting them (a sin!).
He saw a flabby man wasting away.
There's no point in wasting time.
But they were wasting their time.
Indulging the body, and wasting.
There was no use in wasting time.
Just wasting time… nothing else.
The wasting sickness, I said.
We could be wasting valuable time.
Using alcohol is a wasting of life.
Wasting no time the girl ran to him.
In short, you are wasting your time.
Then came the dreaded wasting disease.
She was only wasting her eloquence!.
Why are you still here wasting your.
I was wasting my time on the surgeon.
I think you’re wasting good food.
The girls ranted about him wasting food.
There is no point in wasting resources.
Gerald, wasting his days as a pensioner.
In the ones I wasted.
Not a move was wasted.
He wasted no time in.
What a thing I wasted.
No time was wasted on.
It's not all been wasted.
Was it a wasted journey?
He wasted no more effort.
Much time has been wasted.
Miss Simone wasted no time.
I had merely wasted my time.
Ed then wasted no more time.
But it was applause wasted.
My mind being wasted there.
Sorry you wasted your money.
He wasted plenty of riches.
It would be a wasted effort.
He wasted no time whatsoever.
Fuck the time we wasted!.
Everything was wasted in him.
I wasted so much time on you.
His sarcasm was wasted on her.
She wasted, eating only soup.
Pierre Gustave wasted no time.
That there is wasted effort.
I wasted my time before that.
They wasted so much time on.
Alan was pretty wasted by now.
Our inspection was not wasted.
She feeds their wasted dreams.
Hell, I wasted half a bottle.
He had wasted an entire week.
Crying tears of a wasted mind.
That half his joys were wasted.
But it’ll be a wasted journey.
Then we’ve wasted our time.
In other words, we were wasted.
Sorry to have wasted your time.
Wasted before he slammed cement.
Steve had not wasted any time.
Leather wastes 2-4 1-2 1-4.
Such wastes of riches do occur.
It groans and wastes away in sin.
The wastes fill my heart with the.
Solid wastes littered the passageway.
Dont use a sprinkler - it wastes water.
I’m surprised he wastes his time on me.
The wastes are alive, with the sound of.
Location: Found in Bone Wastes or Auchindoun.
Where do you store the wastes from the process?
He also uses sodomy and wastes the precious seeds.
Evaporation from irrigation wastes precious water.
He feels it wastes the time he could use otherwise.
Let the protein skimmer remove the dissolved wastes.
Also his own chamber pot that flushed to remove wastes.
Chuang Tzu describes the kind of friction that wastes ch’i.
The guru wastes all our time complaining about delayed fees.
Wastes can also be excreted via sweating and deep breathing.
Out of the rolling blue wastes all glory and wonder had gone.
He knew these humans had been here long enough to void wastes.
They survive and proliferate from feeding off the wastes and.
No self-respecting freelancer wastes his or her time like that.
The playwright wastes his substance thinking up excuses for her.
No, he was the one that bought the slaves from the Black Wastes.
Putting his jacket on Lewis wastes no time in getting out of there.
The last thing to say is don’t plan too much because it wastes time.
All this unused software does is wastes disk space and slows you down.
She grins and wastes no time, thrusting a roundhouse kick to your knee.
The sleigh rides through frozen wastes marked off with burning torches.
She was thinking about Pete the Plumber’s receipt for wastes and plugs.
Kitchen Composting: It pays to be able to save all of your kitchen wastes.
For speed you can skin a bird—but that wastes the food value of the skin.
And there are wastes of stump and bramble where once there were singing groves.
I suggest that you can compost the kitchen wastes by layering into your compost.
You can also bury the kitchen wastes into your garden allowing the worms a meal.
Negative subjects of imagination create negative emotions and that wastes energy.
You see, this shelter wastes a lot of our time with clients that are not.
With much grinding of teeth and as a result of many bruises, my child wastes away.
Chemical filtration involves removing the dissolved wastes from the aquarium water.
If you forget this part of the configuration, the output of show isdn status wastes no.

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