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Way dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I made my way down.
  2. This is my way of.
  3. It's on its way in.
  5. The Path ~ The Way.
  6. She was a long way.
  7. In the same way it.
  8. This is the way our.
  9. By the way, this is.
  10. He then made his way.
  11. There is no other way.
  12. Maybe on the way back.
  13. On the way, I became.
  14. It had been that way.
  15. The only way to beat.
  16. It had to be that way.
  17. No one looked her way.
  18. The way of the druids.
  19. That is the way of it.
  20. He is Himself the way.
  21. By the way, should I.
  22. This is the way your.
  23. This is the way of it.
  24. By the way, have you.
  25. You can sleep that way.
  26. There was no other way.
  27. There is always a way.
  28. There always was a way.
  29. To think the other way.
  30. God teaches us this way.
  31. Rex wanted it this way.
  32. Way better than the park.
  33. Think of it this way.
  34. Have fun along the way.
  35. Martial Arts is the way.
  36. He feels safer that way.
  37. The way that we driven.
  38. I don't see it that way.
  39. I preferred it that way.
  40. I know this the hard way.
  41. The way it had been so.
  42. What is the Best Way to.
  43. The way she spoke to him.
  44. Anything in the way dies.
  45. This way your date will.
  46. A way which only adds on.
  47. The way your hair curls.
  48. When you put it that way.
  49. Our growth along the way.
  50. It is a game, in one way.
  51. My name is Wendy the Way.
  52. I am Tejas, by the way.
  53. Thinking Gets in the Way.
  54. I'm Raymond, by the way.
  55. In this way, the access.
  56. Either way we are lost.
  57. All the way to Cys Ungor.
  58. The coast is that way.
  59. The branch is giving way.
  60. Why they behave this way.
  61. There had to be a way out.
  62. Whilst it was a long way.
  63. Wasn’t this the way of.
  64. After the way I treated.
  65. He paced only a short way.
  66. Roman looked the other way.
  67. The best way to recognize.
  68. The second is a sure way.
  69. The way wasn’t very long.
  70. He flew off along his way.
  71. There must be another way.
  72. Oh! This is a wonderful way.
  73. That is a way of saying it.
  74. It is the same way with us.
  75. In a way, this saved you.
  76. Staying that way is another.
  77. No, it was better this way.
  78. They both knew the way now.
  79. Peterman by the way would.
  80. It was the other way round.
  81. It’s a Rolex, by the way.
  82. She loved looking this way.
  83. He was bellowing, the way.
  84. Knowing the Way Things Are.
  85. It got shaky on his way out.
  86. That’s the way it happens.
  87. Often along the way he had.
  88. But I feel that way tonight.
  89. As believers in the way of.
  90. Seems way unfair and random.
  91. It was the other way around.
  92. The ambulance is on its way.
  93. The way of the wicked is an.
  94. You've always been that way.
  95. He was a real slut that way.
  96. There’s another way for us.
  97. He didn't even look her way.
  98. Let Creativity Lead the Way.
  99. All of us lived in that way.
  100. This is the way that leads.

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