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Weaken dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. And will weaken your power.
  2. Nothing that could weaken him.
  3. Whatever you exaggerate you weaken.
  4. He did this to weaken the Seleucids.
  5. They weaken the heart slowly and invisibly.

  6. I could feel her pulse weaken and I stopped.
  7. Molly, Sam noticed her knees seemed to weaken.
  8. It would weaken the authority of the company.
  9. That’d weaken the protection — too risky.
  10. Foreign policy decisions to weaken the mid-east.
  11. The smallest failure would weaken the whole setup.
  12. Yet all these trials do not weaken his resolution.
  13. I've got to weaken her so that she goes willingly.
  14. We will not allow terrorists to weaken our government.
  15. Fear and anger weaken character and destroy happiness.

  16. Stretching a muscle can cause it to temporarily weaken.
  17. Death would come later; he needed to weaken them all first.
  18. For a second there above the cake, Carmine seemed to weaken.
  19. They draw attention to a cause and seek to weaken authority.
  20. It is a creature that can seriously weaken an entire planet.
  21. We're going to weaken you and hand you over to the Moretti's.
  22. But I needed only to weaken control and he would appear again.
  23. The sun’s rays had begun to weaken, thereby making life a.
  24. Aesa swallowed, letting the trembling fire in his veins weaken.
  25. That readiness will not weaken in me, but I and Russia have a.

  26. The imperial policy was to weaken the unity of the Jewish state.
  27. Nothing happened the next day, or the next, to weaken her terrors.
  28. Gelug tradition, he is trying to change, and thereby weaken, the.
  29. This Weakness can be taken twice to weaken the character further.
  30. Still we'd better keep to the children, though it does weaken my case.
  31. Study show that intake a teaspoon of simple sugar can weaken the immune.
  32. Now he realized why he didn't feel her weaken when Wendy was distraught.
  33. That way Tafferel could not make threats to him and he wouldn’t weaken.
  34. I cried and cried but the grieving didn’t end, the pain didn’t weaken.
  35. This seemed to fatally weaken the animal and he fell onto his front knees.
  36. So much so that ZTA movement began to weaken for the time being as a whole.
  37. Let’s see how brave you can be once the exhaustion and famine weaken you.
  38. They can easily weaken the intensity of your life experience, in many ways.
  39. It was now late in the afternoon and the suns rays were beginning to weaken.
  40. And afterward, to further weaken us, they had the gall to banish such things.
  41. Both of them were trying to use their physiological aura to weaken the mental.
  42. Again I could see the spirit body of Dark Singer weaken as Mafdet spoke to him.
  43. Repeated treatments can tend to weaken the hair so it becomes easier over time.
  44. Flutes weaken the cutter's rigidity--the more flutes, the weaker the cutter will.
  45. Stated differently, it will remove, or at the very least weaken, the underlying.
  46. Number Sixteen: Use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic American.
  47. Loss of blood will weaken it, enabling you to move closer and club it on the head.
  48. Exposure to psychological stress has been reported to weaken the immune system of.
  49. Some feared that wearing glasses at a young age would ultimately weaken their eyes.
  50. Yet, the links did not weaken and the collar warmed warning me of the torment to come.
  51. I wanted to weaken the rape part, and strengthen the ‘until the end of days’ part.
  52. There was stil a reticence in the room with weaken sound of Dr Tanmay’s conversation.
  53. The conflict would weaken her authority and undermine everything else she wanted to do.
  54. Simon strains at the plastic that binds him and feels it weaken and stretch a little more.
  55. All these adventures did not embitter him nor weaken his energy, but rather stimulated it.
  56. By speaking them, we weaken the enemy’s advantage, increasing our own chances of survival.
  57. Godwyn could have predicted that Carlus would weaken at the first sign of serious opposition.
  58. As a consequence, the trend might weaken well before the MNA convergence or divergence appears.
  59. It is his constant object to wound, hurt, vex, injure, or weaken, if he cannot kill and destroy.
  60. The poisoned water the scribe has drunk will weaken his resolve and his soul will lie more open.
  61. He was starting to weaken, to slip, magic started to seep through the defences, he had to hold on.
  62. So that the effect of using force is to disturb and to weaken the very thing it tries to maintain.
  63. The mind must be continually challenged or otherwise it will weaken its natural capacity for growth.
  64. It was certainly enough to severely weaken them further, but not quite enough to kill them – yet.
  65. Just the instant you notice your determination beginning to weaken, concentrate on it and by sheer.
  66. Occasionally your genetic type can weaken, and as a result, you can move into a different NT pattern.
  67. They know that they themselves will perish, the moment they stop or even weaken in their oppressions.
  68. A foundation that is (intellectually) hollow or (morally) unsound must weaken its structural integrity.
  69. I remembered the old legends of these creatures–how to weaken one with silver and drain their blood.
  70. Rather, counteractive karma tends to interrupt, weaken, and retard the fruition of reproductive karma.
  71. In that sense the gravity force between the earth and the moon must reduce its ferocity therefore weaken.
  72. They had a substitute, but It didn’t weaken them like it could weaken and even destroy the human spirit.
  73. He listened and then waved the guard away, it was time to listen to Ricardo’s advice and weaken the fixes.
  74. Oh, reckless assumption, whence is thy source? Thou canst only weaken the cause thou hast aimed to strengthen.
  75. The old devil stood another day on the tower and began to weaken; he tottered and struck his head against a post.
  76. I believe your intention is to perpetuate, and not to weaken, the ties between me and my other and far dearer self.
  77. This also supports our observation that the forecasting qualities of the index delta weaken at longer time horizons.
  78. My knees weaken as he pulls me closer to his chest, tighter, wrapping his arms around me as his head nestles my neck.
  79. He declared a state of emergency when the rebellion started, but he used it as an excuse to weaken state governments.
  80. Then it is simply a matter of preparing the ground: an explosive device to weaken the surface before the laser strike.
  81. We all have our battles to win and we all need to strengthen the David and weaken the Goliath that is tearing us down.
  82. Fortunately, nowadays, there are many influences that weaken the pins on that out-of-date, power-destroying fairy tale.
  83. Plants weaken because they are not direct: they continually split and split and split: avoiding their own direct energy.
  84. The amount of the engulfment and size of the second day helps to strengthen or weaken this pattern, as the case may be.
  85. Because of what she has seen, she dares not challenge Hartstongue directly, but there are ways she knows to weaken him.
  86. His arm would tire, his wind would fail; he would weaken, falter, and then her blade would slide smoothly into his heart.
  87. However… the creative ideas mentioned in this book, can effectively water down, and weaken these idiotic lies and untruths.
  88. His reasoning has not been met—it cannot be refuted—I will not weaken its effect on the House, by attempting to enforce it.
  89. At the time the circumstances made a deep impression upon me, and the lapse of two years has hardly served to weaken the effect.
  90. I could feel my breath weaken, staring at Ishvara through my half closed eyes as he lay on the floor away from me by a few meters.
  91. He likes to send several waves with increasing numbers of soldiers to weaken a country before unleashing his final, conquering blow.
  92. If too many adjacent systems are not repeating the packets, the signals can weaken to the point at which stations can’t read them.
  93. You can even see this in the way you immediately weaken, become deprived of strength, when you consider the consequences of your act.
  94. Calvin wasn't comfortable with him being there, especially directly behind him, but knew it would only weaken his position to complain.
  95. NOTE Attenuation refers to the tendency of signals to weaken as they travel along a cable because of the resistance inherent in the medium.
  96. Land) Excessively indulging a child‘s every fancy and whim must further weaken a parent‘s standing as a teacher and proper role model.
  97. Fear primary effect causes ignorance held by the consciousness that its ego is greater than all and allows for hatred to weaken the spirit.
  98. Moreover, there is an accompanying fear that a diluted sharia would obviously weaken the socio-religious hold of the mullahs on their community.
  99. A few seasons of steady snowfall and rain could weaken the ground and cause the entire graveyard to collapse into the ground in a giant sinkhole.
  100. This attribute identifies moments when current trends begin to weaken, the first sign that the trend will be likely to reverse in the near future.
  1. Also, the wind was weakening.
  2. The Witch's magic is weakening.
  3. The combination of a weakening U.
  4. His heart flooded with a weakening.
  5. The grasp of his fingers was weakening.
  6. The beast’ s struggles were weakening.
  7. By weakening the Gelugpas, relatively the.
  8. Ralph could see that the beast was weakening.
  9. This is seen as weakening your own ethnic culture.
  10. Rather than weakening him, the expulsion seemed to.
  11. This would’ve led to overall weakening of the 138.
  12. When a weakening of the "ground" substance or actual.
  13. Having to endure uncontrolled pain and the weakening of.
  14. I devoted the next couple of days to weakening the rusted.
  15. This would prevent weakening of hinges, when left outdoors.
  16. Suddenly her rapid steps paused, fright weakening her knees.
  17. And the third chap, a fireman, is showing signs of weakening.
  18. Danny noticed that the aura of the whole planet was weakening.
  19. As we age, most of us can feel the weakening of our sex drive.
  20. Because of G weakening with age this means that there would.
  21. Jojo and I suddenly stood up and saw Lor’s heartbeat weakening.
  22. My body is weakening, my ego is fallen and my wits are withering.
  23. The shout became weaker and weaker like a flute that was weakening.
  24. I hoped that we were weakening Apophis by forcing him to deal with.
  25. It’s not over yet, she told herself; but her courage was weakening.
  26. Stress threatens the health of the body by weakening the immune system.
  27. Although what he said were for the sake of weakening the morale of the.
  28. Checking frantically for a pulse, she found an erratic and weakening one.
  29. It had lasted over two hundred years, so far, but was obviously weakening.
  30. He heard the matador’s weakening spasms, and then more localized thrashing.
  31. He nodded his head in my direction, humoring my obviously weakening resistance.
  32. Until they succeed in weakening them enough to make their efforts ineffectual.
  33. He said that the energy that kept him alive was weakening this far from Amber.
  34. The MADRID then exploded, weakening the Terran laser fire against the KOSTROMA.
  35. She couldn't help her weakening knees, or the emotions that were bubbling lose.
  36. Deficiency of folic acids causes the weakening of the nervous system, leading to.
  37. The lower tops reflect a gradual weakening of the uptrend with the passage of time.
  38. In the immediate aftermath of the Gulf War, Saddam Hussein appeared to be weakening.
  39. The long-term uptrend is not showing any specific weakening just in a review of price.
  40. The blisters charge towards her from all directions still firing, weakening her shields.
  41. He was grabbing at his neck and staring at the blood pouring from him in weakening spurts.
  42. Her feet hit his shins with multiple kicks but he showed no weakening in his grasp of her.
  43. The weakening of their aura energy: is weakened by human corruption, selfishness and fear.
  44. It also seems to have some feather damage near the proximal and a weakening of the calamus.
  45. Her throat quivered with convulsive sobs and, afraid of weakening and letting the force of.
  46. Thesa was weakening fast and he began to doubt that he could make it to the edge of the pool.
  47. This signaled a weakening momentum among buyers in spite of the strong upward price movement.
  48. That went some way to confirm his fear that his influence within the Committee was weakening.
  49. For the next 400 years Russia will be watching Turkey like a buzzard watches a weakening prey.
  50. He does not know what that means, but he understands her mind is weakening and he cannot save it.
  51. Her doctor told her that within a few months, at most, she must die, for her heart is weakening.
  52. Resolve weakening by the moment, she crept into his office and sat down in response to a gesture.
  53. In the weakening amber of Volkheimer’s field light, he stares at one crushed plug after another.
  54. The poison didn't appear to be weakening him in the slightest; in fact, he appeared mildly amused.
  55. Chemicals kill off the bacteria in the soil while at the same time weakening the health of the tree.
  56. Laughing, the amused man turned toward the weakening western sky, his tight lips stifling the laughter.
  57. He would support anyone who was engaged in antisocial behavior as a way of weakening the social fabric.
  58. Grouping and tracking stocks by industry group can also help you get out of weakening investments faster.
  59. My knees weakening, I stumble and fall on a pot of butterfly weed, the orange scent flooding my nostrils.
  60. It was not pain I felt but a weakening of the power that filled me from feeding yet it did not drain me.
  61. I’m sorry, too, that this means breaking up our friendship—if not breaking up, at least weakening it.
  62. Her grip was weakening by the second, probably because she was holding on so tightly, draining her energy.
  63. But his happiness was short-lived; his powers were weakening and the three began to plummet to the ground.
  64. The intense weakening of his body started again as Ishan made his way back to the main lab from his quarters.
  65. Graham was her Kryptonite – a way of weakening her, but it was only to be used when there’s no other choice.
  66. McKim was in favor of the motion, because he was opposed to the suspension or weakening of the non-importation act.
  67. How stupid, wasteful, and weakening is it to worry about what a stock will do? If the stock moves higher, then fine.
  68. Still, Zarkog’s attack was weakening his Shields slightly faster than his attack was weakening the dragon’s Shields.
  69. What is tool-use doing to us now? It is weakening us more and more and making us become more and more dependant on them.
  70. Now this was lucky, because I was weakening; I was getting afraid I had come; people might know my voice and find me out.
  71. Panting, I tried to contain the raging hunger burning inside of me, but with every breath, I felt my resistance weakening.
  72. Instead, she stood off, without a sign of weakening, and smiled as conventionally as she would to the merest chance visitor.
  73. You might end up materially weakening the health of your portfolio and decreasing its chances of survival over the long term.
  74. The next chapter will show the step-by-step weakening of the religious traditions under which the nation began its existence.
  75. I nearly succumbed to his ministrations, but with every ounce of my quickly weakening resistance I shoved myself away from him.
  76. One typical phenomenon that occurs in stocks that are weakening and breaking down can be observed on the accompanying daily chart.
  77. Any break or change in this pattern should be a warning that something is changing and that the trend integrity could be weakening.
  78. Despite the stiffness of the continued aerial defense, I could tell that the city was weakening in the face of our siege against it.
  79. The mind-net the First Elder had woven was a strong one, though he could sense its structure weakening and knew it would not last long.
  80. But in all experience so far (in Europe that is to say) a weakening of the sense of honour and duty has followed the establishment of.
  81. The rate, at which this layer of Ozone is diminishing, could also be attributed to some degree to the Earth’s magnetic field weakening.
  82. The consequences of counterfeit art are the perversion of man, pleasure which never satisfies, and the weakening of man's spiritual strength.
  83. And when Charlie takes advantage of another pause a half-dozen flights up to snatch away the attendant’s weakening flashlight, Pulaski lets him.
  84. But every time you get the realization that you can be happy without changing anything in your life, you may be weakening this coding a little bit.
  85. The strength of the Ladder Top pattern comes from the weakening uptrend (as evidenced by the fourth day), followed by the gap down opening of the black day.
  86. Momentum, oscillators work in similar ways and all help to identify and even anticipate reversals based on strengthening or weakening in the price direction.
  87. When I went to Chicago, who was it kept Alice awake, tiring her, weakening her into pneumonia? The baby! And when Alice didn't die, then he tried killing me.
  88. The weakening of the signal due to attenuation is far more likely to cause performance problems on an overextended network than are excess signal delay times.
  89. It also formed a bridge joining the shoulder stock to the forestock and handguard without weakening the stock’s wrist the way Zhwaigair had feared it might.
  90. Her throat quivered with convulsive sobs and, afraid of weakening and letting the force of her anger run to waste, she turned and rushed headlong up the stairs.
  91. This caused the gradual weakening within the movement, opening the way for intruders who seemed bent on competing with, even destroying it, if necessary, or capable.
  92. California and Navy were far out in front, with Columbia trailing them; Washington had eased past a weakening Penn crew but remained a devastating four lengths back.
  93. These borders of the trading range are most resistance to continuation of a trend, so weakening momentum is most likely to occur as price approaches these price points.
  94. What is using artificial sources of heat doing to us now? It is weakening us more and more and making us more and more dependant on artificial sources of energy and heat.
  95. If she could only reach it! If she could only reach it she would be safe! But terror was weakening her legs, hunger above her and Melanie’s hand shaking her to wakefulness.
  96. Witness the weakening effects in modern France and Germany of the socialist emphasis on the welfare state and high taxes, resulting in economic stagnation and high unemployment.
  97. Rested the group pushed on, both Soffen and Slikit taking turns to help the rapidly weakening Brock, but finally he collapsed from exhaustion and Soffen called for a further rest.
  98. The justice or policy, under any circumstances, of weakening the matrimonial institution, upon the purity of which depends the very fabric of society itself, may be boldly denied.
  99. Habit in producing constitutional peculiarities, and use in strengthening, and disuse in weakening and diminishing organs, appear in many cases to have been potent in their effects.
  100. Although the custom is weakening, at the time the difference in viewpoints caused considerable turbulence in my family and violent quarrels went on for months and abutted to nothing.
  1. With F flat weakened light.
  2. You’re in a weakened state.
  3. They should be greatly weakened.
  4. However, his legs only weakened.
  5. Then it closed as Melvin weakened.
  6. His voice weakened as he continued.
  7. The link was not weakened by time.
  8. Pain ate at her, weakened the barrier.
  9. But the hand weakened and released him.
  10. For the weakened sense of ennui, see p.
  11. You’ve weakened the House of Life and.
  12. The man-dog pack was considerably weakened.
  13. So the respective meridians are weakened as.
  14. Of her ills and woes and weakened veins that.
  15. Your death will leave the Wyseman's weakened.
  16. Though he felt weakened and tired, there was.
  17. Tom's fright weakened every muscle in his body.
  18. Weakened as she was, imprisoning her was simple.
  19. Latterly I have got out of the habit, have weakened.
  20. He called, as loud as his weakened lungs could bear.
  21. Cynthia appeared very tired and in a weakened state.
  22. Kay’s resolve weakened, and her shoulders slumped.
  23. The tension on the thread pulled the weakened post.
  24. It has, on the contrary, killed ambition, weakened.
  25. Jasra’s weakened that spot with magicked weapons.
  26. She weakened so promptly that I was ashamed of myself.
  27. And Tristan weakened and paled, and his bones showed.
  28. Which meant that if I weakened the wire at strategic.
  29. Shane felt the connection weakened and fade completely.
  30. In her weakened condition, she has decided life is too.
  31. Alan’s heart was weakened as a child, Donna added.
  32. I awoke in the morning shaken, weakened, but refreshed.
  33. My suspicion was not weakened when he went on to say:.
  34. When it's hold weakened sufficiently, it fell - acting.
  35. Nothing of sadness or of emotion weakened that pale look.
  36. But first, smoke that she inhaled weakened her making it.
  37. With his mind and will weakened by the whiskey, he smiled.
  38. How could she demand so much of her, weakened as she was?
  39. She understood, and in her weakened state, she was a bit.
  40. And the old man strong blows seemed to have weakened and.
  41. But all he had suffered had so weakened him that he could.
  42. Thats when you go head to head with the weakened Canadian.
  43. His son was going to die, and that had weakened him fatally.
  44. She weakened with every step as she came to where he stopped.
  45. His oversexed neurosis gave him a permanently weakened back.
  46. Even Carter in his weakened state managed to turn aside the.
  47. Ants will climb the trees that are weakened from stress, etc.
  48. Bracing for their next action as best his weakened body could.
  49. Something had clearly weakened her, but it hadn't been enough.
  50. What about the chemical burns and the weakened feathers?
  51. When a cell is weakened, the cel sends out a pain signal to the.
  52. The more victories for them, the more weakened the Allies become.
  53. The weakened animals did not stand a chance and were soon killed.
  54. Even by sharing information with her he had weakened her position.
  55. Less if I force healing but it would leave me in a weakened state.
  56. In course of time these impressions weakened and probably vanished.
  57. These scars from his past, though, weakened the fabric of his heart.
  58. He stood, weakened, shaken by this strange thing that had happened.
  59. His weakened condition was a perfect breeding ground for infection.
  60. Even weakened, he was still a skilled fighter and brilliant killer.
  61. That was why at the last moment she had weakened and broken the chain.
  62. Her knees weakened as she counted the number of digits in the check.
  63. Mexico, and the people who survived were in a terribly weakened state.
  64. Her cries seemingly weakened and her voice slowly becoming normal but.
  65. First, Grote softened my expressions, and in some cases weakened them.
  66. My weakened chest scales were underneath me covered with Al’s shield.
  67. The rest of his body is weakened, but will recover before the day ends.
  68. She is alive, but weakened, he said, jolting me back to attention.
  69. Egypt, even in a weakened state (the Second Intermediate Period, approx.
  70. It is the way of weakened minds to see everything through a black cloud.
  71. Even in his weakened state though he was so much more powerful than her.
  72. It was because her mental strength had been weakened considerable by her.
  73. He could just say sense her, Heaven's punishment had weakened him greatly.
  74. This weakened in the middle as MA merged into the middle of price levels.
  75. Weakened immune system is the main cause of extreme heat as resulting in.
  76. Despite his struggling, he could not sustain himself and swiftly weakened.
  77. The power bases of their oligarchic monopolies might be slightly weakened.
  78. Stagnation of qi and blood is normally caused by weakened liver in fat and.
  79. Callous, the whispering promise chimed in response to his weakened thoughts.
  80. Iran was not weakened by a previous war and long blockade, as Iraq had been.
  81. But she did not seem weakened or badly hurt, and her eyes blazed fiendishly.
  82. A healthy heart is gradually weakened by the extra stress imposed on it by.
  83. The weakened Seleucid rulers united with the Nabateans to make war on Judea.
  84. He swallowed some seawater and felt it going into his already weakened lungs.
  85. She had told herself she wouldn’t, but the exhaustion weakened her resolve.
  86. The thought popped into my head: Should I try this? I was in a weakened state.
  87. Weakened by the link connecting him to Connor and unable to break the bond, Mr.
  88. Weakened liver reduces the liver function in secreting bile in regulating the.
  89. But when the weakened German economy failed to meet those obligations France.
  90. The cat’s solidity weakened and it became a true hologram and then faded out.
  91. Don’t worry about her, it’s only her body that has become weakened, her.
  92. But there are other times when they are too weakened to get over it so quickly.
  93. I slammed into the weakened one and sent him collapsing back to the ground again.
  94. That clear, professional intensity suddenly weakened into a thousand-yard stare.
  95. I stepped towards him, removing the gun from his weakened fingers, just in case.
  96. A few drops answer the purpose, and when this is weakened, it is easily renewed.
  97. The fresh water of the pond had weakened the salty taste, but it was still there.
  98. If the mind-cane wished to do this, then in his weakened state it would kill him.
  99. As Cinder’s mind had not been weakened as Orphenn’s had, and was still fully.
  100. Though weakened from her journey, her presence alone was enough to tip the scale.
  1. Life weakens and.
  2. As it weakens, the area of.
  3. It weakens the normal functions.
  4. Stress weakens the immune system.
  5. This weakens the biofilm structure.
  6. Fear weakens the power of the mind.
  7. He even says that cider weakens him.
  8. As the Barrier weakens, they may find.
  9. I can’t blame them but it weakens the army.
  10. It weakens your body and makes you irritable.
  11. And when the Sun weakens, and the barrier finally.
  12. The stronger bond weakens God’s relationship with us.
  13. The act of scourging so weakens the body that life itself.
  14. The best love is the kind that weakens the soul (music lyrics).
  15. If he’ s up for two posts, it weakens his case for either one.
  16. Their constant struggle to abandon the Earth: weakens their energy.
  17. The instant it deflects away from its original path: it weakens itself.
  18. Deficient unification weakens the moral nature and engenders unhappiness.
  19. Paradoxically, at the same time it weakens self-esteem by virtue of its limits.
  20. My incentive, you see, weakens, weakens … His voice trailed off into a sigh.
  21. It weakens your emotional and moral passion for justice and fairness, and honesty.
  22. The action of violence actually weakens and destroys that which it wishes to support.
  23. The contemplation of the past sometimes weakens the energies for action in the present.
  24. Thus the activity of violence weakens and impairs precisely what it intends to maintain.
  25. It weakens the culture you live in, it weakens you; it makes you lazy, stupid, and useless.
  26. When the market weakens during the day, it's likely to reach a lower low in the days to come.
  27. Rather, it weakens after the first day because the close is significantly lower than the high.
  28. It weakens the moral fabrics of any society, coming from the custodians of the citadel of learning.
  29. We’ll see how ethical living weakens the self-centered desires that make us dissatisfied with life.
  30. In other words, adding combinations with low criterion values into the sample weakens the correlation.
  31. For many, at the moment of purchase, critical judgment weakens and hope ascends to govern the decision process.
  32. Each test actually weakens the level because price should not be able to return to the level if it is going to hold.
  33. This weakens them so horribly: they have no inner resilience or inner strength: which is exactly what the undead want and like.
  34. The problem with a drug solution is that daily stimulation of that part of the brain eventually damages and weakens its normal functioning.
  35. In addition, the excessive use of drugs and alcohol weakens the auric field, and tends to dissolve the protective shield, making one vulnerable to outside forces.
  36. Nothing could have happened without him: he weakens the old pirate at just the right moment: so he cannot escape the Olde comrades after him looking for the map to the treasure.
  37. The rate expectation and risk premium components in the YC are related in opposite directions to the rate level, a situation that weakens the overall link between the YC and the BRP.
  38. Violence only weakens this force, retards, and distorts it, and puts in its place another activity, which is not only not useful, but even harmful for the forward movement of humanity.
  39. Probably, the absorption of energy acts as an anesthetic too: on one hand it weakens the victims, on the other hand exhaustion is often screened by the sweet delight of offering.
  40. The use of violence only weakens this force, hinders it and corrupts it, and tries to replace it by another which, far from being conducive to the progress of humanity, is detrimental to it.
  41. It is their conscious awareness of their own shame which weakens their conviction, their inability to make a stand, and feeds their self-doubt (their awareness of the falseness of their own images).
  42. In all the country between the Potomac and the Hudson the interest of commerce is so great, in proportion to the other interests, that its embarrassment clogs and weakens the energy of every other description of industry.
  43. The truth is, these bottles contain a little amianthus moistened with sulphuric acid, which thus kindles the match, but as the acid soon weakens by attracting water from the air, it is better to use a phial of the acid in the liquid state.
  44. What we characterize as pressure (or temperature, chemical reactions, radiation, or something else), with an increase of the qualitative state, also continuously weakens, comes to naught and completely loses its current meaning in flakglaass Realities.
  45. She is horrified, but weakens when he reasons that with her (carnal) experiences with so many men and his lack of experience with even one woman, doesn’t that kind of average things out? That’s the sweetest thing anyone ever said to me, she sobs to him, as she accepts his marriage proposal.
  46. If this electromagnetic interaction weakens as a result of switching from the previous range to a higher-frequency Level, then the mechanism of pressure will have less and less possibilities for its typical creative realization in our Formo-systems, whether it’s gravitation, tension of the cardiac muscle, or something else.
  47. But of all there were none he liked so well as those of the famous Feliciano de Silva's composition, for their lucidity of style and complicated conceits were as pearls in his sight, particularly when in his reading he came upon courtships and cartels, where he often found passages like "the reason of the unreason with which my reason is afflicted so weakens my reason that with reason I murmur at your beauty;" or again, "the high heavens, that of your divinity divinely fortify you with the stars, render you deserving of the desert your greatness deserves.
  48. While an already aroused man can get an orgasm just by applying a continuous mechanical action on the receptors of his genitals (because the dominant influence of the left cerebral hemisphere of such a man considerably weakens, and the dose of testosterone which has been already excreted into the bloodstream has provoked his erection and can push the matter through), a woman, whose Self-Consciousness is focused more on the sensual (right-hemisphere) aspect of her psychological perception, needs a more profound and longer sensory (emotional, image, associative) stimulation so that she could thoroughly tune to, coincide with a specific Formo-image of (as if “merge”, identify herself with) that UU-VVU-copy of hers, which in this skrruullerrt system (which means in the temporal ethereal constituent of this “personality”) belongs to “the scenario” where the state of orgasm of this “personality” is already safely achieved.

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weaken break damp dampen soften counteract sabotage subvert undermine

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