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Wee dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Now, a wee Alan story;.
  2. You will have a wee dram.
  3. They have a wee dot on.
  4. Aye, he's a stubborn wee shite.
  5. Steven was desperate for a wee.

  7. It was a wee piece of work and.
  8. It's a wee bit more specialized.
  9. But she's not the only wee prin-.
  10. That is until machines wee invented.
  11. Wee Simon Macauley was the lone holdout.
  12. He’s the wee fellow who lost his.
  13. It was 1AM in the wee hours of the night.
  14. Mixed marriage, deserves a wee newspa-.
  15. That wee bit heap o' leaves an' stibble.

  16. Trusty and welbeloved wee greete you well.
  17. But this wee chap, there's much we share.
  18. This wee guy, barely five five, with his.
  19. Come back with that boat, ya wee buggers!.
  20. Credit is given to Sheila Wee of Storywise.
  21. During the wee hours of the morning?
  22. Make a switch! Big ones here wee ones there.
  23. Wee had told them about the animals’ deaths.
  24. Pee Wee should be here shortly to give us a.
  25. No ! No ! We were a wee bit drunk, that's all.

  26. The wee lad has taken a sound beating today.
  27. Gives me an excuse to have a wee bit myself.
  28. Our wee friend up the road was odd but helpful.
  29. I guess I have a wee cheetie to contend with.
  30. Okay, he'll get past this but one wee question.
  31. How about coming back to the flat for a wee pre-.
  32. What could that wee bit of espionage been about?
  33. It's okay, it's okay, he's just had a wee bit of a.
  34. Maynwaring, Pee Wee, the ranch foreman said in.
  35. And so it went on into the wee hours of the morning.
  36. For ye mind that the wee Lord had naught but a manger.
  37. It was a wee bit frightening thought to be on my own.
  38. Sometime in the wee hours, the front door crashed open.
  39. So with only a wee bit of change of direction I moved.
  40. Stillwell, you can leave after you finish your wee wee.
  41. Wee Cam spit and folded his enormous arms over his chest.
  42. Autumn Festival and lasted all the way to the wee morning.
  43. In the darkness of the wee morning, the water looked black.
  44. Bubur ayam is also popular in the wee hours of the morning.
  45. Maynwaring, Pee Wee said in his deep voice, laced with.
  46. Seems two wee lassies got their brains fried at a nightclub.
  47. My poor wee legs were trembling so that I could hardly stand.
  48. The question is: May wee keep it? What do we do with it?
  49. There's a wee red cap that I'm mortal fond of, and I lost it.
  50. But it used to wee everywhere so that night we put it outside.
  51. There’s a wee chiseler in the bushes and he be right scared.
  52. Ill squeeze myself into one during the wee hours of the night.
  53. It was the miller's wee Cassie, and she called out as she ran.
  54. Pee Wee rolled the brim of his hat nervously and leaned toward.
  55. You have to be careful girl, think of the wee one inside you.
  56. Georgie even tried a "wee dram" and giggled for the rest of the.
  57. His eyes wee extremely weak, he told the white coated attendant.
  58. Pee Wee had been a slave most of his life, but he’d been set.
  59. As it was, I recall laboring until the wee hours of the morning.
  60. That’s what your mum used to call me when she was a wee thing.
  61. Houston sighed and looked up at his father and Pee Wee, the rain.
  62. Did you check with Pee Wee? Barron asked, referring to The.
  63. After wee minutes of driving through the highway That's it!.
  64. And then the strange thing happened: hundreds and hundreds of wee.
  65. They must have stayed up late hashing him over into the wee hours.
  66. Barney lived a stone's throw from Teig, alone, in a wee tumbled-in.
  67. How often do you hear the wee ones scream It’s not fair!!.
  68. Barron ushered his sons and Pee Wee to the farthest end of the long.
  69. I came wide awake in the wee hours, certain that something was wrong.
  70. It’s nothing, he stammered, Just Charlie having a wee joke.
  71. In the wee hours of the following morning, when even the most ardent.
  72. The miller's wee Cassie stood there, peering at him out of the darkness.
  73. So he sang the fairies' rhyme and out of the air dropped a wee cap for.
  74. When Phil returned Al said, Doing a wee job for Annie tomorrow, Phil.
  75. Pee Wee, informed me a short while ago that the small herd on the Arkin.
  76. He sat beside me and kept me company until the wee hours of the morning.
  77. It hadn’t occurred to me that it might be the wee lad out there!.
  78. And lastly wee conceive the carryage of the busynes hath byn very unequall.
  79. At first, I was a wee bit skeptical, but now, I am convinced she is on to.
  80. She would make her escape in the wee small hours when the guards were dozing.
  81. No shit, Sherlock, but it was a wee bit terrifying, and I could use a little.
  82. He thought he’d play the same game Donnelly has been playing for a wee bit.
  83. Whoever wanted to be present for the wee hour mayhem was welcome to spend the.
  84. From my childhood up when I hear ‘a wee bit,’ I am ready to burst with rage.
  85. From somewhere behind her, Mitch said, And though she be but wee, she is mighty.
  86. Little Chi Chi needs to make a little wee wee, she said in her cutesy voice.
  87. Leave a wee notch on each of the ends so that the cardboard dividers can interlock.
  88. But it must be noted that Dobie’s adherence to the rules may have been a wee bit lax.
  89. We’ll take the boy off of your dainty wee hands so that you can help your wee damsel.
  90. Exactly, and I’m pretty sure those ads proved a wee bit too controversial and got.
  91. Wee Cam chewed on a bit of straw and looked at them with squinty eyes out of a sooty face.
  92. Aye, Webster added, He never brings her out, gives us a chance to have a wee look.
  93. Wee answeare that those depositions and instructions which wee sent and delivered here to Mr.
  94. However, there was no city bus available at that wee hour of winter season of December month.
  95. I’m going to be a real mother soon! A wee tiny baby is going to come out of me, she thought.
  96. No we didn‘t! She usually meditates late at night during the wee hours of the morning!.
  97. The teaching of the schools stops there where the wee bit begins—consequently where art begins.
  98. One of our San Leandro brethren, Jee Wee, started for China last October, and has just returned.
  99. And, to be sure, it's a wee bit hot out here! Mighty hot, indeed! Lord 'o mercy, it's an oven here.
  100. We’d be very subtle, MacDonald insisted, Just a wee sly glance when she least expected it.

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