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Weed dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. Than weed or plant a tree.
2. He picked up a dried weed.
3. It wasn’t, it was weed.
4. What was in this weed?
5. A weed would not are tread.
6. Cockle: A weed similar to wheat.
7. There was not a weed in sight.
8. Why you allow growing this weed?
9. When to use weed control products.
10. There wasn’t a weed to be seen.
11. Wrap the weed in a rag of your own.
12. Weed receptacles in the ground here.
13. Matthew recognized the scent of weed.
14. There is a weed that grows out back.
15. Watch the Gorsporth, watch the weed.
16. We're carrying twenty tonnes of weed.
17. That's why I used to smoke weed!.
18. I wonder if they can share this weed.
19. No need for a weed salesmen to pass.
20. Weed in the wave, gleam in the mud --.
21. How to Weed Out the Losers in a Group.
22. Once the weed senses heat, it changes.
23. With forest branches and the trodden weed;.
24. I think you have been smoking too much weed.
25. I hurried through the red weed that choked St.
26. Adams wouldn't notice the smell of weed on me.
27. And duller shouldst thou be than the fat weed.
28. The weed killer is used in the production of.
29. What were you doing with that weed, boy?
30. Their job was to weed out undercover cops and.
31. And it was true, she knew every weed and blade.
32. Says he hates to waste even speck of good weed.
33. Best not leave the weed uncut and spilling seed.
34. The plants need to be weed free and well watered.
35. The phosphorescence, the green hair weed withdrew.
36. He stuffed the weed back in his mouth and sat up.
37. I told him about my weed operation and he laughed.
38. When the weed is pulled out, most of the runners.
39. He should know better than to smoke weed on a.
40. The Fixer drops a bottle of weed killer, drenching.
41. Stir in the salt, pepper, celery salt and dill weed.
42. I say grass but I’ve heard it called pot or weed.
43. How does he weed out the Irish? asked Wallace.
44. In India, pepper grew like a weed in great numbers.
45. US Forest Service: Invasive Plants Weed of the Week.
46. Hlophe: A tiny weed that grew into a monstrous bush:.
47. Portal House and the Enterprises, trying to weed out.
48. She took the yellow weed and put it in her coat pocket.
49. The red weed grew tumultuously in their roofless rooms.
50. Pebbles and bits of weed are strung in scalloped lines.
51. The only green was the scum of livid weed on the dark.
52. Rhone took the weed out of his mouth and spat off into.
53. She rolled some more of that killer weed up and I lost.
54. As she was trying to pull a huge thorny weed out of the.
55. So he tried puffing on the noxious weed a few more times.
56. Rhone took the weed out of his mouth and flicked it into.
57. That group was there for one reason, to weed themselves.
58. Suzy looked as though she had just weed herself in public.
59. I rolled my eyes and continued I was smoking weed with him.
60. To help him reflect, he smoked a joint of Thai Buddha weed.
61. MECOM™ helps to weed out the bad apples and not waste time.
62. I hadn"t taken anything! I haven"t smoked weed in over a year.
63. We need to weed out the smart ones before it’s too late.
64. The density of the weed gave me a reassuring sense of hiding.
65. Barnacles cling to her hull, along with bearded kelp and weed.
66. I wandered where he got his weed from, but didn't want to ask.
67. It was basically a weed smoking half way house most of the time.
68. A shell, a wisp, a bubble, a weed, a glitter, a whisper, a gill.
69. Well, other then the yellow weed and nick-names to sports clubs.
70. The woman at the neighbouring hut turned her old man out to weed.
71. Now the bearded man from the weed shack came timidly to the truck.
72. The army! Bah! You’ve never had to pick cotton and weed corn.
73. He wanted me to weed out the stories that exceeded the permitted.
74. Vetting is a process designed to learn about and potentially weed.
75. The species is now considered a noxious weed all over the country.
76. If you hit weed in the water adopt a crawl stroke to cut through it.
77. Aquarius seemed to have come to a decision and the Weed behind him.
78. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that horny goat weed helps to.
79. In the end the red weed succumbed almost as quickly as it had spread.
80. Camron start rolling up his weed and I was eating my chicken strips.
81. This is one technique that Google is using to weed out "spam" sites.
82. The left bank was a great rubbish heap of rotting weed among the trees.
83. George said, I seen a guy in Weed that had an Airedale could herd sheep.
84. The Weed leader! Aquarius thought to himself, What is this all.
85. If you could get one more weed stuck in your coat, I’d be surprised.
86. It turned out among other things one of Tonys earns was wholesale weed!.
87. As we grew up into young men 18 or 19 he went on the dole and I sold weed.
88. Yes, you can weed out the dogs by doing the basic research outlined below.
89. Won’t the grower be arrested and the weed in the fields be confiscated?
90. He accidentally knocked over the dill weed spice bottle answering the call.
91. Horny goat weed also helps to increase kidney function in strengthening the.
92. What is so ironic, is the fact that who put a slander on weed in the 30s by.
93. It was green and lush with lazy little brooks choked with lesh weed and luse.
94. He also used to have a sideline in drug selling – mainly steroids and weed.
95. Mr Clare also stepped out of line, and began privateering about for the weed.
96. Another thing with this guy was his weed, it was always primo, top shelf skunk.
97. Just that we don’t retain inactive email ids and weed out the ones that are.
98. She was also in possession of some weed, and you guys probably sold it to her.
99. Boy, I would kill for even half of that weed growing on that head of yours.
100. For a time, however, the red weed grew with astonishing vigour and luxuriance.
1. Removal of weeds is called weeding.
2. As the weeding went on and Lucy’s mind.
3. This saves you the backbreaking job of weeding.
4. Flower-borders always have weeds, and weeding is arduous.
5. And that they did for several more hours, weeding out the.
6. The first parts of the Guru Strategy are weeding out those who are.
7. It looked like they were weeding, watering, hoeing, and harvesting.
8. She paused from her weeding and glanced up, somehow sensing my presence.
9. The postage stamp garden needs less weeding, which no one will complain about.
10. A pile of uprooted vegetation at one side showed that Davey had been weeding.
11. He continues the task of weeding out the bad officers in the Manchester force.
12. The thrill of weeding passed after the third row and then it was just plain work.
14. And, with his right, still clutching a weeding knife, he cut off Kadron’s hand.
15. Weeding, pruning an apricot tree, planting squash and zucchini seeds, picking veggies.
16. This made a lot of sense and points out the fact that weeding a garden may be way overrated.
17. We have been weeding out unimportant thing out of the news for you for almost ‘xx’ years now.
18. On top of that, maintaining them is limited only to the regular mulching, weeding, and fertilizing.
19. Also, all one wants for weeding are one's own ten fingers, and Antoine couldn't prevent my using those.
20. Aesa went outside to start his weeding chore in the large vegetable garden in the field next to the house.
21. It is now up to each of us to see that this young seedling doesn’t get uprooted in the name of weeding.
22. Everything is maintained with horses in his fields: fertilizing, plowing, planting, seeding, and weeding.
23. It’s what we call the guys workin’ their butts off in the Gardens—tilling, weeding, planting and such.
24. Thomas and Zart were weeding a long row of young corn when Thomas decided it was a good time to start asking questions.
25. Even if you are weeding, it should help you extend the time you spend on your lawn, since it provides you with comfort.
26. It relaxes her pottering about with the weeding and dead heading, and by the time Stephen gets home, she is almost normal.
27. The Zappos weeding mechanism is plainly different from those employed by medieval priests, David Lee Roth, and King Solomon.
28. If you can make it to my place, I’ll let you have a weapon, but this is Mother Nature’s way of weeding out the weak.
29. Going around to the front of the bungalow she checks that she has done the weeding correctly and picks up the bucket of weeds.
30. She had her back to me, and she was wearing old lady clothes and a floppy hat, but who else would be weeding my garden for me?
31. That task was then pulled out of the batch of work, which included the detail-work of fertilising, weeding, watering, and trimming.
32. Gain respect from your clients by weeding out the ones that don’t want to be there, and enforcing the rules with the ones that do.
33. The would-be gardener took one glance but, seeing Siri clutching his stomach, he gave an understanding smile and returned to his weeding.
34. I was weeding this lady's garden this afternoon and I could hear her friend and her talking about it; and there being a dead body there.
35. You can’t imagine the mountains of rocks John’s taken out to plant everything, and the thousands of hours of watering, weeding and mulching.
36. Her father tut-tutted at Yeke’s casual blasphemy but said no more, instead turning back to his weeding and ignoring the developing family drama.
37. On Monday, Gwenda was weeding Wulfric’s wheat on Hundredacre in the half-light before sunrise when Wulfric came across the field towards her at a run.
38. How could he run to prowl, to probe, to touch the grass if that car came by again? What doing? Picking clover blossoms? Weeding dandelions? What, what?
39. A young girl was weeding in a field, where a huge yellow poster, probably of some outside spectacle, such as a parish festival, was fluttering in the wind.
40. Why increase this risk by laying the land bare? I stop weeding the garden after late July, as the crops are so large that the weeds that remain are insignificant.
41. If they do not cultivate good plants on it, weeding it, cleaning everything around them,—it will become overgrown with horrible ugliness and will become terrible.
42. He spent the day preparing the soil in his allocated spot, mulching, weeding and hoeing, before gently placing his prize specimen in its ornamental pot in the middle of his display.
43. Remember, this is only the basics but look at this checklist in conjunction with the guidelines above as a way of weeding out the ones that don’t even meet your basic qualifications.
44. When he wasn’t doing paramilitary drills, Hugo was attached to a farm detail, where he worked among prickly pineapple plants, weeding and harvesting in the broiling heat of the Hawaiian sun.
45. She told him about her problems of weeding and hoeing and planting, of fattening the hogs and breeding the cow, and he gave good advice for he free now and the farm gone to weeds and seedling pines.
46. There could have been a carefully graduated course in wildness, she thought, beginning quietly with weeding paths, and going on by steps of ever-increasing abandonment to tree-climbing, bird-nesting, and midnight raids on apples.
47. It was tiny but it was his wife’s passion and the shrubs and other perennials which lined the borders and leant against the timber fences separating them from their neighbours were testament to the hours she spent digging and weeding.
48. He told her that he felt land was a trust, something a man held for a lifetime then passed to his heirs, and that when he improved his land – by weeding fields, fencing sheepfolds or clearing stones from pasture – he was fulfilling his destiny.
49. We have every grade of greatness here, from that innocent being the ensign, a creature of apparent modesty and blushes, who is obliged to stand up and drain his glass each time a superior chooses to drink to him, and who sits on the hardest chairs and looks for the balls while we play tennis, to the general, invariably delightful, whose brains have carried him triumphantly through the annual perils of weeding out, who is as distinguished in looks and manners as he is in abilities, and has the crowning merit of being manifestly happy in the society of women.
50. As for those below, a lieutenant is a bright and beautiful being who admires no one so much as himself; a captain is generally newly married, having reached the stage of increased pay which makes a wife possible, and, being often still in love with her, is ineffective for social purposes; and a major is a man with a yearly increasing family, for whose wants his pay is inadequate, a person continually haunted by the fear of approaching weeding, after which his career is ended, he is poorer than ever, and being no longer young and only used to a soldier's life, is almost always quite incapable of starting afresh.
51. By the city's quadrangular houses--in log huts, camping with lumber-men, Along the ruts of the turnpike, along the dry gulch and rivulet bed, Weeding my onion-patch or hosing rows of carrots and parsnips,.
1. The faculty must be weeded out.
2. Tom stood up and looked out at the freshly weeded graveyard.
3. This weeded out the small-time window shoppers and time wasters.
4. You have weeded out the good relationships from the mediocre ones.
5. Once you have the grass cut and the yard weeded you are headed in the.
6. Weak men and fools are weeded out with surprising celerity and certainty.
7. Such habits cannot of course be stopped overnight: but they can be weeded out over time.
8. Between two weeded rocks on the barrier Doc saw a flash of white under water and then the floating weed covered it.
9. Within two months they had weeded out the worst of vermin that had occupied that Hold and in the process gained the respect of the townspeople.
10. Market forces have "weeded out" many of these designs, leaving the PowerPC as the main desktop RISC processor, with the SPARC being used in Sun designs only.
11. No scientific theory is allowed to be published unless it has already been censored and weeded to fit whatever orthodox belief the orthodox scientific establishment holds.
12. But, on the other hand, you need to understand that the lengthy process has also weeded out the illegal Russian Bride scams that had been more prevalent in the past.
13. Even the children of light find it difficult to start afresh with any success after forty, and the retired officer is never a child of light; if he were, he would not have been weeded out.
14. My body’s immune system weeded out the disease and restored the pathways of the technology as best as it could, but some knowledge was completely missing, while other areas were damaged beyond repair.
15. Adorned in the assembled best of the family, she called on old friends, heard all the gossip of the County and felt herself again Miss herself airs among people who did not know she weeded the garden and made beds.
16. He had shrewdly weeded the new intake of monks, sending the modern-minded physician, Brother Austin, and two other bright young men to St-John-in-the-Forest, where they would be too far away to challenge his authority.
17. At present they are doing all they can to prevent religious believers from learning the facts, causing the billions of people with religious affiliations to miss this chance that they have waited millennia for, and putting the sentient beings in danger of being weeded.
18. Had he not a cousin who had married a German officer? A whilom gay and sprightly cousin, who spent her time, as she dolefully wrote, having her mind weeded of its green growth of little opinions and gravelled and rolled and stamped with the opinions of her male relations-in-law.
19. Man and wife tended their plants, made sure that their supporting canes were securely tied, weeded and hoed beds, watered and pricked out, and through their horticultural therapy they began the process of contemplation, of imagining their lives lived forever in the shadow of the hole.
20. The lower you get the more officers there are, and the harder it is to see the promising ones in the crowd; but once past the rank of major the air gets very much cleared by the merciless way they have been weeded out, and the higher officers are the very flower of middle-aged German males.
21. One had to see only the days of sun and dew that poor José Arcadio Buendía went through under the chestnut tree and all the time weeded to mourn his death before they brought in a dying Colonel Aureliano Buendía, who after so much war and so much suffering from it was still not fifty years of age.
22. Many were weeded out,.
1. The Weeds had to be.
2. Take care of the weeds.
3. The Parable of the Weeds.
4. He keeps it free of weeds.
5. If you pulled up the weeds.
6. The Weeds are sneaky, they.
7. Yea, except for the Weeds.
8. Weeds had invaded the ground.
9. Weeds of Athens he doth wear:.
10. It was a group of three Weeds.
11. It was blood all on the weeds.
12. The weeds were high as our knees.
13. Lydia pushed away some tall weeds.
14. There were more weeds than grass.
15. Removal of weeds is called weeding.
16. I threw it amid a tangle of weeds.
17. Weeds and thistles stung my hands.
18. Weeds sprouted through the pavement.
19. Secret gardens hidden in the weeds.
20. The Parable of the Weeds Explained.
21. Weeds contested to spring up about.
22. I plucked weeds and removed snails.
23. This also occurs on grass and weeds.
24. He studied the weeds in the distance.
25. The thick weeds of summer were gone.
26. In many weeds to keep the cold away;.
27. I need weeds and things in the water.
28. Keep your flower patch free of weeds.
29. He is encrusted with weeds and shells.
30. Pulling weeds is a symbolic act for me.
31. Andre and Pierre busily removing weeds.
32. What to do with dense patches of weeds.
33. I bent, pulled weeds and discarded them.
34. Weeds and trees grew over the old roads.
35. She opened it and went back to her weeds.
36. The road without weeds, rocks, and hills.
37. Remove competitive weeds that steal water.
38. In this period the weeds start sprouting.
39. It was full of thigh-high grass and weeds.
40. Keeping it free of weeds can be hard work.
41. Lydia started kicking through the wet weeds.
42. Jest then, he heard a rustling in the weeds.
43. The green of new weeds infused the gnarled.
44. They rest in weeds twenty paces off the road.
45. WEEDS, TARES AND BAD FISH [Matthew 13:30-50].
46. Granted, pavement covered by weeds and brush.
47. And of course, the dead weeds are still here.
48. Jaden sees weeds, plants and fish all around.
49. Love of self is like weeds in a goodly field.
50. Tackle weeds the minute they start sprouting.
51. Then they tear off his weeds and happily sigh.
52. I can’t pull weeds all day—I’ll go nuts.
53. Inside were mainly weeds and some small trees.
54. The midway was overgrown with grass and weeds.
55. Vegetation and weeds were growing where they.
56. Either humanity dies or a whole race of Weeds.
57. We feed on wheat, spirit and heart no on weeds.
58. Even the weeds seemed shriveled and discouraged.
59. He shackled his ankles with weeds from the pool.
60. And yes, weed-wacking the enemy weeds that had.
61. As you can see, the weeds are growing up around.
62. Now, groveling in the weeds, fear seared my heart.
63. This helps to prevent the weeds from swarming in.
64. He said the weeds of society grow just as easily.
65. Beneath us, grasses and weeds bent in the current.
66. This transformation occurs on weeds, grass, rocks.
67. The tall weeds hissed against her thighs as Clara.
68. The weeds and grass grow wild, keeping the cabin up.
69. Most seemed to be high in weeds and in neglect, as.
70. It reduces damage to the crops from pests and weeds.
71. An army of Weeds could be entering the gate on the.
72. Mari calls to me as I tug at the weeds in her garden.
73. It was his job only to keep the weeds under control.
74. In the flower-border along the terrace would be weeds.
75. But now it crouched like a flower choked among weeds.
76. Tall weeds growing in cracks snagged at the left fork.
77. It was important to dispose of the Weeds to prevent.
78. The two fell together and rolled in the mallow weeds.
79. Weeds, besides competing with the garden plants for.
80. Behind the arch are some dark bushes, weeds and trees.
81. Many faces proud and fair, and weeds in their silver.
82. The other plants turned to nettles and weeds, and died.
83. Pulling up weeds with her reins hanging loose was Pearl.
84. They also had a problem with weeds in just the same way.
85. Can weeds be converted into wheat, or wheat into weeds?
86. Flower-borders always have weeds, and weeding is arduous.
87. Trams: a car of Prescott's dyeworks: a widow in her weeds.
88. The next morning, in a field overgrown with weeds not far.
89. THE TARES -------- ARE THE SONS OF THE EVIL ONE not weeds.
90. The five Weeds materialized near a road just south of town.
91. What plant life there was only resembled weeds rather than.
92. The garden was overrun with weeds, the wood rotted on the.
93. At that end the pond was overgrown with weeds by the banks.
94. Obviously, you’ll have to separate the rye from the weeds.
95. Even though he knew the Weeds were on a mission to kill the.
96. Weeds had sprouted in pavement cracks, finding the smallest.
97. Moist weeds, waist-high, spring through gaps in the pavement.
98. With a crash of glass, the bottle met its mates in the weeds.
99. Inside the park wait the ruins of a fort overgrown with weeds.
100. The street lights go out, and the weeds are a brilliant green.

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