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Wield dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I can ride and wield.
  2. As we bravely wield a broom.
  3. Earth, he can wield the sword.
  4. Perhaps she can learn to wield.
  5. Joey preferred to wield his honoi.

  6. That if manifested we can wield it.
  7. USDA inspectors wield a lot of power.
  8. And they weren’t afraid to wield it.
  9. To wield power and use it in my name.
  10. I will pray, but I will not wield the sword.
  11. Who could effectively wield such a weapon?
  12. Given the risks, I’m unwilling to wield it.
  13. The cheerful haunts of man, to wield the axe.
  14. Colin would have loved to see you wield it.
  15. Well of Eternal Life, and wield its great power.

  16. I look forward to training you to wield terael.
  17. They can wield! He realised in a state of panic.
  18. As an Earthling, you should be able to wield it.
  19. On His arrival the World-Teacher will wield the.
  20. All of them wield sticks, clubs, and baseball bats.
  21. He knows all about the awesome power Lucifer wield.
  22. If you're going to wield that, maybe you should hold this.
  23. A mental switch has snapped, and Anup and I wield the power.
  24. There was something to be learned about how you wield power.
  25. Gritich - Misshapen creatures who wield the gift of Time Bend.

  26. None of them could have resisted the desire to wield for long.
  27. Now wield the power and purchase whatever, perhaps even all.
  28. Once the ride was spent, the officer on board would then wield.
  29. Also we could not learn how to wield the full power all in a day.
  30. All of these books, every last one, is about the power you wield.
  31. And worse, they had the resources to wield them to maximum effect.
  32. Every man able to wield the Power was doomed to destroy the world.
  33. They had a word for those who wield that power, and it was warlock.
  34. She really had to hand it to Ava's ability to wield that magic wand.
  35. She began to wield again the moment the discs of blue flame vanished.
  36. Until that day, your ability to wield must be exercised like a muscle.
  37. Most of them would wield it with one hand fairly comfortably, I think.
  38. Most could only wield enough to create Fire with their enchanted bows.
  39. They are not a fighting people but the weapons they wield surprise him.
  40. If I was going to wield a sword, I might as well learn to do it well.
  41. But surely Victor’s own son would never wield The Sword? Would he? Not.
  42. During the battles that are to come, whether they wield a weapon against.
  43. He was painting like a ten year old with no propensity to wield the brush.
  44. We wield relics of great power that greatly enhance our physical abilities.
  45. If he had to be confined he would use his time to learn to wield his gift.
  46. Push those away and out falls an old pogo stick, too heavy for me to wield.
  47. His name was Leslie and he liked to wield his power like a slave driver.
  48. As years passed the queen Noor-Jehan began to wield power in state affairs.
  49. She had received some training to learn to wield with little success so far.
  50. She worried for all men who could wield the Power but him more than any other.
  51. Now, X’ander would wield the weapon, knowing full well it would consume him.
  52. As he did so he holstered his gun in order to wield the blade with both hands.
  53. Professional investors wield a huge amount of influence over a stock’s price.
  54. The nervousness may have fallen from Felix but he still couldn't wield a sword.
  55. She conceded, I guess a woman could wield a can of spray paint as well as a man.
  56. Teron: The male half of the Power, from which Alit’aren wield the Lord’s Power.
  57. Their weapons are crude but efficient, and they wield them with a lot of strength.
  58. If you don’t meditate every day you may lose control of your ability to wield.
  59. We must have a Hero to wield the Sword and the Sword must have the necessary power.
  60. The idea of having another man wield the taint upon me sends a shiver down my spine.
  61. Not to overthrow the Emperor, but to give him all the power an Emperor should wield.
  62. Terese insisted that her sword would be vital when her ability to wield was drained.
  63. Yes, this had been a fine rock from which to wield power, large and round as it was.
  64. Underwater, this weapon was manageable, but on land it was almost impossible to wield.
  65. Greg and Avi Solomon have demonstrated the power that a Jew can wield in the military.
  66. There are no literary women in the United States who wield any social power whatsoever.
  67. Great beasts drew it, Orcs surrounded it, and behind walked mountain-trolls to wield it.
  68. I was to learn as much as I could about a powerful sword and the hero who would wield it.
  69. The back button on web browsers is your biggest enemy and visitors know how to wield that.
  70. Surely the house staff can wield mops with better effect than they had with the furniture.
  71. In the event that youre not successful in your re-election bid, you would still wield a.
  72. You might be terrific with a hammer, but maybe you need someone who can wield a saw, instead.
  73. My mother’s name, the age I first learnt to wield a blade, just pockets of information.
  74. Tell me, the dragon hissed, about your brave victory over one who cannot wield magic.
  75. Dex, who had once promised to show him how to wield the gift, had left him with only two words.
  76. Naria was impressed and took the girl under her wing teaching her how to wield a sword properly.
  77. The sorcerers wield great power, and have already infiltrated our highest ranks with their spies.
  78. You have to admit that those who wield a sword are sometimes ruled by sheer brute and no brains.
  79. He does battle with agents and bookers, who wield their petty authority with malice and jealousy.
  80. As long as the Well held the spirits of the dead, she could wield their power to affect the living.
  81. This revived Adem’s strength, providing new levels of endurance and enhancing his ability to wield.
  82. He could speak English without a trace of an accent, but preferred to wield a mixture of Chicano slang.
  83. They wield dark swords that glow with a blood-red fire and ride dark stallions known as Shadow Steeds.
  84. So you need to apply harsher and harsher rules over those you control, just to wield the same control.
  85. But, it's the woman who seems to wield the real power in this man’s world, he said in half jest.
  86. Even if Adros could reach the staff through the barrage of acidic blood, it would be impossible to wield.
  87. The principle face of this competition to win and wield power is its primary form of sustenance: monergy.
  88. They expect some day to wield territorial control over 10/12th of the ancient tribal boundaries of Israel.
  89. When that happens I’ll have to be more concerned with blades than the well-being of those who wield them.
  90. I’m not sure how, but the sorcerer manipulates the energy from the trinial element to wield it as a weapon.
  91. Good-by, Solomon, he added, trying to wield his stick again, but failing now that he had reversed the handle.
  92. The individual is eliminated and vanishes in unquestioned submission to the will of those who wield state power.
  94. And when opposed, he shall wield a whip and pull hard upon the reins, reaching even unto the ends of the earth.
  95. The power of the ring had lengthened his years far beyond their span; but that power only the Great Rings wield.
  96. Orion and Tobin seemed most concerned with training Adem and his friends to wield the Power and use their weapons.
  97. In what world was he born that he cannot wield a blade? I've seen infants handle their weapons with greater skill.
  98. The parents thus wield a very strong influence both visible and invisible in making their children the way they are.
  99. He could see a future where Guardians were bodyguards for all female wielders, in their pursuit of men who can wield.
  100. Where elders are truly placed of God in a Church, they are the Lord’s delegates and wield something of His authority.

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