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Wild dans une phrase (en anglais)

This is a wild punt.
How wild child was I.
Frank was a wild man.
This is a wild world.
The wild side of me.
He was wild with joy.
It was a wild session.

This is the Wild West.
When wild was the sea.
He was with the wild.
Who once had rode wild.
The Wild Host had come.
Her shot had gone wild.
The Holy Ghost is wild.
This was the Wild West.
So is wild onion grass.
The gift from the Wild.
And burns hot and wild.
Bonobos left in the wild.
The wild wind was rising.
He was pretty wild here.
It civilises a wild man.
I noticed her wild eyes.
His eyes were wild and.
In the wild, or on the.
The wild expanse of sky.
You can go wild about it.
It was a wild experience.
I was also a little wild.
Her eyes were still wild.
The wild duck fell again.
My brothers were wild at.
In the wild the Raccoon.
Wild animals also pose a.
His hair was wild, laced.
Kill all the wild animals.
It was wet and a bit wild.
Mimi is a total wild card.
Probably just a wild camel.
And wild dogs do hunt in.

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