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Workday dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. They had a full workday ahead of them.
2. At the end of each workday simply empty.
3. Somewhere outside, a whistle marked the end of the workday.
4. On a normal workday the uniform will usually be working blue.
5. The first hour of the workday had become a nosh and dish session.
6. The last thing I would want is for this meeting to extend your workday.
7. But tell me, Captain, how many oysters can a boat fish up in a workday?

8. Regis Hotel and waited for his wife to join him there at the end of her workday.
9. After the end of his workday on Saturday, May 6, 1854, Olin visited the barrister Mr.
10. The interns had left, and we spent most of the last hour of the workday in her office eating.
11. According to research, the most productive workday is Tuesday and the least productive is Friday.
12. While my mundane workday pressed on, I couldn’t help but examine the faces of my fellow colleagues.
13. Ed put in a regular workday at the base, walking to and from the hangar where the Meteors were kept and maintained.
14. The following day, which was a teacher’s workday since the school year for all students had ended, Gibsonville’s P.
15. Going into a cage without backup: definitely a no-no policywise, but in the reality of a workday it’s done all the time.
16. Some way behind these came a man in workday clothes, riding one of those old-fashioned tricycles with a small front wheel.
17. If you consider the workday, it shouldn’t be too surprising to see that no one can work twelve hours and be really productive.
18. So here she was, more distracted than ever and having to fight her way through the workday with a thousand thoughts running through her head.
19. They can long for service, long for a packed restaurant full of expectant guests, long for the sight of all the employees starting their workday.
20. Andrew West, the Hair Guy, was never there, of course, and she would have to punish herself by tacking the minutes she’d wasted onto the end of her workday.
21. When the end of their workday arrived without incident, and Jan returned from his post to join the evening meal, Colling was ready to concede that Elizabeth was right.
22. Those harsh observations had worked, in a way, to strengthen their efforts so that now the workday became a proving ground for each of their own steadfast resolutions.
23. Lynn was absent for the third consecutive workday, and with no idea what she was supposed to do – Barney had neglected to leave her any instructions – Maria poked her head into Jill’s office.
24. The weekend would be a time to recover from the endless cycle of the previous week, catch up on all the responsibilities that had been neglected, and would end early Sunday night, because tomorrow was a workday.
25. Though the Progressives broke up by next election, many of their ideas became law, including recalls, referendums, primaries, income tax, direct election of senators, votes for women, and the eight hour workday.
26. Most emails are junk, the entire concept of email increases the length of the workday and the Internet has provided us with information overload, which you can read about in Blur: How to Know What’s True in the Age of Information Overload by Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenthiel.

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