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Worthless dans une phrase (en anglais)

They said it is worthless.
You worthless piece of sh.
She was in here, worthless.
Chapter 33: Love is Worthless.
This really is worthless data.
They are now utterly worthless.
We were weak, therefore worthless.
Worthless, she thought to herself.
The next, his shells were worthless.
If the speech is free: it is worthless.
My path about, that worthless, silly I.
It’s worthless and only confuses 90.
Without it, the oxygenator is worthless.
I know this option will expire worthless.
Random or untargeted traffic is worthless.
An idea without action is almost worthless.
By then the options were almost worthless.
At this point the notoriously worthless Mr.
Damn it, he wasn’t worthless and useless.
Never mind that they will expire worthless.
Some 90 percent of options expire worthless.
Human beings are then essentially worthless.
A wicked, worthless, whore is what you are.
But all these states are ultimately worthless.
No life is worthless that has known such grace.
If it expires worthless, he still breaks even.
Why? A single onlooker is completely worthless.
Words used are worthless if no one is listening.
It’s my word that counts, not worthless coins.
The money’s worthless, Trevain whispered.
They were officially declared worthless in 1797.
All apparently near priceless or near worthless.
Pays the trader if all options expire worthless.
Exiting and seeing the options expire worthless.
Don’t rely on your trickery: it is worthless.
She felt a worthless wreck used and abused and.
Lilliput’s economy with worthless projects and.
Love is worthless without trust and acceptance.
A dead man is worthless, except to an undertaker.
You are worthless piece of shit, aren’t you.

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