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Yank dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. He had only attempted to yank it.
2. Yank the covers up over your ears.
3. The warriors yank him through the door.
4. Can we yank off the pan, mister?
5. The Yank was obsessed, and criminal as hell.
6. You couldn’t just, ‘bank it and yank it.
7. Schnottweiper tried to yank his new club free.
8. I can yank a tooth in less than three seconds.
9. Another yank with most of my strength behind it.
10. With a sudden yank, Sean jerked the passkey and.
11. Don closed the door and gave the pull chain a yank.
12. His whole body shook with the reaction to that yank.
13. You really are a Yank sometimes aren't you? She.
14. With one more yank, Ford and Zaphod got the door open.
15. I follow Cherrie’s instructions and yank my toes up.
16. And I was the one to yank the rug? He asked gently.
17. And since I was feeling no pain, I tried to yank it out.
18. Let's see how the Yank does when no one will talk to him.
19. But I’m afraid some silly Yank will drop a bomb in error.
20. Lezura ran up to Joey and stopped him with a yank on his arm.
21. He rolled the plane inverted, gave it a yank and jettisoned it.
22. So she struggled to yank her arms from Andrina’s monster grip.
23. I yank my hands out of his hold and stare into his piercing eyes.
24. With one hard yank he pulled her down on top of him and kissed her.
25. I yank my hand back, twisting so that he won’t be able to hold on.
26. The pictures would also appear in a government magazine called Yank.
27. Martina had to yank it away as one security officer shouted to us:.
28. She wanted to yank off the ring and grind it in the garbage disposal.
29. With another yank, we sped up into the sky, stopping at the very top.
30. From below, you could grab, use your weight, and yank the stairs down.
31. I jump off the bed and grab my purse from the floor, yank my cell out.
32. I walked over to the chains, gave a quick yank and they came off easily.
33. The movement made the captive lock yank painfully at Melodía’s scalp.
34. She felt her limbs pulling in all directions, yet refusing to yank free.
35. With a yank, she broke her father’s grip and backed against the hot car.
36. There was a door in the wall ten feet off Crumley gave it a yank and a grunt.
37. It felt like a million years before I could yank my raw and mangled hand free.
38. Then I try to rip the pipe off the wall, but I can’t move it, hard as I yank.
39. She tries to touch my shoulder and I yank it away, not wanting to be comforted.
40. Even the emergency door looks as if it would take a bodybuilder to yank it open.
41. One shoelace hung limply, unknotted, just a quick yank and the locker would open.
42. Kay stepped forward to take it, and her world spun as he gave a hard, forward yank.
43. We can feel good about that and hold the thought as the coming weeks yank us around.
44. He had a few moments left to yank the privacy curtain closed around the bed he was on.
45. The one nearest me put his entire hand into my mouth and started to yank on my tongue.
46. Standing up, I grab hold of the curtains, and yank them back; sunlight floods the room.
47. Ever wonder what's under this Hood, Quint? Ever have the itch to yank it off and see?
48. With one swift yank the chair tumbled out of my hands and topped to the floor behind him.
49. How he wanted to yank her out of that seat and throw her out of his office, no, the window.
50. The handle required a sincere yank to close; otherwise, the door stood ajar about an inch.
51. She struggled to yank her wrist from the monster’s grip, but her strength matched her own.
52. Howling and trying to yank it, out he ran stumbling back along the strung-out raiding party.
53. I'll nip around to the hotel, warm up, and rush to stand guard with you, Tim, and you, Yank!.
54. No dumb Yank nephews or dimwit nieces falling out of gondolas in Venice but swimming this way.
55. He had a decent payout coming so he wasn’t going to be intimidated by this fat, arrogant yank.
56. He puts his hand gently under her chin while Unks attempts to yank him away-with little success.
57. I reached my hands out, and clenching my teeth to keep in the shout of pain, gave the carpet a yank.
58. They struggled to stand up as fast as they could before she could yank their ears off of their head.
59. A huge cream-colored hand reached over Joey’s face and with a powerful yank hurled him off his back.
60. I yank my Raven’s rudder to the left, away from the line of fire, and point my camera at the ground.
61. Lucy flexed her fingers, tightened her grip on the dagger as much as she could, and gave it a big yank.
62. It heats CO2 to 900°C, then passes it over a zirconia electrolysis cell to yank the carbon atoms off.
63. I know I just said it doesn’t recognize hydrogen, but it does know how to yank oxygen out of the air.
64. He had to yank down his pants in front of all the other passengers, so he could explode that very moment.
65. Amy darts into the car, rolls over and tries to yank her keychain out of the ignition, but it’s jammed.
66. The officer conversed with the woman for a short while before she grabbed her hair and began to yank on it.
67. There' was something in his aspect that made me want to leap, race, and yank him off the turf he had chosen.
68. Shove all these facts in that one-armed bandit in your head, yank, and watch the lemons and ripe cherries spin.
69. Someone grabbed Ben's ankles and with a mighty yank, pulled Ben, Samsung, and Keegan up the side of the embankment.
70. The Yank was out when I returned, so I stripped and sprawled on top of the bed, surrendering to heat and exhaustion.
71. Her husband quickly careened out of control as he grabbed his wife’s hand and attempted to yank her out of the chair.
72. It was difficult saying goodbye to his Yank friend when his tour of duty was over but after all, Jimmy was going home.
73. What is the purpose of the TV show: Gangland? I’d ask the FCC to yank the licenses of broadcasters of such shows.
74. Right up until the moment his hand closed around the binding, Charlie wasn’t sure Nicky wasn’t going to yank it away.
75. Ken ran to the rear of the pump house and began to yank the heavy wheel that lifted the sixteen-inch gate valve on the by-pass line.
76. I yank my hand from between her teeth, my vision going black at the edges, and with a lurch, smack my hand around the handle of the gun.
77. It tipped up between the two of them, giving me just enough of a window to grab Jezza by the sleeve and yank him into the crowd with me.
78. Try not to yank it out of my cunt this time, Richard, she said as soothingly as she could when she inserted his cock once again.
79. Is there some professional organization you can report them to? Some group that can sanction them or yank their license or whatever?
80. When he was atop his pedestal, Simian gave the throttle rope a good yank and sent the ship flying crewless back in the direction of the City.
81. Anyone trying to open it would most likely yank the nuclear reactor from its socket, which would result in the instant destruction of the UPS.
82. I used another length of baling wire to hook on to the gun from a position behind the cockpit, and got a mechanic to yank on it intermittently.
83. Dunk reached over with his right hand, grasped the lance just below the head, clenched his teeth, and pulled it out of him with one savage yank.
84. Yank their license, or use leverage to get them to drop this crap, or have them move it to a premium(?) channel where people pay extra to get it.
85. The leese was caught off guard by the cave in, and it's lurch allowed Alan to scramble a bit farther onto the shore with a mighty yank from Luray.
86. Her hands went wildly to feel her lined face, to twist the loose skin, to fumble the empty mouth, to yank the gray hair and look at it with appalled eyes.
87. What have we ‘ere? Jed silenced his dog with another yank of the collar, and then stopped to examine Edwin and Bryony with those small ferret eyes.
88. For a moment a blind need overwhelms him like a heat wave collapsing against his bones, and he has to yank his hand away before he does something really bad.
89. Her hand had slipped off from the hilt when she had sunk it in him, then force of the blow had been so great, but then she was reaching down to yank it out.
90. I hold on tight, my hands on the bars, my knees around the carcass, I yank the throttle open and squeeze through the curves, my body almost touching the ground.
91. I was just me, half a century younger and with no rust on my knuckles and no bones cracking every time the big pliers out there gave a yank and made an emptiness.
92. I gave it a good yank and with a hydraulic his of sound the center of the paver patio popped away as a large oblong box popped up through it sending pavers flying.
93. Again, with the vast communications capability of the internet, and speed of operation, I’d yank any president who went 50Billion dollars over budget in any area.
94. It shot through the benjo roof, landing on an unfortunate Australian, whose leg was broken, and a Yank from Idaho, whose skull was fractured, fortunately not fatally.
95. The alternating cold and warmth seemed to yank her out of her despair and when we finished and had our shower and were walking to her car, she smiled at me and the sun came out.
96. Here we were, watching my best (if I’m being honest, my only) friend burning up like a meteor in the atmosphere, and all he could do was yank on my arm and scream for me to run.
97. And I don’t have a dick, but I’ll fuck you faster than that rabbit in a foot race with Sheldon, you yank and rip the skin leaving it flapping but still partially attached.
98. A second later, a second seaman with petty officer’s insignia on the sleeve of his peacoat came aboard, looked at Colling and asked, What the bloody ‘ell are you doing here, Yank?
99. I wondered if my life would flash before me as people said it did when you drowned when all of a sudden I felt a yank on my pack and my head cleared the surface leaving me coughing and spluttering.
100. It travels, then chooses to land in one spot and no other and no matter how you yank, run this way or that, it will simply break its cord, seek its resting place and bring you, blood-mouthed, running.

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