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Yet dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I did not find yet.
  2. Yet we cling to it.
  3. And yet here I am.
  4. Yet for me it was.
  5. He will make it yet.

  6. My God, a major yet.
  7. The best is yet to.
  8. Yet it is in writing.
  9. Yet, by the end of.
  10. Yet he did not stop.
  11. No sign of Andy yet.
  12. And yet, and yet: Mr.
  13. Yet they are not one.
  14. Yet he will come to.
  15. Yet, it can never be.

  16. He was not beaten yet.
  17. He’d not yet had a.
  18. Yet he was not cynical.
  19. He hadn't met her yet.
  20. I do not know how yet.
  21. Yet the time is not yet.
  22. We have not yet reached.
  23. It was still early yet.
  24. Yet I cannot answer it.
  25. Yet, I thought of Jade.

  26. But it's early days yet.
  27. Yet the show must go on.
  28. And yet, the spirit is.
  29. Yet there is hope, be-.
  30. Yet all this is secon-.
  31. The sun had not set yet.
  32. Yet it was the same man.
  33. And yet you abandon him.
  34. Not yet, at any rate.
  35. Is it on TV yet?
  36. Yet there is no peace!.
  37. Yet it is not extinction.
  38. Yet we have had it there.
  39. Yet they need each other.
  40. And yet we are prisoners.
  41. Yet The Lord is above all.
  42. There would be hours yet.
  43. Well, I’m not done yet.
  44. But none yet at Carolina.
  45. Yet that was a big place.
  46. You can't look at it yet.
  47. I don’t have a kid, yet.
  48. I don’t have one yet.
  49. Christmas out of this yet.
  50. He was paranoid and yet.
  51. Why? We don’t know yet.
  52. Which they have not yet.
  53. Yet the mind is nothing.
  54. We haven't had a fire yet.
  55. Yet I don’t feel scared.
  56. It wasn’t a child yet.
  57. We’re not giving up yet.
  58. But you are not yet doing.
  59. Yet they didn’t stop him.
  60. It was odd yet intriguing.
  61. I’m not sure yet, Sim.
  62. But it wasn’t ready yet.
  63. Oh God, yet another day.
  64. Yet, there was a tone….
  65. Yet to the rope I hold on.
  66. Yet I have not found peace.
  67. Yet, there seems to be a.
  68. It is for generations yet.
  69. Yet everybody laughs at ME.
  70. And is yet another example.
  71. So brave yet recklessly so.
  72. Which as yet he owns only.
  73. Would not have Christ, yet.
  74. Has Anna has told him yet?
  75. He was excited yet anxious.
  76. Yet with You I could stand.
  77. And yet not quite the same.
  78. Not yet, Jesus, not yet.
  79. Yet what remains the same?
  80. Yet Alex seemed so healthy.
  81. The guy wasn’t ready yet.
  82. Perhaps, there is hope yet.
  83. Yet it is also within words.
  84. That was not his place yet.
  85. Yet, she was the last hope.
  86. But yet not quite like fog.
  87. Yet you had brought it home.
  88. Yet he stays and watches us.
  89. Yet the double-speak of Sen.
  90. And for millions yet unborn.
  91. You don’t trust me yet.
  92. So I don't fancy anyone yet.
  93. But the night was young yet.
  94. Yet I’ve had time to love.
  95. Yet, you still have to pay.
  96. Yet what is this suffering.
  97. Beloved, you have yet to see.
  98. It was not a scary growl yet.
  99. Well, this I don't know yet.
  100. We will speak but not yet.

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