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Yield dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. I'll not yield an inch.
2. Thy harvest for to yield.
3. The yield is the ratio.
4. The dividend yield was 2.
5. Yield to the Holy Ghost.
6. Yield to me, and I will.
7. We fear that he may yield.

8. And they repent and yield.
9. Higher is the YIELD more.
10. With a dividend yield of 4.
11. It is only as we yield to.
12. With the dividend yield at 1.
13. We have to yield to His will.
14. I yield with a low reverence;.
15. Figure 7-3 plots dividend yield.
16. In order to yield a value of 3.
17. Then you will not yield?
18. It has already had to yield.
19. It continued to yield in silence.
20. Another later effort may yield.
21. Those who yield to Christ will.
22. Use YIELD to calculate bond yield.
23. This is called YIELD IMPROVEMENT.
24. Stop signs and yield signs have.
25. And all the craggy mountains yield.
26. The truth has such a little yield.
27. In essence, the flat yield curve.
28. Risk and Yield Are Incommensurable.
29. When you are beat, you must yield.
30. And our earth shall yield her fruit.
31. Assumes that to be his YIELD STRESS.
32. What are they? Gladly would I yield.
33. Shareholder yield captures them both.
34. That course can only yield more fear.
35. Any other arrangement would yield a.
36. Now the yearly farm profit yield was.
37. There was something he would not yield.
38. The 20% rule would yield $188 billion.
39. Not a door, not a window, would yield.
40. The objects of pleasure cannot yield.
1. But she was not yielding.
2. All yielding she tossed my hair.
3. Her lips were soft and yielding.
4. The charade is yielding results.
5. Wellington felt that he was yielding.
6. That you are assertive and yielding.
7. Unto the voice and yielding of that body.
8. Still, yielding to my fear was unthinkable.
9. He tripped over something soft and yielding.
10. On waking I lay long in bed yielding to sloth.
11. I was yet worse when, yielding at length to the.
12. For example, stocks are currently yielding about 1.
13. Liberty 4¼s, due about the same time, were yielding 4.
14. He produces a crop, yielding a hundred, sixty or thirty.
15. How could I not? But she had no intention of yielding to it.
16. Yield Signal Yielding of the forehand �teaching it with touch.
17. We have engaged an enemy not in the habit of yielding very soon.
18. Another new piece of evidence, yielding nothing but more questions.
19. Pull on! 'tis the better rest, the shark's jaw than the yielding water.
20. Good it was to look upon, cold and soft and yielding to the touch, this.
21. The Theory of Buying the Highest Yielding Obligation of a Sound Company.
22. She was no longer plastic clay, yielding imprint to each new experience.
23. The new, more yielding environment allowed the carbon fibers to separate.
24. Her nostrils were livid and pinched as after yielding up their last sigh.
25. In the darkness his foot hit and recoiled from something heavy and yielding.
26. He produces a crop, yielding a hundred, sixty, or thirty times what was sown.
27. Be filled = continuous, ongoing, something that happens as a result of yielding.
28. To yield in the present instance, would be yielding the Government to a minority.
29. They were like suits of armor that were both yielding and resistant, you might say.
30. We both believe that she is on the brink of yielding to that attraction, Melchior.
31. And he himself acquiesced, as so many men do, yielding their place to their children.
32. The highest yielding emerging market portfolios have average yield spreads over the U.
33. They can break or modify the habit, so that it becomes harmless although still yielding.
34. The game of life that we have been playing for so long is indeed yielding a new paradigm.
35. With it We produce for you gardens of palms and vines, yielding abundant fruit for you to eat.
36. Through the thick fabric of her short skirt, her bottom felt less soft and yielding than usual.
37. In fact, the branch exists only for, and can do nothing except, fruit bearing, yielding grapes.
38. Finally yielding to gravity and the unrelenting see-saw motion, it slid off the hook unnoticed.
39. There was just something about the thudding impact of a heavy weight on yielding tissue and bone.
40. The quick look turned out to be a marathon session, but was yielding some interesting information.
1. He struck a yielded foe.
2. But he yielded it to her.
3. I yielded, but she fought.
4. She yielded her place to him.
5. Buseth yielded to the demand.
6. The darkness yielded His reply.
7. I could help, Darek yielded.
8. I yielded to what sense was mine:.
9. Its sleek black surface yielded no.
10. The fanzines yielded no more answers.
11. The strongbox yielded, and the other.
12. A life that is yielded to Christ will.
13. The hedged European index yielded a 13.
14. And at last he yielded and came to her.
15. But rather be yielded to the Holy Spirit.
16. At last, he yielded to the fait accompli.
17. This yielded that diagram in front of you.
18. It yielded in its rottenness with a crash.
19. The race of Mnishek never yet has yielded.
20. It rose under my hand, and the door yielded.
21. Norman yielded the point rather reluctantly.
22. Grasped by the forelock, yielded to my will.
23. Many fruits could be purchased that yielded.
24. Treasury bonds maturing in 10 years yielded 3.
25. She yielded to the stroke, and then heaved up.
26. You should not have yielded: you should have.
27. In early 1972 those of highest quality yielded 7.
28. The generous monarch learning of it yielded her.
29. Nevertheless, some Hanoverian battalions yielded.
30. As one yielded, he panted, No use to try the door.
31. Replication studies, however, have yielded mixed.
32. When yielded to, it becomes one's complete undoing.
33. Another argument wouldn’t have yielded anything.
34. Maybe the instant gratification yielded by niche.
35. At the low price of 73 in 1932 the bonds yielded 8.
36. Their initial search of the canyon had yielded no.
37. This period yielded a few interesting and important.
38. They sank on to the bed and she yielded to his touch.
39. A familiar tree not far from the rock yielded three.
40. These, however, must have yielded very large profits.
1. It yields before the iron.
2. Dividing the two yields 1.
3. The system yields the reward.
4. This yields two results : Div-.
6. The tamed mind yields happiness.
7. Average yields sat at a paltry 0.
8. Starting yields are historically low.
9. She yields as if she were soft earth.
10. It yields far more outcomes than Mine.
11. Click IN analysis yields the following.
12. He drags it with him and yields to it.
13. All of this boded well for the yields.
14. This process yields a number of benefits.
15. Updated AA bond yields can be found at www.
16. Clearly, these yields vary a lot over time.
17. Chinese wheat yields a hundred fold of the seed.
18. Analysis of short strangles yields similar results.
19. One bushel of the clay dirt yields from 3 to 5lbs.
20. STEP 2: Multiplying the equations through yields:.
21. The Corporate Fund is subject to both, and yields 3.
22. This kind of position sizing yields great performance.
23. Real yields are calculated as explained in Appendix B.
24. Carries a coupon, or the amount of interest it yields.
25. Real yields were quite high (reaching, at one point, 4.
26. Moreover, real yields fell much less than nominal yields.
27. Now let’s look at the returns and yields if called away.
28. As the price of bonds fall, and yields rise—so does TBT.
29. Using these two numbers in the Kelly formula yields f = 0.
30. Many surveys ask about future market prices and/ or yields.
31. Among the eager beavers attracted by the yields of up to 8.
32. Using these assumptions in the Kelly formula yields an f = 0.
33. On the following chart, that coverage ratio yields a default.
34. Higher expected inflation boosts ex ante government bond yields.
35. Stocks with the lowest buyback yields perform horribly, losing 4.
36. It yields the math necessary to understand that the August 11th.
37. Using the Kelly formula with these realistic values yields f = 0.
38. Plugging these numbers into the equation yields a growth rate of 0.
39. This yields a large volume of unspoiled tomatoes in the short term.
40. Such convenience yields peak when Treasuries are especially scarce.

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