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Youngster dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. One of them was a youngster.
  2. Alex smiled at the youngster.
  3. The youngster was in the city jail.
  4. But this was no ordinary youngster.
  5. The youngster dropped flat to the floor.
  6. Maybe I was rubbing off on the youngster.
  7. HERBIE: You're a youngster, mister Fringe.
  8. Neville had lost his son, then a youngster.
  9. Not surprisingly the youngster had devel-.
  10. On more than one occasion the youngster could.
  11. Grindel stepped in front of the pacing youngster.
  12. Of course youngster but let's try another carving.
  13. Do you know how to throw a stone, youngster?
  14. From that it is evident that I was still a youngster.
  15. He too was a youngster and I supposed it would’ve.
  16. He was sure to be a youngster, doing a job like that.
  17. Try to make your youngster comfortable about sharing.
  18. What are they like? asked the curious youngster.
  19. I was captured as a youngster on a raid into Nordheim.
  20. Another bullet caught the middle youngster in the neck.
  21. As you can see, that poor youngster over there who we.
  22. Well that's some imagination you have there, youngster.
  23. He was known to keep iron as a youngster, where he and.
  24. Duncan peered into the darkness where the youngster had.
  25. By now he was acting a little more like a normal youngster.
  26. Once they were inside, locating the youngster proved diffi.
  27. The youngster looked at his boys then turned back to Travis.
  28. Your mother wants you to come on a trip with us, youngster.
  29. Exposure of the abused youngster to porn by the abuser –.
  30. Looking about, Fearghal could see no sign of the youngster.
  31. Just a hunch I guess, the youngster answered, shrugging.
  32. Nothing could have prepared the youngster for the sight that.
  33. Tom's affection for the youngster was immediate, and he knew.
  34. Bloody hell, said the youngster, that gave me a fright.
  35. Without breaking stride the youngster leaped over the body and.
  36. The Russian felt in his pocket and gave a coin to the youngster.
  37. Thornley smiled, like an old man at the enthusiasm of a youngster.
  38. Entering the wood, the daring youngster hunted on his own account.
  39. Have you had that youngster with you long? he asked Denísov.
  40. Why? Because, when I was a youngster, I had grown up under the whip.
  41. Aroused to bursting point he pushed the youngster into the bathroom.
  42. Look, said he to Christian, how far yonder youngster loitereth behind.
  43. He as a youngster wet the bed, and most probably still does as an adult.
  44. Fallon clapped the youngster on the back and pushed him towards the ladder.
  45. Like I said it was pretty slack but hey you get up to mischief as a youngster.
  46. In fact he ached for her more now, in middle age, than he had as a youngster.
  47. Once they were inside, she closed the door and put her arms about the youngster.
  48. That may be a bigger problem for you than what one youngster carries in his head.
  49. Alright, said the youngster but there as clearly a worried note in his voice.
  50. When I was a youngster I have opened it myself with the key of the box-room cupboard.
  51. Hallen fell to the ground on his back, rolling over to pin the overwrought youngster.
  52. I saw a youngster come out of the stall with a wheelbarrow loaded with straw and dung.
  53. Here she is, Betsy, said Tom, gayly, as he sat down with the youngster on his lap.
  54. I heard tell of them when I was a youngster, but there's no call to believe in them now.
  55. He was the youngster challenging the authority of the old bull, and the herd understood that.
  56. Danielle tried to lift him but was hindered by Jason who cuffed the youngster around the ears.
  57. Sammy introduced two Indian School alumni to the curious youngster and handed him his first beer.
  58. Are you my jailer? His voice was that of a youngster certainly not that of a mature warrior.
  59. Anyway, I lowered my head and walked straight to the exit, not being noticed by a single youngster.
  60. That was true enough, but the youngster was alert enough to reply: But we can’t go back either.
  61. I had not believed him until a youngster from town had been taken, raped, killed and the man caught.
  62. The creature looked quizzically several times from the youngster to where he had pounded on the ground.
  63. You probably had the glimmer of a dream when you were a youngster, but this was soon knocked out of you.
  64. The youngster you meant to guide on this trip to the city is manning his mast as one of my ablest crew.
  65. Woloda tells me you have passed the examinations well for a youngster, and that is a splendid thing.
  66. And you’re still as graceful in flight as any youngster, despite the wing, which is astounding, really.
  67. What was he doing? Why was he running like this, like some crazed youngster being chased by a rabid dog?
  68. A youngster with dark hair in tight curls took their horses to the stables and promised to look after them.
  69. Of course it is our duty to tell the youngster that this is a great risk without perhaps harming the enemy.
  70. He particularly enjoyed working at the senior citizen center, where the residents treated him as a youngster.
  71. Green Valley considered offering the youngster a better estimate of the strength inside it, but not very hard.
  72. After all the pain and terror, it was like being cradled in his mother’s arms as a youngster - safe and warm.
  73. At the moment when Ivan Ilyitch turned towards him, the officer was beginning to pitch into the noisy youngster.
  74. A few weeks later when Olin next saw Andre enter the train barn the French youngster approached and handed him $1.
  75. If the youngster could ski as well as he could snowboard, he'd be a real asset – as long as he could teach well.
  76. They were looking for their son, a shy and inexperienced youngster who had grown up far out in the wilds of Wescarp.
  77. Raymond was about to explain but the youngster put his hand in front of Raymond's face like he didn't want to hear it.
  78. And even though he was just a teenager, he knew right then and there he was going to miss having the youngster around.
  79. A headstrong youngster at the best of times, Broshee had refused to listen to him, determined to follow her own destiny.
  80. First was about a youngster who had a lot of fun by insulting the SAP and then driving away on his scrambler at top speed.
  81. He looked remarkably like a fat over-grown youngster, sucking a bull's-eye, but ready for a good cry at being taken to school.
  82. He didn’t mind me; in fact, he took a fancy to me, for at the time when he saw me first I was a youngster of twelve or so.
  83. I remember a slim, floppy-haired, bespectacled youngster visiting my home in the early 1990s to inquire about TV opportunities.
  84. Travis only really messed with the youngster because young boy was about that cash money and always made sure he knew how to get it.
  85. I opened my eye (covered with the third eyelid so the brats couldn’t damage my eye) to stare at a youngster dressed in an old cloak.
  86. He looks like a man with the world on his shoulders rather than the fresh-faced youngster skipping into office not that many months ago.
  87. The dog landed in front of Jordon and heaved its huge front paws onto the shoulders of the youngster, crashing him to the ground on his back.
  88. I knew it was futile to explain that I was not a youngster but instead a young woman transformed to this body by travel through a worm hole.
  89. I remember once as a youngster he came over to my house and just gave me six full grown weed plants that were just weeks away from harvesting.
  90. Laughing, the child waited until a Condorla and Klese pair soared by and retrieved the youngster to the scolding of the guard and her parents.
  91. He is a feather-headed youngster, that's all; one might have expected something from him, but there, you know what they are, our brilliant young men.
  92. It is usually reported that the youngster crawls on all fours, makes those sounds learned from his foster parents, and perhaps even thinks like a wolf.
  93. He is a feather‐headed youngster, that's all; one might have expected something from him, but there, you know what they are, our brilliant young men.
  94. He is a feather-headed youngster, that’s all; one might have expected something from him, but there, you know what they are, our brilliant young men.
  95. As a youngster growing up in poverty, I did notice that the families around us that had both a mother and a father were financially much more prosperous.
  96. Broshee had matured quickly during the winter and was not the same self-centred youngster that had romped through Brockenhurst Forest such a short while ago.
  97. A peculiar whine arose and she discovered to her surprise that it was coming from the youngster, a low ululating wail that she eventually deciphered as words.
  98. Before either youngster could blink, the great head had taken them into its mouth, dived over the ship and disappeared back into the water with nary a ripple.
  99. Without warning Jordon walked quickly out of the bunch and moved up the tunnel the animal’s tail stopped and it stood staring at the youngster as he approached.
  100. The people of the town never suspected that they had such a female in their midst, a woman ready to make illicit love to a youngster at the earliest opportunity.

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