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Abruptly numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. She abruptly also felt a.
  2. It ended abruptly in 1943.
  3. Jess sat up abruptly in bed.
  4. The phone went dead abruptly.
  5. He smiled and stood abruptly.

  6. The lakes area ended abruptly.
  7. I did have to leave abruptly.
  8. Abruptly she turned to Frank.
  9. And then was abruptly cut off.
  10. They soon elbowed him abruptly.
  11. The body search ended abruptly.
  12. She sat up abruptly and gasped.
  13. I can't lead,' I said abruptly.
  14. To him Publio spoke abruptly:.
  15. He broke off abruptly and ran.

  16. Abruptly, his face became grave.
  17. Ben changed the subject abruptly.
  18. The cheap alarm jangled abruptly.
  19. Abruptly, Heckler began to shout.
  20. Abruptly he threw his hand down.
  21. Abruptly, one of them stood and.
  22. And with that, he abruptly paused.
  23. The left-side hill ended abruptly.
  24. He abruptly smiled his best smile.
  25. She continued as Mark abruptly sat.

  26. Merthin’ s mood changed abruptly.
  27. Abruptly, she ceased talking and.
  28. Abruptly, he went through the door.
  29. Abruptly the tra m ping ce a se d.
  30. He abruptly stepped over to Chance.
  31. The hail of bullets ended abruptly.
  32. Oh, no, she answered abruptly.
  33. I abruptly awakened from a bad dream.
  34. And abruptly, none of this is funny.
  35. Frustrated, Bonnie stood up abruptly.
  36. I stopped again then, quite abruptly.
  37. But yesterday that changed abruptly.
  38. Then, abruptly, the violence stopped.
  39. The boy stopped his motions abruptly.
  40. He then stopped abruptly before her.
  41. It abruptly terminated with a round.
  42. The General abruptly turns away again.
  43. But then his smile abruptly vanished.
  44. Wickland here, he said abruptly.
  45. The voice in my head stopped abruptly.
  46. Louie turned abruptly and walked away.
  47. Confused, he took abruptly walked away.
  48. She abruptly stops what she’s doing.
  49. I shut my mouth abruptly and sat down.
  50. Well, good-bye, he said abruptly.
  51. And then his face was abruptly serious.
  52. I was abruptly hauled upward and back.
  53. He stopped abruptly and quit whistling.
  54. Now he was abruptly back in the clean-.
  55. Abruptly Ant pulled his mount to a stop.
  56. She laughed abruptly, but made no reply.
  57. Not a good time, he said abruptly.
  58. That did the trick; he abruptly stopped.
  59. Abruptly he withdraws, making me wince.
  60. He sat back down at the table abruptly.
  61. I’ll take it, he said abruptly.
  62. The Patriarch’s tone changed abruptly.
  63. He fell abruptly back down in his chair.
  64. She abruptly stops and faces the camera.
  65. Alex in here please, he said abruptly.
  66. And his thought came abruptly to an end.
  67. Abruptly they all left, and he was alone.
  68. Abruptly, she found herself on the floor.
  69. Joe parked his Buick abruptly, half on.
  70. The girls turned abruptly, and one spoke.
  71. The chatter at the table ceased abruptly.
  72. He marched forward and saluted abruptly.
  73. Suddenly the van stopped rather abruptly.
  74. The squawking abruptly worsened and was.
  75. Aazuria’s laughter had abruptly stopped.
  76. The inmate's head dropped down abruptly.
  77. I jumped as he abruptly stood and shouted.
  78. Instead their faces closed down abruptly.
  79. Finally, she walked away, almost abruptly.
  80. The sound of the yelling stopped abruptly.
  81. The trembling in her lip abruptly stopped.
  82. I then abruptly dragged back my tongue up.
  83. As abruptly as he had started, he stopped.
  84. Epanchin, giving back the letter abruptly.
  85. I was abruptly awakened by Steve and John.
  86. I strode abruptly back towards the castle.
  87. And abruptly changing the conversation:—.
  88. He responded, before abruptly pulling away.
  89. They ceased abruptly, cut-off in mid-scream.
  90. I was woken abruptly by a knock at the door.
  91. After a deep breath Alan abruptly announced.
  92. And then, Rajiv’s activity abruptly fell.
  93. Charleston Place today, he said abruptly.
  94. Are they drinking? he asked abruptly.
  95. He hung up abruptly, leaving her breathless.
  96. Abruptly she snatched the fan from his hand.
  97. She turned abruptly and started for the door.
  98. Donnie's upraised hand abruptly silenced him.
  99. Suddenly the lyrical music stopped abruptly.
  100. A thought struck him and he turned abruptly.

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