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Absorb numa frase em (in ingles)

1. I want to absorb it first.
2. This is a lot to absorb.
3. We can absorb some of the.
4. Nothing seemed to absorb sound.
5. It will help absorb negativity.
6. The new force will absorb WECTU.
7. Malek, I simply cannot absorb this.

8. I just sort of absorb information.
9. You need to absorb these waves the.
10. There’s no way they can absorb.
11. Tracy struggled to absorb the meaning.
12. If only the walls could absorb my pain.
13. I have had the opportunity to absorb.
14. Butterfield almost couldn’t absorb it.
15. She tries hard to absorb all the guilt.
16. Your scorn is impossible not to absorb.
17. We also absorb toxins through our skin.
18. Get into health and absorb and use the.
19. We will be able to absorb and retain the.
20. She seemed to absorb her surroundings and.
21. His arms seemed to absorb her like a sponge.
22. If that’s true, it could absorb light and.
23. Carrie took the time to absorb her surround-.
24. Brian sat there trying to absorb the information.
25. However, it could only absorb so much before it.
26. Also, it is a fact that we absorb blockages from.
27. The swords absorb the energy of the yellow lasers.
28. The treatment allows your body to absorb up to 7.
29. Eve said that humans could absorb Abel Energy too.
30. I COULD HARDLY ABSORB what Carolee had just told me.
31. Charles was working hard to absorb the information.
32. It cannot absorb the shock we are about to deliver.
33. And then, when he got into it, it would absorb him.
34. I was still too upset to absorb everything he said.
35. Love in the ideal - is to absorb as much as to give.
36. You absorb the thrashing until it slows to twitches.
37. Formon did her best to absorb the insult she received.
38. They created Ether a little, so they absorb external.
39. This is possible through water’s ability to absorb.
40. The saddle they strapped on was built to absorb shock.
41. It just does not enter my mind and I cannot absorb it.
42. Max waited a moment to absorb what Jill had just said.
43. This is also the reason our brains absorb more of our.
44. He allowed the spectators time to absorb the statement.
45. It takes me a second or two to absorb what he just said.
46. Ish held me and let me use his shirt to absorb my tears.
47. All hosts are born with the innate ability to absorb.
48. Elowen struggled to absorb all that she had seen and heard.
49. He was allowed to rest, given time to absorb his situation.
50. However, China was able and willing to absorb such losses.
51. He held it to absorb the heat from the mug into his hands.
52. Now moisten the sugar with as much water as it will absorb.
53. Guru and absorb the energy of the Soul without any negative.
54. Carter trying to absorb every last little odd detail in the.
55. Maria, trying to absorb Margolis’s questions, said nothing.
56. I absorb the energy that the wonders of Earth provide to me.
57. Hap’s brow furrowed as he tried to absorb everything Jill.
58. Fred didn't absorb much of the rest of the management meeting.
59. But rarely have I taken the time to sit back and absorb them.
60. Absorb he did, and consumed he would have if it were possible.
61. It will also absorb excess salt, so compensate for this when.
62. Trees can be replanted and eventually, the water will absorb.
63. Their fields of study absorb all their interest and intellect.
64. He paused to allow her to absorb this and offer an explanation.
65. It should not take too much for your skin to absorb the honey.
66. This is because whey protein is easier for your body to absorb.
67. Jacques just had to absorb it all with a nod and a weary smile.
68. His mind was trying to absorb what the Prosops was telling him.
69. But I still had to finish my story which seemed to absorb June.
70. Those who do not absorb it consciously, absorb it unconsciously.
71. In short the reason that matter cannot easily absorb this form.
72. Ellen then paused for a moment so Paul could absorb all she said.
73. Until they absorb their environment and become their environment.
74. Sheila sat, opened mouthed, trying to absorb what she was hearing.
75. Danny was trying to absorb as much of it as he could, Ah, okay.
76. I stood there long enough to absorb what my eyes were telling me.
77. What takes us hours to absorb, computers can already do in seconds.
78. They absorb every act of duplicity and untruthfulness around them.
79. She was glad there was plenty of straw around to absorb the sound.
80. She pushed out her feet to absorb the impact and switched on the.
81. This is because, soaking it would allow the beans to absorb water.
82. Then you can let the vinegar absorb into the skin and take effect.
83. He stands in the parlor of Children’s House, trying to absorb it.
84. I know, Bill, but our shields should be able to absorb that crap.
85. New Trader was writing quickly to help absorb his mentor’s advice.
86. It is important in these cases to interrupt or absorb any flows of.
87. He closes his eyes to absorb this soothing song settling his heart.
88. Will it absorb into me as I absorb food, air, to appear again in my.
89. Did not say a word for a few minutes as if he was trying to absorb.
90. It might be best to keep it a secret until she could absorb the rest.
91. Psychopractices that emerge in this or that culture absorb the pic-.
92. A Yogi practices rhythmic breathing to absorb Prana and develop will.
93. The second is the ability of the material to absorb and transfer heat.
94. I just couldn’t absorb my surroundings, what was going on around me.
95. Yang particles, because they have to absorb the Ether emitted by them.
96. Be it clear though, that it has no capacity to absorb light, so it is.
97. Cucumbers also contain fluid that increases the ability to absorb fiber.
98. This had been a lifelong aspiration of mine and I wanted to absorb the.
99. Only the food question will limit my capacity to absorb new passengers.
100. Wrap your hair in a toweling turban and leave it to absorb the moisture.
1. I tried absorbing his words.
2. He frowned, absorbing the news.
3. I was hurrying, absorbing nothing.
4. He was absorbing and transmuting.
5. She was having trouble absorbing this.
6. Wonderful, her capacity for absorbing.
7. Perhaps those self absorbing stitch-.
8. He was absorbing and transmuting all.
9. I sat, quietly absorbing this information.
10. He was absorbing her fear like a succubus.
11. Norah closed her eyes, absorbing the touch.
12. Cotton acts like a wick, absorbing moisture.
13. This room seemed to be absorbing the sound.
14. Absorbing the sun, watching rabbits at play.
15. They both fell into bed, absorbing the comfort.
16. But this wasn’t energy absorbing neutronium skin.
17. We spent the afternoon absorbing the sunshine, and.
18. Absorbing, though yet still only a sedate jealously.
19. It was as if his skin was absorbing the grey of the.
20. Somehow she was absorbing the power of the trinial!.
21. He nodded slowly, absorbing what I’d said for a few.
22. He was too busy absorbing the reality of his marriage.
23. She sat there silent for a while absorbing everything.
24. Athene merely nodded absorbing every word that he spoke.
25. Absorbing the depth of her cries, Jericho was persuaded.
26. Her eyes deepened, absorbing colors not in the spectrum.
27. But behold, the absorbing scene had been imported hither.
28. Once there, she looked around, as if absorbing the decor.
29. I watched her for several long absorbing minutes while I.
30. It became the absorbing topic of village talk immediately.
31. To which absorbing piece of intelligence echo answered why.
32. Alternatively, such particles we can call the absorbing Ether.
33. We had many absorbing conversations comparing our two countries.
34. Sam and Paul sat quietly for a moment absorbing the information.
35. I was only half-listening, busy absorbing the party atmosphere.
36. The rest are absorbed, and they’re absorbing a lot right now.
37. Eastward the sea absorbing, viewing, (nothing but sea and sky,).
38. As children, however, we have the power of absorbing the fatty.
39. I wish I could have been with you, absorbing some of the pain.
40. Pippen nods, absorbing every trading nugget of TO’s description.
41. He had learned without absorbing, remembered without assimilating.
42. The light absorbing, synthetic sphere, this one has familiarity of.
43. Absorbing it particle will identifies itself with this information.
44. So I had to force my gaze away from them, absorbing me as they were.
45. The men stood, dazed, absorbing the memory of her naked body as she.
46. Little by little, Henry was absorbing the management of the plantation.
47. I stay in my seat for a few seconds, absorbing the sting of her words.
48. The sacrificial animal is the image of blood absorbing power in killing.
49. When the chakra is spinning clockwise it is absorbing energy When spin-.
50. If are predominated absorbing particles, Yin - it does not add holiness.
51. It helps to enhance the bio assimilation in absorbing vital minerals and.
52. He laid His hand upon my head, absorbing all the heat and wrath out of me.
53. Inedia is a non-conventional method of absorbing energy directly from the.
54. Without substitute teachers, the teachers had to resort to absorbing the.
55. Defects & change of colour of the powder after absorbing the liquid is an.
56. As she wondered around the room absorbing it, I collapsed onto the bed and.
57. Houseplants improve indoor air quality by absorbing the toxins from the air.
58. The main microscope was mounted on a shock absorbing bench with rubber feet.
59. What he has been saying was, under the circumstances, of absorbing interest.
60. The forms are replayed by the particles Yin – absorbing the energy (ether).
61. Mike put an arm around me, and I snuggled close, absorbing all his body heat.
62. Licorice is said to improve the digestive system in absorbing vital vitamins.
63. As I listened and really listened to the voice, absorbing the melody, I gasped.
64. Even his legendary Graelic had trouble absorbing the vast amount of raw power.
65. Even as your eyes move over these words your unconscious mind is absorbing all.
66. He stood over the small fire, warming his hands and absorbing some of the heat.
67. Almost instantaneously, it drew him in, absorbing him into the body of Ostedes.
68. Absorbing only positive emotion is mostly more of an art than an illusion of the.
69. Across town a weary detective was staring at a TV screen and absorbing none of it.
70. They sat there for a while longer, absorbing the atmosphere, drinking in the view.
71. The second part of the film started and it was exhilarating and absorbing but not.
72. So, absorbing the bad-guys into my Me-concept is a crucial step toward my Oneness.
73. It is said that viola helps to improve the digestive system function in absorbing the.
74. I sat with her in the living room, watching the television but not really absorbing it.
75. Depending on this ratio any conglomerate is either predominantly emitting or absorbing.
76. Cornflower contains substance that helps to improve digestive system in absorbing the.
77. It is available for absorbing the effect of miscalculations or worse than average luck.
78. While in Peru, Joshua observed how Atahualpa was recording and absorbing all the.
79. Mitchell started to chew his nails uncontrollably, absorbing the disease all over again.
80. Some of the scenes thus revealed were of immeasurable grandeur and of absorbing interest.
81. I hate to hear that, he said, smiling, his dark eyes absorbing every move she made.
82. Vitamin C in the coriander not only improve the digestive system in absorbing the vital.
83. Biotin is necessary for the the digestive system in absorbing the vitamin B complex and.
84. Dilipa wiped his lips with a damp cotton cloth, absorbing the medicine his royal doctor.
85. It is said the rose helps to increase the function of digestive system in absorbing the.
86. She wandered into the casino and began walking among the tables absorbing the excitement.
87. Coffee’s good, thank you, Garcia said, absorbing the information from his environment.
88. With his back to him, Nathan remained quiet for several seconds, absorbing Mitchell's distress.
89. Feltus was still absorbing the confirmation of what appeared to be Terence Underwood’s guilt.
90. His parents were quiet for a long minute, absorbing my thoughts, which maybe were insane to them.
91. The godstone is receiving the power, and appears to be absorbing it easily! Tithian reported.
92. He sat on a bench, absorbing the view and trying to piece together all the clues that had led him.
93. Silently, Mindy stared at her orange juice, absorbing this side of Mitchell she'd never seen before.
94. Will and Zach chatted quietly, absorbing the peace of the river, and then turned back to the village.
95. This is because, such kinds of programs can prevent your body from absorbing nutrients that it needs.
96. You gave me much of value by allowing me to be Linked with you while you were absorbing power here.
97. The fourth method is that of interesting (that is, absorbing the mind) in connection with works of art.
98. Another thing is that, when she was absorbing the energy of titans, she was not the only one doing it.
99. But his devotion, absorbing all his sensibilities, had left his heart steeled against remorse and pity.
100. As her shoulders were absorbing Isabella’s breast, her waist pushed against Isabella’s hip and thigh.
1. He was absorbed, in fact.
2. Perhaps I absorbed my coat.
3. When a man is absorbed in.
4. I’m really absorbed in it.
5. I may have absorbed enough.
6. We are absorbed into the crowd.
7. Simmer until liquid is absorbed.
8. Drain off any water not absorbed.
9. She was so absorbed in hastily.
10. What are you so absorbed in?
11. Mark was absorbed in the newspaper.
12. He had a perfect ear and absorbed.
13. The figurine absorbed the darkness.
14. It absorbed him and fascinated him.
15. The Prana is absorbed in breathing.
16. It will only while absorbed in them.
17. He was absorbed in a sort of prayer.
18. Will be absorbed by Lethe's stream;.
19. Most of it was absorbed by her shirt.
20. He was absorbed in matters spiritual.
21. Earthen vessels absorbed what was in.
22. He appeared to be absorbed in thought.
23. She absorbed the warmth and closeness.
24. Self absorbed and a narcissistic? Yes.
25. Its pastor was invisible and absorbed.
26. For a moment she was utterly absorbed.
27. By dessert they had absorbed as much.
28. But Piers was absorbed in the computer.
29. They retreated, gave nothing, absorbed.
30. And all yagya are at last absorbed in.
31. Miriam sat on the sofa absorbed in him.
32. I was absorbed in the previous statement.
33. He had been absorbed for hours and had.
34. The huge tower shield absorbed the blow.
35. But now the cares of dinner absorbed her.
36. Slowly the severed leg was absorbed by.
37. His heavy pitying gaze absorbed her news.
38. Niacin is absorbed in the small intestine.
39. But mostly being absorbed by one another.
40. Then she absorbed in her household chores.
41. As these radiations are absorbed and re-.
42. Love pulsated from the room and absorbed.
43. Yes, she said, absorbed by the sight.
44. And, to tell the truth, I absorbed their.
45. You’ve probably absorbed some radiation.
46. He seemed to be quite absorbed in thought.
47. I absorbed as much information as possible.
48. Tom was all absorbed by his poetic thoughts.
49. Or he sat absorbed for a moment, soldering.
50. I absorbed quite a bit in those three days.
51. I absorbed the information before moving on.
52. He absorbed the memory of her death as well.
53. All seemed fully absorbed in these pursuits.
54. The younger one seemed too absorbed in the.
55. I was absorbed, sir: yes, and I was happy.
56. The balloons absorbed the impact of landing.
57. No energy is issued; only energy is absorbed.
58. A man absorbed in performing a task that is.
59. One is not unoccupied because one is absorbed.
60. This question absorbed all his mental powers.
61. They were quietly absorbed into the landscape.
62. They‘ve done it before; they‘ve absorbed.
63. When we are absorbed in other things, in the.
64. The Kshatriya were absorbed in the laudatory.
65. Absorbed in myself, I hadn't thought of Dolly.
66. I’m absorbed with tending to my grandchildren.
67. I read, wrote, absorbed the limitless silences.
68. Yet it has absorbed the shocks and influenced.
69. I had already absorbed his dragon fire into me.
70. Freeman sat motionless as he absorbed her words.
71. He did not answer, absorbed in what he was doing.
72. The old man seemed absorbed in profound thought.
73. Even though Marie was absorbed in her own inner.
74. Absorbed into this serene and tranquil display.
75. Still absorbed in cheerful banter, they entered.
76. Actually, photons are absorbed and emitted just.
77. He sat up front, absorbed all that Paul imparted.
78. The work which absorbed me very much, has stopped.
79. They drove on, each absorbed in their own thoughts.
80. Lower the heat and simmer until broth is absorbed.
81. They are absorbed in the fol owing manner: After.
82. Barron absorbed the information and shook his head.
83. Comanche and Apache, and he had been absorbed as if.
84. Memories of the past became quickly absorbed by new.
85. Marguerite was momentarily puzzled, absorbed as she.
86. In towns and cities long absorbed into foreign lands.
87. The man had again become absorbed in his reflections.
88. The more a man is absorbed in worldly business, the.
89. In 1976, it was absorbed into Consolidated Rail Corp.
90. Michael seemed absorbed by more than his and Wayne's.
91. Enjolras remained for a moment as though absorbed in.
92. Folic Acid is well absorbed from the intestinal tract.
93. Then he became absorbed in a map laid out on the logs.
94. I can see how one could get completely absorbed in.
95. I absorbed her saliva with joy—she'd stopped kicking.
96. Samantha absorbed it all and managed to hide her shock.
97. Then, returning to the subject which absorbed him:—.
98. You should let the solution get absorbed in your skin.
99. In this state the Jivatman gets absorbed into Brahman.
100. It is not known whether flavonoids can be absorbed in.
1. And it neither emits nor absorbs.
2. The first way slowly absorbs into your.
3. One symbol absorbs your energy and thought.
4. When the one absorbs her the other doesn’t.
5. Wherever it be, it absorbs from surroundings.
6. CRITer that cancels out or absorbs the shock-wave.
7. The bubble absorbs the given money until it burse.
8. The mind absorbs the bone marrow of the information.
9. His approach changes as soon as he absorbs my words.
10. King is endowed with the qualities which absorbs heaven.
11. This powder ABSORBS the liquid which has SEEPED into the.
12. It also absorbs most of the flavor from what the pig eats.
13. The mind is sharper than usual and absorbs information better.
14. Outside, it hisses as the shield absorbs more swings of his whip.
15. He absorbs it, for the Life-Light is strong in this time and place.
16. It absorbs all the needed information that flows into our conscious.
17. Calcium in an outer layer of the sun absorbs light rays that would have.
18. So it absorbs most visible light, but reflects microwaves and radio waves.
19. Like I said, the shield absorbs the energy and uses it all in self defence.
20. Tempo and pace will define one of the ways your reader absorbs your material.
21. Question: is hell exothermic (gives off heat) or endothermic (absorbs heat)?
22. I saw on TV once that if a witch kills another witch she absorbs her power.
23. If a man absorbs the anger within himself, he escapes from the anger of others.
24. He instantly turns around and his shield absorbs the powerful force from the rock.
25. Bone absorbs the highest levels of radioactivity, then lean meat, with fat lowest.
26. Divine love does not merely forgive wrongs; it absorbs and actually destroys them.
27. Massage the cream into your face gently so the skin absorbs the oils in this cream.
28. The digestive track absorbs water and the oxygen can also be used to fuel our cells.
29. Kinky hair absorbs more moisture allowing Africans to cool off in hot climates.
30. Counterclockwise – reverse – 3 Layers – First layer slows projectile and absorbs blast.
31. Think about how a black hole absorbs energy and then releases it as something new and alive.
32. It absorbs allunconscious mental frequencies from this brainwave energy to nourish itself with.
33. Like a sponge that absorbs everything, so he absorbed everything that was important, necessary and joyful.
34. It absorbs the heat from the solar heated water about it and approaches the temperature of the solar water.
35. In a miracle of geometry, the first rocket blocks and absorbs the radiation that would’ve struck the second.
36. More importantly, soluble fiber acts much like a sponge that absorbs and removes cholesterol from the arteries.
37. Each particle with the Field of Attraction absorbs Ether from the ambient, ethereal field with a certain velocity.
38. As food absorbed is the essence of the body, so the mind absorbs the object of its attention and gives it life and being.
39. It is this illimitable and divine perfection that absorbs the soul of man, not restricted laws of justice and philanthropy.
40. So what happens? The subconscious of each person absorbs this actual truth and creatively reflects it outwards as a cultural norm.
41. Your body absorbs higher percentage of protein from such combination than just having the cereals, legumes or pulses individually.
42. Tea absorbs flavours, particularly exotic ones! We have selected interesting fruits and berries to be blended with our quality teas.
43. If you are taking medication for high blood pressure, these fruits can affect how your body absorbs the drug and how effective it is.
44. In the case of the working classes the rent absorbs at the lowest possible estimate, about one-third of their total earnings, for it.
45. In each particle there are processes of creation and destruction of Ether, but not every particle absorbs the Ether, and not each emits it.
46. The State is all-sufficing for the wants of man, and, like the idea of the Church in later ages, absorbs all other desires and affections.
47. Water absorbs and loses heat less readily than the land and consequently it tends to be cooler than land during the day and warmer at night.
48. Your body absorbs complex carbohydrates more slowly than simple sugars and this allows your blood sugar levels increase and decrease in a slower fashion.
49. Each new generation unwittingly absorbs that trauma; each new generation becomes de-sensitized, de-humanized in an infinite number of levels-ways-degrees.
50. I did a more thorough medical scan and found indicators in the keratin in her skin, which absorbs radiation from regenerators, and on closer scrutiny found.
51. The green and yellow colors we see in a normal green budgie are the result of the presence of pigments and the way the light absorbs and reflects the colors.
52. ONCE! Activated charcoal can clear the GI tract with varying degrees of efficiency for individuals as it binds and absorbs the harmful elements and your body excretes and.
53. Shortly after the start two bushes swing the module with their tentacles with full force, but the protective energy field absorbs the impact without any serious problems!.
54. At the end of Shadowfever, when the Sinsar Dubh is reinterred beneath the abbey, he reveals himself as Cruce and absorbs all the forbidden magic from the king’s Dark Book.
55. This is because, being on short chains, when nature calls, the dogs have to use the area immediately around them, and the icy snow of the glacier conveniently absorbs everything.
56. Somewhere along the corridor the sound of a vacuum cleaner resumes its low drone and Carol's defensive brusqueness breaks as Dave's shirt absorbs the moisture that spills from her eyes and onto her cheeks.
57. In most cases, the market structure of this trending movement will be a series of directional moves alternating with nondirectional periods in which the market essentially rests and absorbs the previous move.
58. From beginning to end it absorbs attention, is virile in the depiction of character, and most of all notable in its absolute fidelity to human nature and the modern point of view, even where it points an overwhelming moral.
59. Since it absorbs all the information that flows into our conscious mind, every word we speak, every sentence we read and everything we see is stored away in our subconscious mind and can influence our actions and character.
60. But those which concern the trade to America and the East Indies derange it, perhaps, more than any other ; because the trade to those two great continents absorbs a greater quantity of stock than any two other branches of trade.
61. In the progress of despotism, the authority of the executive power gradually absorbs that of every other power in the state, and assumes to itself the management of every branch of revenue which is destined for any public purpose.
62. If the father of a family continues to be guided in his conduct by his childish conceptions of life, life becomes so difficult for him that he involuntarily seeks another philosophy and readily absorbs that which is appropriate to his age.
63. There, man’s spirit itself will truly listen to the words of its Provider and understands them, absorbs them and starts moving gradually to the truthful ones ((the true obedient people of Al’lah)) and perceives grasping in itself the high meanings of the holy Qur’an’ Verse s.
64. Until our commercial culture preys on every new fad, taste, or creative expression and absorbs it so fast that there is no ongoing creative movement or process alive outside of its domain… all so it can duplicate one of them as many times as possible to make as much money as possible.
65. Heat is the universal cause of fluidity and volatility in bodies; hence no solid can assume the state of gas, until it absorbs, or unites with, a certain portion of caloric; and the subtilty and volatility of compounds thus formed, will be in a due ratio to the quantity of caloric they employ.
66. We perceive: 1) a particle absorbs the Spirit (Ether), or emits, and at what speed - so we appreciate the quality of the particles; 2) directly the history of the particles transmitted as part of this same Spirit, that is, all contacts with other particles from the moment of emergence of the particle.
67. Renewable sources of energy produce significantly lower levels of environmental pollutants than conventional sources of energy; in particular, they generally emit no greenhouse gases or are neutral over their life-cycle in greenhouse gas terms (for instance, energy crops produce carbon dioxide when they are burnt, but the new crop growth absorbs an equivalent amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, making the process as a whole neutral in carbon terms).
68. The Experience of creativity “is extracted” to the last “droplet”: the Self-Consciousness continuously absorbs absolutely everything from the creativity of UU-VVU-copies which can be obtained from any psychological expression of every particular Form in this Formo-system of Worlds, in particular conflict and favorable situations, happy and dramatic circumstances, extreme physical stresses and serious diseases, so that to leave nothing unknown, unexperienced and unsynthesized on all qualitative Levels typical of the general Configuration of the Collective Consciousness of each Stereo-Form.
69. The vaporization of water absorbs the heat; it cools the smoke, air, walls,.
70. A buffer is something that absorbs the shock when two objects crash together,.

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