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Absorb numa frase em (in ingles)

I want to absorb it first.
This is a lot to absorb.
We can absorb some of the.
Nothing seemed to absorb sound.
It will help absorb negativity.
The new force will absorb WECTU.
Malek, I simply cannot absorb this.

I just sort of absorb information.
You need to absorb these waves the.
There’s no way they can absorb.
Tracy struggled to absorb the meaning.
If only the walls could absorb my pain.
I have had the opportunity to absorb.
We also absorb toxins through our skin.
Butterfield almost couldn’t absorb it.
She tries hard to absorb all the guilt.
Your scorn is impossible not to absorb.
Get into health and absorb and use the.
We will be able to absorb and retain the.
She seemed to absorb her surroundings and.
His arms seemed to absorb her like a sponge.
If that’s true, it could absorb light and.
Carrie took the time to absorb her surround-.
Brian sat there trying to absorb the information.
However, it could only absorb so much before it.
The swords absorb the energy of the yellow lasers.
Also, it is a fact that we absorb blockages from.
Eve said that humans could absorb Abel Energy too.
The treatment allows your body to absorb up to 7.
Charles was working hard to absorb the information.
And then, when he got into it, it would absorb him.
I COULD HARDLY ABSORB what Carolee had just told me.
It cannot absorb the shock we are about to deliver.
I was still too upset to absorb everything he said.
You absorb the thrashing until it slows to twitches.
Love in the ideal - is to absorb as much as to give.
They created Ether a little, so they absorb external.
Formon did her best to absorb the insult she received.
Max waited a moment to absorb what Jill had just said.
It just does not enter my mind and I cannot absorb it.
I tried absorbing his words.
He frowned, absorbing the news.
He was absorbing and transmuting.
I was hurrying, absorbing nothing.
He was absorbing and transmuting all.
Wonderful, her capacity for absorbing.
She was having trouble absorbing this.
Perhaps those self absorbing stitch-.
I sat, quietly absorbing this information.
He was absorbing her fear like a succubus.
Norah closed her eyes, absorbing the touch.
This room seemed to be absorbing the sound.
Cotton acts like a wick, absorbing moisture.
Absorbing the sun, watching rabbits at play.
They both fell into bed, absorbing the comfort.
We spent the afternoon absorbing the sunshine, and.
Absorbing, though yet still only a sedate jealously.
But this wasn’t energy absorbing neutronium skin.
It was as if his skin was absorbing the grey of the.
Somehow she was absorbing the power of the trinial!.
He nodded slowly, absorbing what I’d said for a few.
He was too busy absorbing the reality of his marriage.
She sat there silent for a while absorbing everything.
Absorbing the depth of her cries, Jericho was persuaded.
Athene merely nodded absorbing every word that he spoke.
Her eyes deepened, absorbing colors not in the spectrum.
Once there, she looked around, as if absorbing the decor.
But behold, the absorbing scene had been imported hither.
It became the absorbing topic of village talk immediately.
I watched her for several long absorbing minutes while I.
To which absorbing piece of intelligence echo answered why.
Alternatively, such particles we can call the absorbing Ether.
We had many absorbing conversations comparing our two countries.
The rest are absorbed, and they’re absorbing a lot right now.
Sam and Paul sat quietly for a moment absorbing the information.
I was only half-listening, busy absorbing the party atmosphere.
As children, however, we have the power of absorbing the fatty.
Eastward the sea absorbing, viewing, (nothing but sea and sky,).
I wish I could have been with you, absorbing some of the pain.
He had learned without absorbing, remembered without assimilating.
He was absorbed, in fact.
Perhaps I absorbed my coat.
When a man is absorbed in.
I may have absorbed enough.
I’m really absorbed in it.
We are absorbed into the crowd.
Drain off any water not absorbed.
She was so absorbed in hastily.
Simmer until liquid is absorbed.
What are you so absorbed in?
Mark was absorbed in the newspaper.
The Prana is absorbed in breathing.
He had a perfect ear and absorbed.
The figurine absorbed the darkness.
It absorbed him and fascinated him.
It will only while absorbed in them.
He was absorbed in a sort of prayer.
Will be absorbed by Lethe's stream;.
Most of it was absorbed by her shirt.
He was absorbed in matters spiritual.
Earthen vessels absorbed what was in.
She absorbed the warmth and closeness.
By dessert they had absorbed as much.
He appeared to be absorbed in thought.
But Piers was absorbed in the computer.
Self absorbed and a narcissistic? Yes.
Its pastor was invisible and absorbed.
For a moment she was utterly absorbed.
And all yagya are at last absorbed in.
Miriam sat on the sofa absorbed in him.
They retreated, gave nothing, absorbed.
His heavy pitying gaze absorbed her news.
But now the cares of dinner absorbed her.
The huge tower shield absorbed the blow.
Slowly the severed leg was absorbed by.
I was absorbed in the previous statement.
He had been absorbed for hours and had.
Niacin is absorbed in the small intestine.
But mostly being absorbed by one another.
And, to tell the truth, I absorbed their.
And it neither emits nor absorbs.
The first way slowly absorbs into your.
One symbol absorbs your energy and thought.
Wherever it be, it absorbs from surroundings.
When the one absorbs her the other doesn’t.
CRITer that cancels out or absorbs the shock-wave.
The bubble absorbs the given money until it burse.
His approach changes as soon as he absorbs my words.
The mind absorbs the bone marrow of the information.
King is endowed with the qualities which absorbs heaven.
It also absorbs most of the flavor from what the pig eats.
This powder ABSORBS the liquid which has SEEPED into the.
The mind is sharper than usual and absorbs information better.
Outside, it hisses as the shield absorbs more swings of his whip.
He absorbs it, for the Life-Light is strong in this time and place.
It absorbs all the needed information that flows into our conscious.
Calcium in an outer layer of the sun absorbs light rays that would have.
So it absorbs most visible light, but reflects microwaves and radio waves.
Like I said, the shield absorbs the energy and uses it all in self defence.
Tempo and pace will define one of the ways your reader absorbs your material.
Question: is hell exothermic (gives off heat) or endothermic (absorbs heat)?
I saw on TV once that if a witch kills another witch she absorbs her power.
If a man absorbs the anger within himself, he escapes from the anger of others.
Bone absorbs the highest levels of radioactivity, then lean meat, with fat lowest.
He instantly turns around and his shield absorbs the powerful force from the rock.
Divine love does not merely forgive wrongs; it absorbs and actually destroys them.
Massage the cream into your face gently so the skin absorbs the oils in this cream.
The digestive track absorbs water and the oxygen can also be used to fuel our cells.
Kinky hair absorbs more moisture allowing Africans to cool off in hot climates.
Counterclockwise – reverse – 3 Layers – First layer slows projectile and absorbs blast.
Think about how a black hole absorbs energy and then releases it as something new and alive.
It absorbs allunconscious mental frequencies from this brainwave energy to nourish itself with.
Like a sponge that absorbs everything, so he absorbed everything that was important, necessary and joyful.
It absorbs the heat from the solar heated water about it and approaches the temperature of the solar water.
In a miracle of geometry, the first rocket blocks and absorbs the radiation that would’ve struck the second.
More importantly, soluble fiber acts much like a sponge that absorbs and removes cholesterol from the arteries.
Each particle with the Field of Attraction absorbs Ether from the ambient, ethereal field with a certain velocity.
As food absorbed is the essence of the body, so the mind absorbs the object of its attention and gives it life and being.
It is this illimitable and divine perfection that absorbs the soul of man, not restricted laws of justice and philanthropy.
So what happens? The subconscious of each person absorbs this actual truth and creatively reflects it outwards as a cultural norm.

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