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  1. She began to accept it.
  2. Accept it and move on.
  3. It was a lot to accept.
  4. I can accept that now.
  5. We accept it by faith.

  6. I refuse to accept this.
  7. If she will accept it.
  8. I accept you as my own.
  9. You have to accept that.
  10. She had to accept what.
  11. You can accept and adapt.
  12. I just have to accept it.
  13. Let me accept that I?ve.
  14. Love and accept him for.
  15. Some will just accept you.

  16. I can accept that there.
  17. I refuse to accept that.
  18. The team will accept the.
  19. Accept others as they are.
  20. But he would not accept it.
  21. Better to accept all the.
  22. For whoever will accept it.
  23. As I could not accept, it.
  24. Be Willing to Accept Help.
  25. Accept him into your life.

  26. If I accept that over 100m.
  27. And bow and accept the end.
  28. Isodor: I can’t accept it.
  29. Just be open and accept it.
  30. Accept God as the only God.
  31. Will you accept it, Sir?
  32. Molly seemed to accept that.
  33. Will you accept this role?
  34. I did not accept this order.
  35. Neither could she accept it.
  36. Even that, I don't accept.
  37. Accept that you will never.
  38. When we accept the premise.
  39. But she seemed to accept it.
  40. I will accept that answer.
  41. You can accept the absolute.
  42. You don't have to accept an.
  43. Your root has to accept that.
  44. I accept your generous offer.
  45. Had to accept a rescheduling.
  46. Mankind will have to accept.
  47. Whether to accept or reject.
  48. Accept that fact and move on.
  49. Why did he accept even that.
  50. All must accept Christ, and.
  51. Accept all that he tells you.
  52. Davis refused to accept facts.
  53. That is things we accept in.
  54. But you need to accept it.
  55. The moors accept all that too.
  56. I can't accept your offer.
  57. He said I accept those very.
  58. Accept the Realities of Life.
  59. How could you not? Accept it.
  60. Don't accept what God forbids.
  61. Why couldn't she just accept.
  62. To accept, but has since been.
  63. She began to accept that the.
  64. Do you accept the charge?
  65. That I could accept the truth.
  66. I just wouldn’t accept that.
  67. He would accept them only on.
  68. He would accept the criticism.
  69. It was a hard sight to accept.
  71. She will accept the challenge.
  72. Wallace would no doubt accept.
  73. She will accept with the tide.
  74. Accept it with gratitude and.
  75. Ill accept what you hand out.
  76. I accept that it’s necessary.
  77. It really is tough to accept.
  78. He wants us to accept his love.
  79. I know this is hard to accept.
  80. I couldn’t accept it, though.
  81. We had no choice but to accept.
  82. But you didn’t accept that.
  83. You must accept the conditions.
  84. But , accept as their blessing.
  85. You do not have to accept the.
  86. And I would accept nothing less.
  87. I have never failed to accept.
  88. She’d never accept it either.
  89. Will I ever accept this child?
  90. Even I can see and accept that.
  92. If you accept the premise that.
  93. More time to accept all of this.
  94. Learn to accept that there are.
  95. She had to accept whatever her.
  96. I accept you as my apprentice.
  97. I am not willing to accept this.
  98. I don’t know if I accept that.
  99. It could not accept the paradox.
  100. Neither of them would accept it.
  1. Instead of accepting his way.
  2. But, she was not accepting it.
  3. Caris was not accepting excuses.
  4. Mickens was not accepting any.
  5. Because accepting others is the.
  6. Before accepting it, Tracy sug-.
  7. I am accepting the beliefs of a.
  8. Accepting that concept is a biggie.
  9. Accepting Hanor had been full of.
  10. Thanks for accepting this position.
  11. He had not the power of accepting it.
  12. Without accepting this knowledge and.
  13. They are perfect, accepting, trusting.
  14. Accepting your offer is even easier now.
  15. Accepting the naked truth of the white.
  16. I never felt comfortable accepting them.
  17. They can start by not accepting coupons.
  18. I declined accepting more than was my due.
  19. Start by being more accepting of yourself.
  20. Love is accepting, patient, is not earned.
  21. Jeff had made accepting the position easy.
  22. You have a choice between accepting the.
  23. Emotionally Accepting Things as They Are.
  24. By accepting and loving yourself, you're.
  25. I think accepting the ocean did it for me.
  26. It felt like that would be accepting his.
  27. Dogs are the worst at accepting change.
  28. While accepting that I may never be rescued.
  29. When it comes to accepting new students, Mr.
  30. Taking responsibility means accepting the.
  31. I have a seriously hard time accepting the.
  32. And by accepting that, it helped relieve.
  33. Marie knew that accepting the purple meant.
  34. Very loving, and accepting of me and my son.
  35. Thank you, he said, accepting the bowl.
  36. Is the nursing home accepting new residents?
  37. It was about accepting a responsibility that.
  38. Thank You! for accepting my invitation to play.
  39. Pausing and then accepting the limits of what.
  40. We are currently accepting applications for an.
  41. Eventually accepting the unexpectedly repeated.
  42. The reality is when accepting treatment for a.
  43. She has a terrible time accepting compliments.
  44. Being in love with you is accepting you totally.
  45. Grandma had been very accepting about the matter.
  46. It seemed like accepting that he was going to die.
  47. Being of a religion of choices accepting of both.
  48. I’ve always had a hard time accepting assistance.
  49. What an idiot I was for accepting any of his calls.
  50. Master Kuthumi, when accepting a pupil not long ago.
  51. I was still having a hard time accepting it, myself.
  52. Sure, Garcia said, accepting the PADD from her.
  53. Thank you for accepting my invitation, he said.
  54. Where’s the question of my not accepting her?’.
  55. Once my mother sees them accepting you, she is more.
  56. Still we are accepting it,’ Ananya’s mother said.
  57. By accepting that they are mind-fucking assholes who.
  58. Accepting as it grew; it finally started noticing the.
  59. Happiness lies in accepting and living with that fact.
  60. Instead of accepting my apology, he just left the room.
  61. Here, prince, look here! Your bride is accepting money.
  62. Accepting a global flood still leaves us with questions.
  63. She is accepting new clients and offers phone sessions.
  64. Accepting the show's Linus Torvalds Award for Community.
  65. I know! That I am, I said accepting the compliment.
  66. Truly accepting that as truth was the hard part of Cam-.
  67. She humphed and shrugged, accepting the ghost's presence.
  68. Vincy's sister had made a wealthy match in accepting Mr.
  69. It’s not exactly something they would be accepting of.
  70. I resigned myself to the fate of accepting a ban, but I.
  71. After accepting his award, Nick addressed his colleagues.
  72. He is incapable of accepting blame for his mistakes, and.
  73. Children are better than adults at accepting the unusual.
  74. Thank you once more, Neil, for accepting my invitation.
  75. He is offering serious money and I am accepting his offer.
  76. No decision had been made about accepting him as a client.
  77. The most difficult piece of accepting anything new is the.
  78. Now she was accepting that there were scores of them here.
  79. Accepting it stops the pain and suffering and allows for.
  80. Thanks Boss, said Alex accepting the compliment but.
  81. That’ll be a nice touch, she said, accepting his hand.
  82. Haven smiled at the dog, happily accepting his gesture of.
  83. She sat as asked, accepting Mick’s hard member without a.
  84. He sat up after a moment turning his head away, accepting.
  85. But seeing something and accepting it are different things.
  86. They felt little shy, a bit smile of nagging and accepting.
  87. God Boy was still accepting his newly converted friend’s.
  88. High rewards are usually the result of accepting high risk.
  89. He nodded, as he talked himself into accepting Tam's theory.
  90. Being accepting to these passing experiences is the art of.
  91. Fortunately, she was grudgingly accepting some advice from.
  92. She thought about how she had changed since accepting Christ.
  93. Seeing and accepting the damage that has been done to me has.
  94. For my part, I think Ladislaw is rather a fool for accepting.
  95. But not accepting the pain, and staving it off until someone.
  96. Sayeed is accepting payment for his brother and stuffing it.
  97. It’s a clear suicide, but his parents aren’t accepting it.
  98. This is because unconditional love is accepting of all things.
  99. Waterhouse rewarded the expression of respect by accepting Mr.
  100. I respected my dad even more for accepting he was in the wrong.
  1. It had to be accepted.
  2. It is not accepted by.
  3. Then accepted as a fact.
  4. I accepted the post on.
  6. I was accepted okay now.
  7. I want to feel accepted.
  8. He had accepted his fate.
  9. I had accepted the truth.
  10. If not accepted with care.
  11. He was accepted at Party.
  12. I simply accepted his word.
  13. She accepted it and ate it.
  14. She had accepted the price.
  15. Why she had accepted this.
  16. It is a well accepted fact.
  17. Homer accepted it in silence.
  18. Why have we accepted this?
  19. He had been accepted to the.
  20. Or at least have accepted it.
  21. I had accepted the challenge.
  22. Finally he had been accepted.
  23. You have accepted me as I am.
  24. The Klingon accepted his hand.
  25. I accepted her at face value.
  26. Why they accepted him was easy.
  27. You accepted me for who I was.
  28. That I would have accepted.
  29. She accepted things and made.
  30. Emily accepted and agreed to.
  31. The younger man accepted the.
  32. If it were accepted it would.
  33. Henceforth, I accepted my fate.
  34. They accepted that there were.
  35. The doctor accepted it gingerly.
  36. But I never accepted it in here.
  37. Are they accepted and are they.
  38. To his surprise, he accepted it.
  39. Maureen accepted his little joke.
  40. Howard accepted the offer as a.
  41. Her opinion was accepted at once.
  42. I nodded and accepted the folder.
  43. He accepted the gift and began.
  44. Brittany is accepted into the M.
  45. Velvet accepted the gifts with.
  46. She accepted his offer of coffee.
  47. Now, she accepted it more openly.
  48. Rather, accepted in the native.
  49. He however accepted that Mayank.
  50. She then accepted to marry Felix.
  51. Graciously, she will be accepted.
  52. And they accepted a little drink.
  53. She accepted with another curtsy.
  54. The girl smiled and accepted his.
  55. Till now it has not been accepted.
  56. She was confused, but accepted it.
  57. I accepted so eagerly I ended up.
  58. I felt totally accepted and loved.
  59. I accepted that everything I was.
  60. You have accepted a certain theory.
  61. She fell silent as she accepted it.
  62. The others accepted under protest.
  63. She accepted it, simply and openly.
  64. In reality I had accepted my fate.
  65. He accepted the comment graciously.
  66. He accepted these conditions and.
  67. Doctors have accepted this symbol.
  68. I accepted the clothes with thanks.
  69. Laura had accepted the gift with.
  70. They accepted us without question.
  71. They accepted the fact in silence.
  72. Deep in his heart, Bill accepted it.
  73. He accepted his past life for the.
  74. Gomes smiled and accepted his point.
  75. Why he accepted to work for them?
  76. A few of his men accepted our ways.
  77. Maybe I should have accepted a fee.
  78. If they accepted the invitation.
  79. I yearned to be accepted and loved.
  80. All major credit card are accepted.
  81. The job was accepted and scheduled.
  82. Naturally, they are always accepted.
  83. She claimed she had accepted Jesus.
  84. I accepted the box with a question:.
  85. Has your wife accepted her loss.
  86. For etiquette’s sake, he accepted.
  87. He accepted me with a return salute.
  88. I accepted the scene from my vision.
  89. Application of handcuffs is accepted.
  90. I accepted his trip offer for later.
  91. He has already accepted me, Yosef.
  92. Was the proposal of asylum accepted?
  93. I have accepted my fate valiantly.
  94. She had accepted help today, however.
  95. You accepted her proposition, right.
  96. The name has now been widely accepted.
  97. They have accepted me although they.
  98. She accepted the situation as it was.
  99. It did not become commonly accepted.
  100. The snow-ravens have not accepted us.
  1. He shrugs as he accepts.
  2. He accepts now that his.
  3. A horse that accepts only.
  4. God the Father accepts this.
  5. It accepts this pain as part.
  6. It accepts them and revels in.
  7. And Mary accepts all this?
  8. The function accepts no parameter.
  9. I think the norm accepts this as.
  10. A world that accepts the body and.
  11. God Himself accepts the sacrifice?
  12. She laughs at him as she accepts it.
  13. He then accepts that he might fail.
  14. It loves and accepts everything that.
  15. It is Nancy who accepts the criticism.
  16. D -146-her good girl if she accepts it.
  17. Accepts the suggestion made by others.
  18. He does not tolerate us, He accepts us.
  19. He accepts this as reasonable and normal.
  20. TK offers a helping hand; Kairo accepts.
  21. Rosa is upset, but eventually accepts it.
  22. Vodka is the only thing his soul accepts.
  23. He therefore discards that and accepts this.
  24. A woman always accepts love, never a sorry.
  25. A people which accepts a charter abdicates.
  26. She knows my behaviours and accepts them.
  27. Whether he accepts it or not, the burden of.
  28. Yet who, upon this earth, accepts Me as I am?
  29. Loki accepts and tries to hand back the flask.
  30. She accepts my faults as well as my strengths.
  31. Unfortunately, the order accepts no interviews.
  32. The swamp is part of the forest; it accepts you.
  33. In time, any god that accepts gold becomes gold.
  34. Difficulty is the excuse history never accepts.
  35. And yet, He accepts us and loves us and forgives.
  36. Krishn accepts whatever gifts are offered to him.
  37. If the girl caught it, that would mean she accepts.
  38. Therefore, it accepts the pain of having its mask.
  39. Action accepts all stimuli in an affirmative manner.
  40. Boldness, on the other hand, accepts responsibility.
  41. He can show his feelings and accepts those of others.
  42. It is most exemplary how this hunter accepts failure.
  43. The best option is best till the heart accepts it as.
  44. The mall can ship the item later if the dealer accepts.
  45. His weariness will go away when he accepts suggested.
  46. Yes, the Fixer accepts Clyde's second offering of.
  47. He grooms her repeatedly and accepts grooming in return.
  48. It just accepts the old self along with everything else.
  49. Joe accepts that, finally, and hands the keys back to me.
  50. And does not judge me, The half that accepts and love me.
  51. It is the part of our mind that accepts and rejects ideas.
  52. I'm not sure what it might mean to him, but he accepts it.
  53. The PLO recognises Israel and accepts its right to exist.
  54. A person in such a state accepts whatever is given without.
  55. The governor of the province also secretly accepts a bribe.
  56. It machines and accepts fasteners in a manner like that of.
  57. She only accepts patients by referral and with an appointment.
  58. However, notwithstanding whether one accepts or rejects this.
  59. Within a few months, she accepts it all and focuses on herself.
  60. Whoever accepts me he or she shall be blessed and shall bless me.
  61. Following the completion of her Master’s Degree, she accepts a.
  62. M: The outer represent the inner, the inner accepts the outer —.
  63. John accepts assignment as March 22 silver call expires in the money.
  64. She accepts a position with Fuhu, in Miami, in January of 2109.
  65. There is a standing ovation as Jeraterik Eketarias accepts the medal.
  66. We accept what science accepts and we reject whatever science rejects.
  67. God understands and accepts that there are times that you forget to.
  68. Another type gives piddly things and accepts piddly things – they.
  69. He accepts everything so he can transform his life into a work of art.
  70. We are now living in a time when no one accepts that there is a power.
  71. Whether she accepts or doesn't accept money, she will help thewounded.
  72. After couple of days, when the forum accepts the signature below your.
  73. The delete_file() function accepts a file path as a string and uses os.
  74. The first possibility: she succumbs to and completely accepts what her.
  75. The master who accepts him is called in India a Guru; and the real Guru.
  76. Wahhabism accepts the Qur'an and hadith as fundamental texts, interpreted.
  77. Sometimes it accepts something, and immediately it rejects the same thing.
  78. Claudine knows that if she accepts the laws of reality, she runs the risk.
  79. It accepts factory as an input, and uses it to create the world of the game.
  80. I can respect a man who is honest and accepts responsibility for his actions.
  81. Our decorator accepts the function fn that needs to be memoized, as an input.
  82. Neither Great Britain accepts the terms, nor France performs her engagements.
  83. Justice is the word he uses, not bitterly, he just accepts that unseen laws.
  84. We who have been bear witness; whether the world accepts our testimony makes.
  85. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with.
  86. In earlier chapters you learned that the Creative Mind accepts thoughts of the.
  87. The Creative Mind, as you already know, accepts thoughts of the conscious mind.
  88. A Hindu accepts five main general ideas as the framework of his spiritual life.
  89. Creative Mind accepts the thought as an instruction and actual y makes the task.
  90. If one accepts this twofold aim all Rostopchin’s actions appear irreproachable.
  91. Yet even sucb a focus accepts the different stages of the basic oedipal model as.
  92. Of course he accepts, and a life of world-wide travel and incident is the result.
  93. One accepts that there are regularly puppies, and these are then disposed of in.
  94. If one accepts this twofold aim all Rostopchín’s actions appear irreproachable.
  95. Becky accepts her invitation by reaching out with open arms towards her new Aunty.
  96. He accepts it; he does not say no, the tree is light green with a red shine.
  97. Romero hesitates, then accepts it, nodding briefly before turning away in his cot.
  98. He does not understand how all that works and grudgingly accepts it…but he sees.
  99. Does this mean that he accepts the truth of my report? he wondered as he continued.
  100. In normal capital budgeting, a firm accepts all projects that have a positive net.

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