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Accident numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. But it was an accident.
  2. I was an accident and.
  3. But it was no accident.
  4. Has to be the accident.
  5. It was just an accident.

  6. Said it was an accident.
  7. That was not an accident.
  8. The death is no accident.
  9. Or it was an accident.
  10. It wasn't a car accident.
  11. It was simply an accident.
  12. It was a tragic accident.
  13. Has he had an accident?
  14. Mine was a freak accident.
  15. It was a bizarre accident.

  16. He died in a car accident.
  17. His death was an accident.
  18. He said it was an accident.
  19. Is that just by accident?
  20. Once is called an accident.
  21. There could be an accident.
  22. I won't have an accident.
  23. Mother! It was an accident.
  24. There has been an accident.
  25. None of this was an accident.

  26. I never saw an accident or.
  27. It was probably an accident.
  28. Maybe it was an accident.
  29. After the accident, at the.
  30. Could have been an accident.
  31. It is the purest accident.
  32. How did the accident happen.
  33. They said it was an accident.
  34. It was an accident, a fall.
  35. And then that night accident.
  36. That accident has made your.
  37. It was an accident, honestly.
  38. He made light of his accident.
  39. Mort’s death was an accident.
  40. And this accident came about.
  41. Nor can we get it by accident.
  42. I think it was an accident.
  43. You’re not here by accident.
  44. A freak accident, that’s all.
  45. It was a very tragic accident.
  46. She caused a terrible accident.
  47. It was an accident, that's all.
  48. Although the accident was his.
  49. You didn't turn up by accident.
  50. Say that it was an accident.
  51. My scar from the car accident.
  52. Yes, but it was an accident.
  53. I kind of came here on accident.
  54. Casselli could have an accident.
  55. I was the cause of his accident.
  56. It was just a terrible accident.
  57. You said that was an accident.
  58. That was before the accident.
  59. I found the door by accident.
  60. If you could call it an accident.
  61. The inquest ruled it an accident.
  62. It was such a serious accident.
  63. That, of course, was no accident.
  64. It has to be an accident as she.
  65. But the accident was unavoidable.
  66. I’m sure it was an accident.
  67. I was in an accident as a kid.
  68. He drank insecticide by accident.
  69. That may have been an accident.
  70. Keith was a fortunate accident.
  71. I don’t think it was an accident.
  72. But he had created a huge accident.
  73. I'm guessing that was an accident.
  74. His mate was killed in an accident.
  75. It wasn’t an accident, Joseph.
  76. I’m sorry, it was an accident.
  77. We met in a bookstore by accident.
  78. This accident changes him forever.
  79. An accident, he said softly.
  80. So was an accident about to happen.
  81. She was involved in a car accident.
  82. Just an accident with a stapler.
  83. No – we almost had an accident.
  84. It was not an accident that there.
  85. Insure against street accident too.
  86. I had an accident, he replied.
  87. Feltus; there’s been an accident.
  88. Yes, it will look like an accident.
  89. He found his egg quite by accident.
  90. I want to think it’s an accident.
  91. It had to be some kind of accident.
  92. And accident it was, wasn’t it?
  93. Wiggins, there’s been an accident.
  94. We happened upon you by accident.
  95. Touching Technique #2: The Accident.
  96. I asked about the accident and was.
  97. How is that a fucking accident?
  98. There was a little accident Harry.
  99. He then says, It was an accident.
  100. Poor old Mort had a tragic accident.

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