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  1. I play my Ace, Mr.
  2. Faye Anne was an ace.
  3. But he wanted an ace card.
  4. Ace of Spades – Motorhead.
  5. The other ace up his sleeve.

  6. Then he played his ace card.
  7. His ace in the hole was Marie.
  8. Maybe even an ace in the hole.
  9. Not even the ace reporters at.
  10. All cars need to ace inspection.
  11. I got Ace Rango with me here.
  12. Don’t look now, Ace said.
  13. Ace and Dice nodded in agreement.
  14. I play my Ace, Denunciation of Mr.
  15. Then it fell, the ace on the side.

  16. Ace motioned Mike to leave the room.
  17. Turned out it was the ace of spades.
  18. Ne'er trusted to the treacherous ace.
  19. It was Dice calling on behalf of Ace.
  20. I only had one more ace up my sleeve.
  21. On my first book with Ace I had been.
  22. An ace in the hole, so to speak.
  23. Two for the ace, said the dealer.
  24. I wish, but you are my ace in the hole.
  25. Ace pulled on his beard, deep in thought.

  26. Why’m I under arrest? Ace put in.
  27. But he had yet another ace up his sleeve.
  28. Two more and you will qualify as an ace.
  29. Is nothing simple? Rex had an ace up his.
  30. But she had one last ace up her sleeve:.
  31. Ace bent down and kissed her on the cheek.
  32. Rush your order and you play a slick ace.
  33. Ace jumped in as I backed down the drive.
  34. Ace and Stud are each getting their first.
  35. The blood fell away from the Witch's f ace.
  36. Ace makes a mad-dash towards their objective.
  37. The dealer had an ace of diamonds up while.
  38. Six hundred rubles, ace, a corner, a nine.
  39. Ace emits a small super strength radial burst.
  40. A short while later, Stud and Ace left Room X.
  41. He was winding it tightly with an ace bandage.
  42. Lieutenant Dows is thus a confirmed double ace.
  43. Jeremy says you’re an ace at organizing stock.
  44. The Ace of Spades reversed, that's the violence.
  45. Ace, contained a collection of interesting free.
  46. Ace consulted a printed map of Engaku-ji cemetery.
  47. She then gave Ace permission to go see his mother.
  48. He had discarded an ace and received a one-eyed.
  49. Ace and Stud have been talking about you non-stop.
  50. Needless to say, you were bound to ace your test.
  51. This could be the ace in the hole that we need.
  52. Black as the ace of spades, the old man said.
  53. This ace was, for obvious reasons my very best one.
  54. He had one ace up his sleeve and knew that now or.
  55. It is the ace up one’s sleeve to use against fear.
  56. Will he go with the thought that he can not ace the.
  57. Less than an ace, man; for he is dead; he is nothing.
  58. I looked at Grover, who gulped down the ace of hearts.
  59. Ace leaps onto the back of the anthropoid and begins.
  60. Praying for peace, Ace drove up to Greystone Hospital.
  61. The lil bomber slowly began to unwind the ace bandage.
  62. Corey Hambrick was their ace, a six-five righty that.
  63. But, I should have guessed; he had an ace up his sleeve.
  64. And finally an ace was handed down to Jeremiah, leaving.
  65. Presented with the compliments of Ace Business Promotions.
  66. Ace hurtles forward and begins dropping megatons of force.
  67. All the planning done, and, now within an ace of action, I.
  68. The tracker bracelets were the Syndicate’s ace in the hole.
  69. They talked about bridge and Robbie pretended he was an ace.
  70. Dice was going to translate but Ace stopped him with his hand.
  71. Ace pulled his package out and began rolling some more joints.
  72. World War Two fighter ace and one of Harry’s childhood heroes.
  73. It was similar to the displays you see at Ace Hardware or Home.
  74. The Ace of Pentacles promises that the money you need will come.
  75. Money Man Made of the Jack and Ace of Spades, with his dog.
  76. I killed his king and played him my final card, the ace of spades.
  77. Ace high card and the queen of hearts, giving him the possibility.
  78. I did have one ace in the hole, and that was the book I was writing.
  79. Ace picked up his joint where he’d dropped it and lit it up again.
  80. He did have an ace up his sleeve in the eventuality of being caught.
  81. Dianne returned with several ace bandages and a prescription bottle.
  82. Ozu loved his sake, said Ace; no one would dare to open his bottles.
  83. They stil had their ace in the hole, Utopia, if more land was ever.
  84. Al of a sudden, the ace up The Bosses sleeve had turned out to be a.
  85. He clung to the monastery, and was within an ace of becoming a monk.
  86. On second thought, perhaps she believes I’m more like Ace Ventura.
  87. Ace came to the fence and stretched his yellow-brown neck out to her.
  88. That was the moment when I realized I couldn’t stay at Starbase Ace.
  89. The Doctor got out some ace wraps and started wrapping David’s chest.
  90. Reversed: The reversed Ace of Wands warns of creative blocks, so thing.
  91. Taking charge of the situation, Randy said, I discarded an ace, but.
  92. Interpretation: When you draw the Ace of Pentacles there are financ ial.
  93. Interpretation: The Ace of Wands is all about creative insight, new gin.
  94. Ritter reiterated his intention to keep his ace firmly tucked up his sleeve.
  95. The ace bandage had been wrapped on so tight that it felt like the monster.
  96. With Ray’s blessing, I decided to take over the operation of Starbase Ace.
  97. Hershey and Ace put their heads over the fence and brayed their objections.
  98. Um, Wren, Tracker interrupted in his World War I flying ace character.
  99. Ace and Stud as they are commonly known were apprehended a short while ago.
  100. Ace remembered the killer had a fond of that chalice and was promised to it.
  1. Here are useful tips you could perform in searching the appropriate job and acing the interview.
  1. Lucy aced typing in.
  2. I had to have aced, i.
  3. We aced it man! Harold gushed as we greeted Beth in the.
  4. I was ever so proud of Chantal when she aced her high school preliminary.
  5. Several weeks later, he took the final history exam for the fall semester, which he also aced.
  6. She'd been headed for an A in Chemistry when Franklin… Dumbbell! I could have aced everything—be teaching now.
  7. Ross Somerville (Canada) made history when he aced the 16th hole at the Augusta National in Georgia, USA, on 22 March 1934.
  8. He aced the course without having to phase into the Quiet and look up the answers in the textbook, the way I did in the middle of the exams.
  9. I aced all of my general education classes, which was a minor miracle given how I'd sit in lectures and think of the soft hook of Soraya's nose.
  10. I paid for him to live on Commonwealth Avenue with his Camp Wightman counselor sweetheart, who was from Norwich, and, of course, he aced the two courses and was admitted to BULS from which he graduated in May ‘97 cum laude.
  1. Pair of aces.
  2. Two aces were.
  3. His deck has 52 Aces in it.
  4. They were all aces of spades.
  5. In such games soldiers are aces.
  6. You see! Two aces and that makes ve!.
  7. Aces! The Greeks have invented lots of smart.
  8. Goran blasted 37 aces and won a total of 25 games.
  9. It was The Four Aces "Mr Sandman" Forbes looked as if he.
  10. The four aces in his hand were a symbol, and he knew that.
  11. ACES is busy writing out the equation on the board at the.
  12. Aces drones on and on, lecturing about how there were over.
  13. James looked at the four aces in his hands, peeking at Judas.
  14. I however do have a few aces up my sleeve that should help me.
  15. He’s shot ve aces and he’s got you! Then you can be beaten.
  16. And Ritter alone knew the aces he kept up his sleeve were about to up the ante.
  17. He however didn’t mention those, wanting to keep a few hidden aces in this case.
  18. I’ve probably never made more than a couple of aces all the years I’ve played.
  19. Charles Douglas Gibson now holds all of the Aces and he has the winning hand for world dominion.
  20. In an attempt to give the impression that he and Gordon were holding all the investigating aces.
  21. First came the men convicts, all in gray trousers and long coats with diamond aces on their backs.
  22. We soon had him comparing our great aces with their great aces, which was exactly what we were hoping for.
  23. Those are really aces and twos which you see, but my shots have turned them into threes, fives, sevens, eights, nines, and tens.
  24. Shortly thereafter, when Raghukul Yadav advised Gautam to contact his son to clear the decks for the contracts, he knew who held all the aces.
  25. Exclamations of amusement and false indignation met that declaration, with the young pilots facing her obviously envious of those German aces.
  26. Third, I had the chance to be able to discuss at length air combat tactics in Europe with confirmed air aces there and learned much from them.
  27. However, she had proven the hard way that she was not only worthy of being a fighter pilot, but that she was also made of the stuff of great aces.
  28. The ACL consists of access control entries (ACEs) that specify which users and groups are to be granted access to the object and what access they are to receive.
  29. I also learned in the past from a number of air aces in Europe, but the main thing is that I use the strengths of my plane as well as the weaknesses of the Japanese planes.
  30. I will ask you and your pilots to refrain from mentioning the existence of those planes to others outside of Guadalcanal: they are truly one of our hidden aces against the Japanese right now.
  31. Apart from Major Dows, who has proved to be a true tactical genius concerning air and joint operations, six of her women have become aces and the rest of her pilots are at least on par with my Marine pilots.
  32. In fact, I understand that, when still a teenage auxiliary in the Luftwaffe in France in 1940, she learned much about air tactics while dating such top Luftwaffe air aces as Adolph Galland and Werner Moelders.
  33. Can you imagine what he would of won on four aces? Of course I dont know much about poker, because as you know pinochle is more in my line, and it takes more brains to play auction, don’t you think so, Eddie?
  34. The powers that be have already begun to reassemble Charles’s Empire and they are adding it to their own; and they now hold the trump card along with all the aces, and it is just a matter of time before they govern the entire world.
  35. In Canada there are three more sub-species, as well as this one: the Western Canada Moose (Alces alces andersoni), found over the greatest area, the Eastern Canada Moose (Aces alces americana), and the Shiras Moose (Alces alces shirasi).
  36. Cordell Hull, stung by such open criticism of his handling of foreign affairs, had however little arguments to oppose Stimson’s views: whether he liked it or not, Nancy Laplante seemed to have all the aces in her deck of cards at the moment.
  37. She had no training in aerial gunnery, but she had lots of practice at rifle shooting, a sharp vision, excellent hand-eye coordination and had also listened to the best air aces of the Luftwaffe as they told her how to calculate a shooting deflection.
  38. I saw in detail the tactics employed during what the British call the Battle of Britain and discussed at length fighter tactics and air combat with some of the best German aces in France…while they kept a cup of wine in my hands and a bed nearby, of course.
  39. Every Windows object has an access control list (ACL) that contains access control entries (ACEs) that specify the security identifiers (SIDs) of users or groups that are to be permitted access to the object, as well as the specific actions that the user or group can perform.
  40. Showing both incredible bravery and utmost tactical savvy, as well as impressive skills as a fighter pilot, she quickly became the American Ace of aces, a title that she still holds with a total of 138 confirmed air victories to date accumulated during both World War Two and the Korean War.
  41. The three squadrons of alien aces vanished from sight, presumably lost somewhere in interstellar space or incinerated when some sizable portion of the energy that went into the transit's opening hurled itself out into the Mizar system in a fountain of high energy particles, microwaves, and infrared.

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