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Acerbic numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. He wasn’t judging or acerbic.
  2. Your god, replied Youssaf, quietly, but with a touch of the acerbic still in his voice, finally.
  3. They loved the old woman’s acerbic wit and her candid views on life, both personal and impersonal ones.
  4. His pungent humour made him an entertainer on television; his acerbic tongue meant he had few friends left in politics.
  5. At long last the fish sounded, and so did the captain, muttering acerbic curses as he descended into his own underworld beneath the quarterdeck.

  6. The Garden of Beauty and Truth, as this new sect in East Francia styles itself, draws heavily upon the teachings of our own Count Jaume for their doctrines, he said with acerbic relish.
  7. One of the first people I ran into when I got to the debate site—an auditorium at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena—was Sam Harris, who’d published a pair of acerbic, bestselling anti-religion books, making him one of the heroes of a budding atheist movement.

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