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Acid numa frase em (in ingles)

1. See boric acid in index.
2. May 8 was the acid test.
3. It is a natural acid trip.
4. The acid melted her flesh.
5. Centaur blood is like acid.
6. The acid was up in his gut.
7. Kinic acid, detection of, J.

8. Her voice was cool but acid.
9. I love acid with the protein.
10. The acid test was to occur on.
11. Shell need B12 and Folic Acid.
12. Reese, it’s acid, watch out.
13. Where does this acid come from?
14. Surfin’ the internet on acid!.
15. Boric acid has antiviral activity.
16. The acid was down to the weather.
17. It has started to rain acid but.
18. Boric acid should not be ingested.
19. Holy fuck, Acid snapped back.
20. Acid burned the back of my throat.
21. These were the acids of acid rain.
22. Also known as ascorbic acid, this.
23. Do you still have some acid?
24. She would slip him Acid, go for a.
25. But boy, did I have an acid stomach.
26. It helps neutralize acid in the body.
27. Modify the acid intake in the diet.
28. Lucy’s first acid trip was not fun.
29. The phosphoric acid found in these.
30. You didn’t have a bottle of acid.
31. He drops a tab of acid in each mouth.
32. How are you Cassidy? Acid asked.
33. What you should know about acid rain:.
34. The hum turned to a weird, acid sharp.
35. Then they poured this acid over a man.
36. See index for more info on boric acid.
37. Folic acid can help repair this damage.
38. The shots turned to acid in her stomach.
39. Of her childhood; little pieces of acid.
40. She had been crossed and now her acid.

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