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Acrid numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. The cloud of acrid smoke when.
  2. Blowback drenched him in acrid aerosol.
  3. Acrid bleach and ammonia stung his nose.
  4. Fear tasted sharp and acrid in her mouth.
  5. The acrid smell of vodka and rancid puke.

  6. What’s left, but acrid memories of lies.
  7. This ball had an acrid and penetrating odor.
  8. It smelled of dust and sand and acrid celluloid.
  9. It was an acrid remark, though perfectly legitimate.
  10. The air was permeated with an acrid, sulfuric odor.
  11. There is a smell of blood and flesh, acrid and dark.
  12. A clear, cool winter’s day the air still acrid from.
  13. I could smell the sweetly acrid fumes from the exhaust.
  14. Slowly the acrid smoke cleared, once again revealing the.
  15. Although she was beautiful on the outside she was acrid.

  16. A sensation, not pleasant at all: acrid, bitter – harsh.
  17. The acrid scent of smoke clawed her throat, burned her eyes.
  18. Nick smelled cordite and the faint, acrid bite of tear gas.
  19. He sucked hard and the acrid taste of fuel burnt his mouth as.
  20. The acrid scent of burning metal filled Reno's nose, but he knew.
  21. Some of the green and bronze humanoids spat acrid balls of flame.
  22. A foul acrid scent almost stifled him, his own sweat blinded him.
  23. There was a swirl of acrid smoke, accompanied by a horrifying hiss.
  24. It was sharper and more acrid; it almost felt like it stung the eyes.
  25. The ground heaved, and the air whooshed around, carrying an acrid smell.

  26. Then she smelt the acrid smoke, which was starting to creep under her door.
  27. He took a step and stumbled, his eyes stinging in the acrid smoke, tearing up.
  28. An acrid and stifling smoke in which dying and wounded lay with weak, dull groans.
  29. What’s the occasion, though? he says, around a mouthful of acrid chocolate.
  30. The inside was cold and dray, and smelt earthy with a hint of the acrid smell of metal.
  31. Slowly, step by step, he found himself in the great hall, sombre and full of acrid smoke.
  32. Jess could smell the acrid stench again, the same as in St Pancras when the Burner had died.
  33. An acrid smell was in the air as it rushed past him, followed by a huge explosion of sound.
  34. Around a corner, she saw a flickering flash of light and smelled the acrid smoke of candles.
  35. The decanter of sherry was on the table half full, but there was a queer, acrid smell about.
  36. The acrid smell of smoke suddenly had something putrid to it, dead flesh decaying in the sun.
  37. I stepped over the broken lintel, and found myself standing in a yard in a dense and acrid fog.
  38. General Paul Hausser was awakened by the strong, acrid smell of something waived under his nose.
  39. The place stunk with the acrid stench of abused metal, animal poop, diapers and old moldy food.
  40. Maggie drew her coat up around her face, blinking painfully as the acrid air assaulted her eyes.
  41. Rochester then turned to the spectators: he looked at them with a smile both acrid and desolate.
  42. A sphere of golden light formed around the warriors, deflecting the acrid blast from the behemoth.
  43. As he approached on foot, the acrid smell of avgas rolled heavily downwind and cloyed his nostrils.
  44. As the acrid smoke enveloped her face, Elise Jones, newly married, vomited on her husband‘s back.
  45. As they approached the island, the acrid smell of ammonia grew strong, bringing tears to their eyes.
  46. The acrid smoke attacked her eyes but she pushed between the processor cores to look for Peter anyway.
  47. Blood from the wolf spattered against her skin, warm and acrid, and she thrust the branch forward again.
  48. The acrid stench of burning flesh combined with the blistering heat 0f the fire, made him want to vomit.
  49. Glancing at the clock, I swallow the acrid liquid which is gathering in my mouth … concentrate, Liz ….
  50. With one more massive jolt, the train squealed to a halt, and he coughed as he caught a breath of acrid smoke.
  51. Great suffering was in the air; ‘twas foul, unsafe to breathe for long; the acrid stench of death prevailed.
  52. She possessed affections, too, though hitherto acrid and disagreeable, as are the richest flavors of unripe fruit.
  53. Burn lowered Audacity down slowly on her own gravity while beads of acrid looking liquid condensed on the porthole.
  54. The acrid smell of petrol, burnt paint and melted upholstery oozed out the holes in the walls where the widows had been.
  55. Occasionally he would hesitate and look towards a larger swamp creature when its acrid scent graced the occasional breeze.
  56. The walls were plain, but they seemed to have dirty smudges on them, and the whole place reeked of an acrid, chemical smell.
  57. Dry grass as well as the tree was alight and acrid smoke from discarded plastic wrappers, bottles and condoms was horrendous.
  58. She felt the rush of air on her face and the foul acrid smell of the creature before her as she steadied herself for her demise.
  59. Now where had he come by that phrase? The smell of cooking drugs was like burnt hair or corn, or like dental work, acrid but sweet.
  60. The varnishing rooms were acrid and stung his eyes but were no less impressive for their lack of waste and cleverness of application.
  61. He could almost taste the acrid smell of vomit, summoning once more the memory of his own destructive behavior of a few days earlier.
  62. The tape recorder burst into flames, filling the car with thick, acrid, burnt-plastic smoke which caused Chris breathing difficulties.
  63. He hefted her into the back seat of his car, clamping the moist acrid smelling cloth over the lower part of her face for not even a minute.
  64. A faint haze floated in the air despite the efforts of dust collectors, and the acrid half-burnt smell of fresh-cut wood reeked pleasantly.
  65. I watched the churning wake and noticed a strong stale fish smell mixed with the acrid odor of tar that caulked the seams of the wooden hull.
  66. An acrid smell filled the air, and a series of loud, crackling noises ran through the droid as the electrical circuits shorted out one by one.
  67. Ralph and Paulson sipped, as politely as possible, the acrid, black, steaming liquid from the Aynnsley bone china mugs the General had supplied.
  68. If your car smells like the burnt toast you patiently waited for but never popped up with an acrid smell, you have what we call an Electrical Short.
  69. It was giving off an acrid stench of plastic and burning creosote, but the morose, shivering teenager sitting in front of it didn’t seem to care.
  70. Easing the door open a crack, he screwed his eyes up against the sudden light and peeked out, wrinkling his nose at the acrid smell of burnt gunpowder.
  71. Less than two miles away, the black cloth hood was raised up over Caitlin’s head; she reeled away as acrid smelling salts were passed under her nose.
  72. She was reinforcing the cellar for the winter, and I went outside to haul stones and barrels of new sloe-wine all morning under her acrid supervision.
  73. The access door was blown off its mounts and I was knocked to the floor, as the acrid electrical smoke from the other room poured out into the hallway.
  74. An acrid smell of rotting fish was getting stronger as they travelled east, and Siri noticed that the sea around the ship was becoming red with an algal bloom.
  75. True, generous feeling is made small account of by some, but here were two natures rendered, the one intolerably acrid, the other despicably savourless for the want of it.
  76. Burning military vehicles produced an acrid, choking smoke so that Harry and the others were forced to tie wet handkerchiefs and rags over their faces to protect their noses and eyes.
  77. As Quintus spoke, the face of the little girl with the slashed throat returned to the Praefect’s mind, just as the acrid stench of smoke and burning flesh reoffended his nose and throat.
  78. In its wake it left a swirling trail of smoke, an acrid smell of tortured paintwork and an ominous silence that lasted three seconds before a double explosion erupted from the canyon floor.
  79. FROM the moment that Bruce Ismay's name was seen among those of the survivors of the Titanic he became the object of acrid attacks in every quarter where the subject of the disaster was discussed.
  80. The boy child had, when the time came, embraced his father, told him he loved him, and then sunk his mouth to the old man’s neck to taste the acrid, metallic taste of heaven for the first time.
  81. The reason for this difference, will probably be found in the high state of oxygenizement of the bark, particularly of the epidermis, by which it is rendered to a certain degree acrid and corrosive.
  82. Help! the man screamed, but Than knew his cries were futile, for Alecto had already immobilized the two others in the store with her acrid steam from the Lethe, putting them in a funk they would not recall.
  83. I douse the flames with the extinguisher hanging in the hall, but the room is already full of acrid yellow smoke and a horrendous stench, which Wingo and I soon discover is the smell of a plastic bag of burning shit.
  84. Frederick made an intercom check, got clearance from his crew chief; then punched the starter button to fire the over-sized shotgun cartridge that turned the engine over with a roar, venting acrid smoke into night air.
  85. He soon understood it for the mistake it was; the burning and the acrid smell of the drink hinted at battery fluid or something equally awful; Ethan spat out the rest and put down the glass, wiping his mouth in the process.
  86. But as to the odour itself, how shall I describe it? It was not alone that it was composed of all the ills of mortality and with the pungent, acrid smell of blood, but it seemed as though corruption had become itself corrupt.
  87. The acrid taste of the quieting serpent overpowered him as he felt his teeth against bone but his commitment was total and with the help of the powerful dog the deadly jaws loosened, ripping tortured flesh as they gave up their purchase.
  88. Because, throughout it all, the wild race to the village and now to the burning fields which are thick with smoke and acrid smells, the Lammas Lord’s blood is up and his heart is racing, his injured leg merely an irritation to be dealt with later.
  89. By the time Ceder acclimated herself to the acrid netherworld that had been Jai’s lifelong prison, the tunnel and the river came alive with light as bright as smelted gold and they were at last able to see where the underground current came to an end.
  90. Well, madam, he began, stooping over the book close to his daughter and placing an arm on the back of the chair on which she sat, so that she felt herself surrounded on all sides by the acrid scent of old age and tobacco, which she had known so long.
  91. It was the continuation of solitude with the beginning of liberty; a garden that was closed, but a nature that was acrid, rich, voluptuous, and fragrant; the same dreams as in the convent, but with glimpses of young men; a grating, but one that opened on the street.
  92. The permanent pall of smoke cast by the coking ovens and blast furnaces gave the air an acrid, sinus-stinging edge and the noise level and sheer, hurtling energy level were both daunting to the uninitiated and more than enough to impose caution on any cyclist trying to make his way through it.
  93. Marius left his friends at the ball and returned home on foot, alone, through the night, weary, feverish, with sad and troubled eyes, stunned by the noise and dust of the merry wagons filled with singing creatures on their way home from the feast, which passed close to him, as he, in his discouragement, breathed in the acrid scent of the walnut-trees, along the road, in order to refresh his head.
  94. And towards the end of the day, she sometimes even caught herself feeling a bit sick of having to satisfy yet another customer, of having to smell the acrid sweat of yet another pair of armpits, of having to stroke yet another patch of curly, oily black hear, of having to suck in yet another of those thick warm tubes, the taste of the rubber and whatever artificial flavours might be on it filling her mouth for the umpteenth time.

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