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Acrimonious numa frase em (in ingles)

1. In the middle of a spirited, sometimes acrimonious boardroom debate on.
2. But once I wanted to change the subject to the contract negotiations, it got acrimonious.
3. The financial markets opened after their unprecedented and highly acrimonious closure, and promptly fell.
4. A barrage of acrimonious words were exchanged as Lee gathered supporters, most, if not all of them, victims of the crash.
5. Dewey paused for a short moment as he remembered the short but acrimonious telephone conversation he had a few hours ago with Prime Minister Churchill.
6. While it was all smiles for the cameras, behind the scenes lay bitter and often acrimonious squabbles about the conditions this new massive loan came with.
7. They found Eisenhower and Montgomery waiting there for them, their facial expressions telling Ingrid at once that their ‘conversation’ had been plenty acrimonious.

8. Whether he kept a watch over himself, or whether by accident he did not sound the acrimonious chords that in other circumstances had been touched, he was to-night like.
9. That response, while infuriating Yamamoto, didn’t surprise him one bit: there was no doubt in his mind that the blame game in Tokyo about this defeat would be both acrimonious and long.
10. Wanting to change her mind from the acrimonious discussions of the day, she started walking slowly along St-Louis Street, admiring its 18th Century houses and looking into the various shops front windows.
11. The silence lasted only seconds before erupting into acrimonious disputes between those who trusted the two young men and those who insisted they were planning to take over the city and replace the Mages as overlords.
12. After a fair bit of beating round the bush he told me he’d recently endured an acrimonious divorce and, unable to remain in New Zealand for a variety of reasons, had returned to his roots and was teaching in Glasgow.
13. She missed the sounds of quarreling voices that were always heard at Tara when Ellen’s back was turned, Mammy quarreling with Pork, Rosa and Teena bickering, her own acrimonious arguments with Suellen, Gerald’s bawling threats.
14. He had also been ready to offer some advice if need be, but the old demon of inter-service rivalry had reared its ugly head again, derailing the meeting and turning it into an acrimonious exchange, with little concrete being accomplished.
15. After over one hour of acrimonious discussion, the American side won the argument, with General Eisenhower named as supreme commander for the allied forces that would invade Europe, with Air Marshall Tedder as his deputy and with a mixed Anglo-American staff.
16. The Queen was especially worried by this whole affair: the often acrimonious and highly emotional controversy was taking a heavy toll on the King, who had to defend the family name while torn by the gap between his old religious beliefs and the recent facts presented by the Time Patrol that basically rendered many of those beliefs meaningless.

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