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Act numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. It was time to act.
  2. I act and move on.
  3. He had to act soon.
  4. Every act is a vote.
  5. They also act as a.

  6. You can cut the act.
  7. She had in one act.
  9. That you must act NOW.
  10. The act to be god, i.
  12. Part of an act that.
  13. It was an act of God.
  14. We have voted to act.
  15. To get in on the act.

  16. George had to act fast.
  17. That this act of love.
  18. To act in a great way.
  21. The act made him glow.
  22. He had to act quickly.
  23. Act on what you think.
  24. MUST act on these ideas.
  25. That is, you act like.

  26. It was a calculated act.
  27. You cannot act in the.
  28. And every our act and.
  29. It made them act worse.
  30. How should she act at.
  31. Perhaps must lead to act.
  32. Act crazy, she had said.
  33. Any reception is an act.
  34. A small act of defiance.
  35. You could act like that.
  36. We‘ll do a double act.
  37. But, this act was to be.
  38. If we act concerned and.
  39. Their love and good act.
  40. While you ACT with faith.
  41. Rupert's Land Act of 1868.
  42. Then Fred decided to act.
  43. For those who act in the.
  44. Have faith and act on it.
  45. Repeal of the Rowlatt Act.
  46. A solo act was sure death.
  47. He was caught in the act.
  48. This was no time to act.
  49. Always act happy and even.
  50. He pretended to act like.
  51. The act or an instance of.
  52. It’s time to act as one.
  53. Guided to act as conduits.
  54. Thats why I use this act.
  55. No act sick then I come.
  56. He'd laugh during the act.
  57. Even the act of thinking.
  58. I had to act fast or else.
  59. An act of utter stupidity.
  60. Should I sign the act?
  61. To carry out a violent act.
  62. This act has repealed the.
  63. Section 502 of the Act.
  64. The Fugitive Slave Act of.
  65. He tried to act cool, but.
  66. But she had to act quickly.
  67. It wasn’t much of an act.
  68. Another act of cruel irony.
  69. Practices Act, and this Act.
  70. She took no joy in the act.
  71. It was an act of instinct.
  72. I was surprised by his act.
  73. At the end of the act, CC.
  74. Part of her hated this act.
  75. The birds (punters) act as.
  76. Learning isn’t an act of.
  77. This is a true Act Of Giving.
  78. The act was committed in a.
  79. He bought my act completely.
  80. That could just be an act.
  81. The act he puts on for you.
  82. That would be an act of war.
  83. The motive will act as the.
  84. He had to act soon and fast.
  85. This final act of unbelief.
  86. This act of dissolving the.
  87. There is an act of violence.
  88. He came to Earth to act out.
  89. It was a clever, devious act.
  90. So she tried to act that way.
  91. It was the actual act itself.
  92. I wanted to act as her shield.
  93. Each day was an act of faith.
  94. Crowdsourcing is the act of.
  95. The deflection makes it act.
  96. We had to act with no delays.
  97. I think my balancing act is.
  98. Let’s hope they act rudely.
  99. Above all, act with GRAVITAS.
  100. You act and think later.
  1. I am acting in her.
  2. Hope is acting in a.
  3. He was acting like a.
  4. You are acting in the.
  5. The acting chief stood up.
  6. It was almost like acting.
  7. He was acting on instinct.
  8. Fuck me and stop acting.
  9. She was just acting tough.
  10. I started acting out and.
  11. He must have been acting.
  12. The old man is acting, too.
  13. She has been acting weird.
  14. The CD-1000 is fast acting.
  15. He was acting as if he was.
  16. But she was acting so weird.
  17. He has been acting strangely.
  18. And now she's acting that way.
  19. Whilst doing duty as acting Q.
  20. I mean, Peter was acting.
  21. They prevent you from acting.
  22. Then I won't be acting a lie.
  23. So I start acting all snappy.
  24. I apologised for acting stupid.
  25. His girlfriend is acting weird.
  26. That you'd been acting strange.
  27. Yes, he has been acting odd.
  28. Why was she acting like that?
  29. And as long as you’re acting.
  30. Jon was acting dumb at reception.
  31. After thinking and acting in a.
  32. The water reclaimer is acting up.
  33. It’s a slow acting painkiller.
  34. Hayden took a drag, acting casual.
  35. He was drinking and acting crazy.
  36. Here was where the acting came in.
  37. I understood that he was acting.
  38. It's acting like a rocket motor.
  39. Acting with the wrong knowledge.
  40. The Acting Commissioner was livid.
  41. Roy on film, acting out the Beast.
  42. Why is she suddenly acting nice?
  43. As a result, not acting has value.
  44. He was acting as though she were.
  45. Acting as one, they both attacked.
  46. No wonder he was acting different.
  47. Hes here acting on her behalf.
  48. Acting on hunches leads to losses.
  49. He had been acting weird recently.
  50. But for the fact that his acting.
  51. Very quick acting, whatever it was.
  52. Christianity is but us acting.
  53. We have been all alive with acting.
  54. She's been acting all crazy lately.
  55. Not if they were moving and acting.
  56. Tons of people are acting this way.
  57. No one could be this good in acting.
  58. My brother has been acting up again.
  59. A = Acting in alignment with values.
  60. I don't think he's acting rationally.
  61. For some reason he was acting very.
  62. Perhaps she wasn’t acting anymore.
  63. He was twitching and acting strange.
  64. Representative, acting as His Viceroy.
  65. You’ve been acting on it for years.
  66. I thought he was acting like a piker.
  67. But she is acting like a little slut.
  68. I am acting as teacher in this class.
  69. The crisis of our way of acting, our.
  70. Why are you acting so strangely?
  71. They are already acting like brothers.
  72. I'm acting CEO of Demovic Corporation.
  73. Why are you acting in this manner…?
  74. We spent 2 years there, we did acting.
  75. Acting instinctively, the trio raced.
  76. I couldn’t stand how she was acting.
  77. Alex has been acting strangely lately.
  78. Did it seem like Donna was acting?
  79. And they did seem to be acting furtive.
  80. He was definitely acting camp, decided.
  81. It’s better than not acting at all.
  82. We consider all things before acting.
  83. He’s been acting very sketchy lately.
  84. He has been acting strange lately and.
  85. Acting on those beliefs brings us harm.
  86. Acting, like a microcosm of the larger.
  87. Then why are you acting this way?
  88. He knew, of course, that he was acting.
  89. But why in the hell was he acting like.
  90. She hadn’t been acting, even a little.
  91. Boats came in, here owners acting like.
  92. Practice acting in everything is an.
  93. The Ringmaster was acting very curiously.
  94. I’m not acting that way, he said.
  95. He’s acting on the King’s orders.
  96. Her acting ability was surprisingly good.
  97. Other Lawyers acting for the perpetrator.
  98. You say that you are acting for Lady Eva.
  99. Joe here is acting funny, you better.
  100. His gifts were acting up again, curse it.
  1. I felt and acted smug.
  2. He acted as if he did.
  3. If the Lord has acted.
  4. This acted as a doorway.
  5. They have acted as the.
  6. And that is why I acted.
  7. He acts and is acted on.
  8. She acted like it anyway.
  9. Instead, I acted out of.
  10. In this we acted wrongly.
  11. She had acted weird all.
  12. He acted out chapter six.
  13. This House felt and acted.
  14. I acted as spokesman and.
  15. Captain Hawes acted as a.
  16. The horse acted as if it.
  17. The portal acted of its own.
  18. In fact they acted like men.
  19. After all, you acted wisely.
  20. If he believed Q and acted.
  21. Charles all the time acted.
  22. The rest had not yet acted.
  23. There I acted stupidly again.
  24. She acted strange that night.
  25. It was a mercy the boy acted.
  26. Hesper had acted in time to.
  27. She did not speak, she acted.
  28. Adversity acted as a catalyst.
  29. And if you acted as follows:.
  30. It’s like it was acted out.
  31. Their link had acted too late.
  32. The beings acted very excited.
  33. All that metal acted as a.
  34. He acted as if this statement.
  35. I had acted hastily towards him.
  36. Turkey at the time acted quickly.
  37. He also acted in eight episodes.
  38. No, the Mother Church acted to.
  39. The right way is then acted out.
  40. Extremely well told, well acted.
  41. This now acted as a forty-five.
  42. He acted as though he knew me.
  43. How they thought, how they acted.
  44. You know he acted very bravely.
  45. We should have acted before this.
  46. Katavasov acted on this suggestion.
  47. The wedge acted as a safety catch.
  48. Traders could have acted above 50.
  49. I had certainly acted imprudently.
  50. I shouldn’t have acted that way.
  51. I'm sorry that I acted like that.
  52. Were you there when they acted Mr.
  53. I acted as one of her pallbearers.
  54. He acted like a paranoid cokehead.
  55. How you acted was disgraceful!.
  56. We all know how the old USSR acted.
  57. He acted rashly, without reason.
  58. And because they’d always acted.
  59. All insist they acted without help.
  60. He acted funny the other day too.
  61. I acted and behold, service was joy.
  62. Was it because a younger man acted.
  63. Cain acted as a good liberal should.
  64. No mere hesitation now, I had acted.
  65. She had never acted this way before.
  66. Others again acted infinitely more.
  67. They acted as couriers for bin Laden.
  68. You have acted with great discretion.
  69. She had no doubt that she had acted.
  70. Wallace acted impulsively and began.
  71. Yes Sir, they acted with all honesty.
  72. I believe that if I had not acted so.
  73. I’m sorry to have acted like that.
  74. And that's the principle I acted upon.
  75. I acted like he hadn’t said anything.
  76. This one must be chosen and acted upon.
  77. Rupert had acted properly in every way.
  78. He acted like he was a terrible driver.
  79. I had acted on my own to murder myself.
  80. I acted simply from honourable feeling.
  81. I don’t know why I acted so strongly.
  82. He certainly acted on very short notice.
  83. Your fault is that you acted too fast.
  84. They acted more like snoops than you do.
  85. I acted as though I hadn’t noticed it.
  86. The boy acted as if nothing was unusual.
  87. Janet claimed she acted in self-defense.
  88. You have really acted as my real brother.
  89. Tony acted on the intimation immediately.
  90. Rajani acted as she instructed by Shipra.
  91. People acted differently, not restricted.
  92. Tough as I acted, I was still just a kid.
  93. The elevator shafts also acted as cross.
  94. These spectacles were also acted out in.
  95. They acted like they owned the damn place.
  96. The priest acted as though he did not hear.
  97. No counsel for the defense has so acted.
  98. He acted on a prior revelation as do all.
  99. Rafael acted as though she hadn’t spoken.
  100. Your son acted very bravely, he said.
  1. Acts 7: 22 to 37.
  2. Acts 7: 22 to 29.
  3. See Acts 1: 1 to 11.
  4. It acts as a medium.
  5. Let's look in Acts 9.
  6. It acts as an entry.
  7. It acts as a buffer.
  8. In this way, He acts.
  9. Acts 2:27, 31, 24, 36.
  10. In Acts 9:15 Paul is.
  11. So their acts are not.
  12. Acts little of his will.
  13. John 14: 6; Acts 4: 12.
  14. See also Acts 7:51; 2.
  15. The Acts Of The Unjust.
  16. Show me their good acts.
  17. He acts and is acted on.
  18. Acts Of The Law Defying.
  19. Space acts the same way.
  20. The Acts of the Apostles.
  21. All acts are acts of God.
  22. Matthew 9:31 and Acts 7:3.
  23. See Luke 2:1; Acts 11:28.
  24. He acts but with justice.
  25. In Their Law Defying Acts.
  26. See also Acts 7:51; 2 Cor.
  27. I realized my sinful acts.
  29. Acts of bravery, as well.
  30. He acts on his suspicions.
  31. I can act only as she acts.
  32. I think random acts of.
  33. Acts 7: 44 to 50; 2 Peter.
  34. In Acts the Apostle Peter.
  36. Complete 5 acts of Kindness.
  37. See Acts 6: 1 and Acts 5: 7.
  38. Every prudent man acts with.
  39. So did Peter (Acts, 3:22,23).
  40. It was the acts of outsiders.
  41. That is the sort which acts.
  42. It acts as smart as human’s.
  43. Key texts:- Read all of Acts!.
  44. God’s will (see Acts 13:2-3).
  45. I'd seen acts of cruelty and.
  46. He acts confident all the time.
  47. In Luke's Gospel and the Acts.
  48. The version in the Acts in chap.
  49. Like short-term debt, it acts.
  50. Hell, with indulgent acts that.
  51. Acts 16:23; 2 Corinthians 11:24].
  52. If one acts with dedication or.
  53. By the way he acts around you.
  55. No choices, acts, thoughts, or.
  56. In the same passage (Acts 2:27).
  57. The amount of capital acts as a.
  58. The time of refreshing Acts 3:19.
  59. The same goes for other acts of.
  60. The same can be said of Acts 7:51.
  61. John Adams and the Sedition Acts.
  62. The nose also acts as a tool to.
  63. One acts ac-cording to the three.
  64. And acts without any expectations.
  65. He never stops his mishievous acts.
  66. It also acts as a kind of journal.
  67. In these times a hint often acts.
  68. The same power acts within us now.
  69. Concerning all acts of initiative.
  70. All magickal acts were thought to.
  71. It is not the atman that acts but.
  72. The amount of dividends acts as a.
  73. They say Semenova acts marvelously.
  74. They were praise acts, celebrations.
  75. The same power acts within you to-.
  76. Read the Book of Acts one more time.
  77. No need of any acts of renunciation.
  78. And the acts seem to be in fine.
  79. They say Semënova acts marvelously.
  80. The soul acts like gun walking.
  81. It’s amazing to me how he acts now.
  82. Through these things, these acts of.
  83. The Holy Spirit sometimes acts as a.
  84. But what am I? It is that which acts.
  85. It acts positively, never negatively.
  86. The same thing is repeated in Acts 1:4.
  87. Because cocaine acts by blocking the.
  88. Lincoln’s acts of war were brutal.
  89. The county’s Probate Court acts to.
  90. As I said, this happens in Three Acts.
  91. Peter said, "This is that" Acts 2:16].
  92. Bees: Selfless acts reward the selfish.
  93. There are bold acts of faith which a.
  94. John 4:14, 1Peter 3:21, Acts 8:36-38.
  95. And in Acts it is repeated yet again;.
  96. Most of the time he acts too immature.
  97. The last three steps are acts of faith.
  98. Johnson did both acts at the same time.
  99. Then you’ll know how he usually acts.
  100. Omega 3 acts as a natural blood thinner.

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