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Adolescent numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Lots of adolescent girls are forced.
  2. An adolescent stands next to the woman.
  3. He had often done it as an adolescent.
  4. My teen and adolescent parents made and.
  5. He was the one who tamed his adolescent.

  6. The Nightmare has struck this adolescent.
  7. They concluded that adolescent marijuana.
  8. When it became an adolescent, he sold out.
  9. She shook the hand of a spotty-faced adolescent.
  10. A framed diploma from the Board of Adolescent.
  11. His financial adolescent was doing considerably.
  12. Mortimer was executed while I was an adolescent.
  13. Adolescent gang members are not often psychopathic.
  14. Greene, who is a specialist in adolescent behavior.
  15. He’s confused and is living his adolescent phase.

  16. His body was very slender, the body of an adolescent.
  17. In our adolescent surety that we know how the world.
  18. It wasn’t an adolescent at all! She gasped in shock.
  19. She was a confident woman, not a timid adolescent girl.
  20. Whereas what you had was merely adolescent self-pity.
  21. For the first time in his adolescent life he felt normal.
  22. According to The American Academy of Child and Adolescent.
  23. They were stressed with being teen and adolescent parents.
  24. What you have is a wild adolescent sex-fueled imagination.
  25. Has she found another adolescent boy to sink her teeth into?

  26. Adolescent boys leave home when they are as young as twelve.
  27. He had never even done so even when he had been an adolescent.
  28. Bragging about war-related achievements was adolescent foolish-.
  29. They would be trapped in a seething mass of adolescent peasantry.
  30. As an adolescent, Jesus began to study various religions and was.
  31. I had never seen so much femininity and seductiveness in an adolescent.
  32. Either way, it’s adolescent behavior and I will talk to her about it.
  33. When adults, in or out of therapy, recall the childhood and adolescent.
  34. Are they allowed to do that?!! Migby asked in adolescent amazement.
  35. The doctor said it was probably some kind of adolescent glandular upset.
  36. These observations suggest that cannabis use during adolescent develop-.
  37. I think I understand why, to make me a helpless adolescent in your hands.
  38. As an adolescent this is most difficult, but there are lessons to be learned.
  39. This man – sexually abused as an adolescent – his tone is so threatening.
  40. The girl was about fourteen years old, and pretty, with an adolescent figure.
  41. An informal survey of magazines for adolescent girls turned up an emphasis on.
  42. And how credulous she was, to even recall such a silly, adolescent kind of dream.
  43. Infected acne can occur in adolescent boy or girl through hand contact with the acne.
  44. Without cholesterol the adolescent will not have adequate hormones for their puberty.
  45. He folded the paper he had read from and handed it to an adolescent in the front row.
  46. Hardly a year ago I couldn't stir interest in an adolescent, so I'm not used to this.
  47. Anthony Blanche's set broke up and became a bare dozen lethargic, adolescent Englishmen.
  48. So the mere thought of revisiting her adolescent haunts consoled her in her unhappiness.
  49. With only a few people in the area, why did one of them have to be an adolescent girl?
  50. Shaking his head, Thesa dismissed these adolescent feelings and smiled at his foolishness.
  51. He was most resembling of an adolescent, albino gargoyle as one could truthfully imagine.
  52. All he managed: was to open the eyes of the adolescent trainees who trained alongside him.
  53. But, she remembered, she had other, more adolescent, adoring feelings for her Teacher also.
  54. The standard I had set myself as an adolescent went down the toilet like an unwanted foetus.
  55. And these personality traits began early to become manifest, even in these adolescent years.
  56. And a few words with the Indian family next to us with two young girls and an adolescent boy.
  57. For example, a child who’s sleeping a lot may need more rest and also may be an adolescent.
  58. Sarah was perpetuating the myth of love carved by the innocent ideals of a dreaming adolescent.
  59. Childhood and adolescent individuals are usually associated with ADHD or adjustment disorders.
  60. Lubman DI, Yucel M (2008) Drugs, mental health and the adolescent brain: implications for early.
  61. But did she really believe that they could continue this adolescent relationship indefinitely?
  62. The ((people of the Cave; the sleepers of the Cave)) were adolescent, they thought and got guided.
  63. As they began to move together, she saw an adolescent boy watching them, wide-eyed, a few yards away.
  64. The filthy adolescent stood opposite him, looking into his eyes with his own calm, syrup-colored eyes.
  65. I had reported one of the adolescent counselors there for having an affair with a client’s father.
  66. Why not? said Paul, and he seemed like an adolescent locking horns with his father for the first time.
  67. My mother was dead by then, and I was an adolescent, so I became his confidante, and he told me everything.
  68. Then along came a family: a man and woman in their thirties with two adolescent children, a boy and a girl.
  69. When I became an adolescent I rebelled against the idea, as I was so attracted to young males my own age.
  70. On another table, an adolescent girl was curled up in a fetal position around her stuffed sandy-haired bear.
  71. Adolescent girls can have the appearance of women, but they still see teachers as figures of great power.
  72. Her white t-shirt revealed adolescent breasts and her figure had yet to mature into the curves of womanhood.
  73. Even Quinn, with all the adolescent mortal lust boiling in his brain, was handling her rebirth better than I was.
  74. The only time Ulysses strays away from Ithaca, when he is an adolescent, a boar attacks him and rips open his thigh.
  75. It is notable for an adolescent boy to do so well academically while getting an equivalent education in the streets.
  76. Her arms were thin as twigs, hardly able to lift her own body-weight (which was approximate to an adolescent child).
  77. Realizing that she was acting like a love-struck adolescent girl, she blushed and quickly threw the phone on the bed.
  78. The two were as close to adolescent giggling as it was possible for two venerable dragons with eons of experience to be.
  79. Many springs and winters happened to the sweet complexion of the infant turned into the fiery features of the adolescent.
  80. Seeing an opening, the young half-elf swung his ax down through the adolescent dragon's skull before it could locate him.
  81. They hoped the vigor of a young adolescent boy would be strong enough to produce a baby, by wedding him to a foreign queen.
  82. On attaining the age of two, near puberty, the child is considered an adolescent and three marks the beginning of adulthood.
  83. By the lowest paid, most ignorant, lowest class nannies and adolescent baby sitters, and poorly paid idiots called teachers.
  84. He couldn’t remember if he had had the same opinion eight years ago however, shallow being an adolescent boy’s inspiration.
  85. Read how they managed to buy the Papacy and put one of their own family members… an 18 yr-old adolescent idiot in power as Pope.
  86. He hoped that the exposure to their adolescent maleness would inoculate her from the mental associations she had made in the past.
  87. Perpetration of physical, sexual and psychological abuse is unfortunately prevalent in many adolescent relationships, said Dr.
  88. Many adolescent boys and girls develop keloid after they tried to squeeze the pimples resulting in scar tissue and keloid formation.
  89. He hoped that just maybe Quentin would remember being a teen himself and would let it go as over enthusiastic adolescent behaviour.
  90. An ear-to-ear smile began to migrate across Ellen’s face, and she winked at the brown hair adolescent now resting in the back seat.
  91. Then he emerged from that testing and trying transition stage between childhood and young manhood -- he became the adolescent Jesus.
  92. He walked with a slight hitch, almost a skip-step, which probably had started out as an adolescent affliction and had become a habit.
  93. But when the child becomes an adolescent or an adult all these types of violence will rear up again in the form of existential trauma.
  94. Adulthood usually slips a protective layer around adolescent psyches, enabling us to go out into the world, earn a living, and compete.
  95. Both had fulfilled their adolescent dreams of a stable and lasting marital union and had complied with the duties associated with that union.
  96. This is the kind of planning you do with an adolescent girl who needs guidance, friendliness and firmness, and she seems to take it very well.
  97. He was still in an age of being an adolescent but had entered the world of adulthood because of his impressive mindset of biological knowledge.
  98. Her mind wandered briefly to a particularly fond memory involving Amonas, and she giggled in spite herself like an adolescent, infatuated girl.
  99. How did this manifest itself into abuse? That I can't tell you, I always blamed it on an adolescent boy that was curious about sex, not enough.
  100. It was as if his adolescent battle for health, and his more recent but equally intense battle against despair, were crowned with sudden victory.

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